Your chance to give your views on how Latton Priory will look

News / Sun 22nd Oct 2023 at 01:24pm

RESIDENTS from across Harlow and Epping are being asked to take part in a consultation that will contribute towards the design of a new Garden Town community.

Latton Priory will include around 1050 new homes as part of Harlow & Gilston Garden Town.

Epping Forest District Council will be hosting four in-person events, this month and next, where residents can discuss a draft Design Code and put forward their views on the local area and what is needed to create a successful new community.

Event Dates:

Saturday 28 October 2023

10am-12pm: Thornwood Village Hall, Thornwood, Epping CM16 6NB

2pm-4pm: Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, Harlow CM18 7BL

Wednesday 1 November 2023

7.30pm-9pm: Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, Harlow CM18 7BL

Thursday 2 November 2023

6.30pm-8.00pm: Thornwood Village Hall, Thornwood, Epping CM16 6NB

All the sessions are free and booking is not essential but anyone wanting to confirm a space can register their interest via tinyurl.com/LattonPrioryEvents

Residents who can’t make any of the four dates will be able to take part on the Garden Town’s new engagement platform via engage.hggt.co.uk from November 1. 

People across the local area without digital access can take part by phoning Epping Forest District Council’s Customer Services on 01992 564000 and requesting posted information.

Resident feedback on everything from travel and nature to recreation and socialising will go towards Epping Forest District Council’s Design Code, a set of design rules and guidelines that future Latton Priory developers will have to reference when seeking planning permission.

The masterplan for Latton Priory was approved by Epping Forest District Council earlier this year and includes:

• New secondary school

• Primary school

• Nursery and pre-school facilities.

Land has also been set aside for employment opportunities for new, high quality jobs within the Garden Town while the masterplan also references health provision for the area.

This will be further defined once Epping Forest District Council receive a future planning application.

The masterplan for Latton Priory also includes extensive green and blue infrastructure to promote biodiversity and sustainable drainage along with large Sustainable Alternative Natural Green Spaces to improve biodiversity and alleviate mounting pressure on the Epping Forest.

Garden Town Board Member for Epping Forest District Council, Cllr Nigel Bedford, said: “The Garden Town is an exciting project and the Latton Priory development is one where residents from across Harlow and Epping can come together and help create a thriving community where future generations of their family might live one day.

“Latton Priory’s location means there will be a focus on environment and connecting to the countryside so there’s real potential here for a sociable, vibrant and accessible neighbourhood where kids can play outside safely.

“So do come along to our in-person events in Thornwood and Harlow; your views, thoughts and opinions could make a real difference to how Latton Priory is brought forward over the next few years.”

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18 Comments for Your chance to give your views on how Latton Priory will look:

2023-10-22 14:13:33

"RESIDENTS from across Harlow and Epping are being asked to take part in a consultation that will contribute towards the design of a new Garden Town community." As suspected, The decision has already been made to do it and the consultation is little more than a tick box exercise by the councils and developer. When will we ever get a council that will stand up for the people of Harlow?

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-22 14:56:41

I wonder if Cllr Bedford can advise us of how, when and where residents in Harlow have been advised of these events? Previous consultation invites have in the past been restricted to those living in Harlow very close to the development. the fact is of course that everyone living on the South side of the town will be affected by the huge increase in traffic on Harlow's roads. What we really need to know is in detail rather than just some sketch is how this traffic will be managed, where will new junctions be built, just where will the transport corridors be built and when? Lets not forget that both main Parties in Harlow are signed up to the development of the Green Belt all around Harlow.

2023-10-22 15:09:04

the town is already gridlocked at busy times and they want to move more people in, abso crazy scheme , oh yes when labour get into power and let the floodgates open so everyone can come here.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-22 18:01:10

Comments have said it all. Don't makes us all laugh, you will do exactly what you want to do, despite, thousands of us against, 7 000 against, in Harlow. This destruction and disruption, benifts no one in Harlow.

2023-10-22 18:34:09

Same old story again and again.We are being treated like fools and we are being lied to constantly. I couldnt even be bothered to read it all because i for one can see through the lot of them. These developers/ planners whoever dont live anywhere near Harlow and they all know that they are taking the p*** out of us Harlow residents. The way they word it all every time we read about these crap newbuilds,they make it sound all lovely and nice,what a load of b****xs!!!! We should all be entitled to have a decent quality of life as humans but unfortunately that has slipped away.The amount of beautiful natural green olen spaces that have been paved over and will be paved over is criminal,In years to come children wont know what wildlife is and that is truly heartbreaking. Greedy selfish vile people.concrete,vehicles and more people,nothing good to come of it,but tgat dont matter coz its all about money. Trees,beautiful green open spaces and beautiful wildlife is being replaced by ugly concrete. Shame on you.🤬🖕

2023-10-22 21:53:38

Health facilities ? That's a no then Utter p1ss take Housing for people outside of Harlow taking away our greenspace so Epping can hang on to theirs and benefit from additional housing. This is Epping housing, not Harlow. Build it on the Epping boundary. Why pretend to consult and when it's a done deal and no one gives a sh1t about the impact on Harlow. The loss of greenspace, extra pressure on services that already can't cope, roads that a gridlocked. Its endless Absolute bl00dy joke. Shameful shameful shameful

2023-10-22 21:57:06

Local dental and doctors surgeries urgently need to ensure their boundaries exclude these developments.

