Victory! Plans to close hundreds of rail ticket offices in England scrapped.

News / Tue 31st Oct 2023 at 01:17pm

PLANS to close hundreds of rail ticket offices in England including Harlow’s have been scrapped reports the BBC.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said the government had asked train operators to withdraw their proposals because they failed to meet high passenger standards.

However, a source told the BBC rail bosses were “furious”, saying the original plans had been approved by the Department for Transport.

In Harlow, there was a passionate and highly organised campaign by a number of concerned citizens. Much praise must go to local resident, Mandy Jacobs, who, day in and day out, at the railway station and across the town campaigned to keep the station open.

Ms Jacobs said: “The RMT ran an excellent campaign to Save our Ticket Offices – taking it out to communities and enabling us to campaign effectively

Harlow SOTO worked hard to support our local staff who help so many of us . The Harlow residents signed in droves at the street stalls and flooded the MP with emails and of course responded to consultation. Proving the point that people want to stand up not just for themselves but others too. 

“A glimmer of hope”.

The leader of Harlow Green Party, Yasmin Gregory said: “Great work and well done to Mandy Jacobs.  

“It is vital that a robust and reliable train service is available for all to use and the ticket office plays a part in keeping those who may be feeling particularly vulnerable safe and assured”.

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5 Comments for Victory! Plans to close hundreds of rail ticket offices in England scrapped.:

Ian McNaught
2023-10-31 18:08:46

Great news, at last some sensible decisions .

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-31 19:03:27

Great news.

2023-11-01 07:44:38

That is wonderful news, machine's can not replace human beings, the ticket office staff are so knowledgeable and you can't ask a ticket machine for travel advice. I travel with people who have disability and the help from the ticket office staff is invaluable. Great news and long may they continue to be there for us all

2023-11-01 11:09:05

Great to hear this, well done for the campaigning. Good to see that people power does work 👏👏

Mr McGuffin
2023-11-04 20:21:49

Ladies and gentlecolts, we have a W!

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