Robert Halfon launches Christmas card competition

Politics / Tue 24th Oct 2023 at 10:37am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon launches Christmas card competition. Full details below.

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10 Comments for Robert Halfon launches Christmas card competition:

Luke Burton
2023-10-24 12:47:19

Must be some sort of sick joke when the same children he's inviting are stuck in portacabins over the freezing cold Autumn/Winter term thanks to the incompetence of Halfon and his Education Department.

2023-10-24 13:32:39

Robert Halfon you are not for the people of Harlow. Talk is cheap we need action !! #helpsfg

Andrew Hobbs
2023-10-24 13:46:21

A postcard scene, a cold winters day, snow falling, SFG students if they are lucky, still in a tent, noise from wind and rain making teaching hard and students cold, but at least they can use the smelly toilet outhouse block. Makes a lovely Dickension scene to draw for your cards. Serial incompetence from the DfE, time to fix this now, every day matters. #helpsfg

2023-10-24 14:07:59

Talk about timing? Are you for real? Forget your Christmas card and do what you should be doing. For God sake man, just GO. I'm sure others agree? #helpsfg and GO.

2023-10-24 17:18:48

Please Mister Sunak - Can SFG pupils have school that is warm and safe for Xmas? 🎄🎄🎄

Rob Taylor
2023-10-25 07:50:18

Yep, launching things ( now a much needed Christmas card competition) , road repairs, serious concerns over school safety etc and doing photo opportunities are becoming his speciality …seeing them through ..well that’s another matter.

2023-10-25 16:06:24

This has got to be a joke? Although its not a funny one. How on earth can them 2 stand there all smiles with the disaster that is going on with SFG COLLEGE? These vile mp,s pm,s whatever need to be stripped of their wealth and luxury lifestyles and let people that are in touch with the real world do their jobs.They are laughing at us and i believe that they really do not care about us.This town and country has really gone to pot.what a mess we are in.

Mark Lavender
2023-10-25 19:28:18

Ornaments of places around Harlow. 2 for starters. Terminus House and the old GSK labs. The promise of something better for the latter, made before Christmas 2019, to get people voting something other than getting Brexit done. Christmas past, Christmas present, Christmas future? Same ol’, same ol’…

Luke Burton
2023-10-25 20:28:40

You're right, Cp. I'd imagine Halfon laughs at Harlow constituents every single day when he enjoys a taxpayer funded drink at the exclusive East India Club. Probably laughs especially at the children in crumbling buildings managed by his own department.

2023-10-26 12:39:05

That image is the ultimate kick in the teeth for parents pupils and staff of sfg college i would have thought. Talk about take the p***!!!! They should be stripped of their wealth and luxury lives.

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