Guy Flegman
2023-10-23 07:19:22

Instead of bleating about it here, spread the word and turn up on the day. If several thousand people turn up they will get the idea that there are some strong views on this. Might even get national press coverage.

2023-10-23 14:31:50

This is just the beginning. We have a booming population with sky high immigration. Most of the green belt is going to have to go. It's sad but there are no political parties on your side to stop it. No matter how many people protest it will go ahead, we do not really have "democracy", only in name.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-23 15:26:16

Things are not quite as bleak as you say Kate. In the first instance the Government has back tracked on setting targets which Councils were required to meet in terms of letting homes to be built in each area, mostly due to MP's and Councillors fearing loosing their seats at the next round of elections. As a result many Council's are reviewing their Local Plans and indeed some have put them on hold. There has also been a surge in the number of Independent Councillors being elected, a number of Councils are now controlled by such Councillors. Harlow Alliance has been trying to break the mould in Harlow, we are the only Party who have fought against the building on the towns Green Belt and the only Party not wedded to Westminster. We are always looking for new members and residents who are prepared to stand for election. Take a look at our website. Change will only happen if enough people change how they vote or indeed feel strongly enough to come out and vote. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of Harlow Alliance, Your Local Independent Party.

Rob taylor
2023-10-23 17:25:22

Looks like another tick box whitewash….consultation needed…tick. Ideas taken into account…none. I see from the artists cartoon like drawing no one has learnt from the poor designs / rows of terraced houses in the town….looks like more of the same with boulders in front and nowhere to park the inevitable cars…oh of course they won’t be needed…I see a guy with a bike. Anyone from planning tried cycling round that area…common side road is like a race track at times. Consultation 😂😂😂 Built in Harlow’s back yard, council taxes etc going to Epping….Harlow will be forced to accommodate the extra people without 8mprovements in the infrastructure…good deal? …not for Harlow .

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-23 22:37:54

Lets not forget that Harlow forms the major element of the "Garden Town" and yet just recently Harlow Council agreed plans to redevelop the Sherards House site, where access to 11 houses will be through a garage access road, about 30 yards of which will be so narrow that two cars will not be able to pass at the same time. It is clear that any sort of Design Code, a set of design rules and guidelines do not apply across the whole HGGT area. Why is that, it's because the three Councils and two County Councils forming HGGT all have their own rules etc.

Brooke Fryer
2023-10-24 04:52:35

So this will be Epping county council. Harlow residents will have no say or chance for housing

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-24 08:22:50

Brooke, this development is in Epping Forest District Councils area as will as another 5000 homes to the East and West of Harlow and eventually 10,000 homes to the North of Harlow in the East Herts District area. Not a single Council owned house, none made available to those on Harlow Councils Housing Register. Basically these Councils are placing these homes as far away as possible from their own back yard and Councillors in Harlow, despite the crocodile tears are going along with this.

2023-10-25 00:25:07

You’ve got to be kidding. Roads between Harlow and Epping are gridlocked on a regular basis. Harlow roundabout you can’t get on or off. When there is a problem on the motorway, traffic either coming out of Epping to Harlow or Epping to Harlow is at a standstill. Emergency vehicles cannot get through now. Why the hell are you adding to all this traffic. Bloody ridiculous place to add homes.

Julie Knevett
2023-10-26 10:54:06

Seems that bit of land is only Epping Forests when they want to build on it! Try getting anything else done & it’s disputed.

2023-10-26 12:30:56

Sickened you said it perfectly about Epping council,you are 100% right. What a bloody disgrace Epping council and Harlow council are. We have been so let down badly every which way.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-26 18:04:44

It's a question of not on my door step, Harlow council sold us down the river.. and Epping and hearts are sitting back reaping the award... because its sure as he'll not going to Harlow, we gain nothing from this destruction and disruption. Nothing...we loose the peaceful ,graceful place, our beautiful river stort valley ,we loose our wildlife, we loose our old tress, ecosystems, because Harlow council ignored there residents, ignored public options. Harlow council let us all down badly.

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