Harlow Tories continue to seek a parliamentary seat around the country

Politics / Mon 30th Oct 2023 at 02:49pm

A HARLOW Conservative councillor has failed in his latest bid to secure a constituency at the next General Election.

Old Harlow’s Joel Charles contested a three way battle in Norwich North on Sunday night.

Conservative MP Chloe Smith announced she was standing down last month.

The contest was won by former Bournemouth councillor, Nick Rose.

We are sure this will not deter the very able Cllr Charles. He stood as a candidate in St Helens in 2019.

He also stood to be a candidate in Ipswich in 2018, where he lost out to Tom Hunt, who is now MP.

There are other Harlow Conservative colleagues who are also looking for a berth at the next general election.

Former council leader, Russell Perrin stood in the constituency of Cambridge City in 2019 and we understand is also keen to find a berth having missed out on selection in Stevenage a few months ago.

For all parties it is almost a given and vital for your CV that you bid for a number of constituencies before you are successful.

Recently, Olympic gold medal winning rower was selected as a Conservative candidate for Colchester having been unsuccessful in Henley.

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5 Comments for Harlow Tories continue to seek a parliamentary seat around the country:

2023-10-30 16:14:12

This is the issue to those in political parities they want the MP seat, never mind caring about the particular location of the seat. It is the same for labour too Chris Vince first tried to be Colchester's MP before settling for Harlow. The entire problem in the country is politicians and political parities they are all liars, cheats and scoundrels in it for themselves and their backers it just changes who the backer is big industry (cons) or unions (labour) nothing for the actual people of the country.

2023-10-30 16:30:24

With prose such as 'the very able' in your article, does Your Harlow not sink to propaganda rather than impartial news reporting? In what way is he 'very able'? Clearly he is not very able to get selected! Although with predictions of a Labour landslide it might be a blessing in disguise for Cllr. Charles!

Luke Burton
2023-10-30 20:10:29

Parasites trying to bag a cushy job with unlimited and unscrutinised expenses with a luxurious defined benefit pension and guaranteed knighthood and/or peerage after a few years. Disgusts me how these lot go around towns with a begging bowl pretending to be local when in fact they are being parachuted in

David Forman
2023-10-31 12:24:37

I think adam 'no surname' forgets unions protect their members by representing them at disciplinary hearings and appointing safety reps to protect their health and safety. Plus, of course unions negotiate on pay, which includes salary, sick, maternity and redundancy. Unions also get to be consulted on business reorganization, as well as on promotion, harassment and equality policies and their observance. Trade union members are in fact "actual people of the country". I would like to negotiate with adam on the use of capital letters in proper nouns: see Collins dictionary at https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/proper-noun#:~:text=A%20proper%20noun%20is%20the,Compare%20common%20noun.

David Forman
2023-10-31 12:29:36

Sorry Adam, forgot to say that evidence for your point about Chris Vince is available from YourHarlow at https://www.yourharlow.com/2023/10/30/letter-to-editor-labour-candidates-journey-to-harlow/

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