Interview: Harlow parents concerned their son is being pushed from hospital door to prison door

Health / Wed 1st Nov 2023 at 11:33am

A FEW weeks ago, David and Lorna Curran’s son, Kaiden went missing. This was not the first time. They told us that he has been reported missing over 30 times.

What surprised them this time was the fact that the police helicopter was up all over Harlow and a news report had been sent to the press.

What concerns his parents most is that they feel Kaiden may be falling through the cracks and that his mental health is being criminalised.

He seems to be been pushed from hospital door to prison door.

We went down to the Curran’s house to speak to them.

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2 Comments for Interview: Harlow parents concerned their son is being pushed from hospital door to prison door:

David Forman
2023-11-01 15:39:37

A sympathetic interview by Michael Casey. Perhaps the best outcome via the courts would be a probation order with a Psychiatric Treatment Order attached, which I know can turn around people's lives. A good point is made about resources. In 2015 a report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary stated: 'Children, people who are mentally unwell and other vulnerable members of society are being locked in cells and sometimes unnecessarily criminalised because police custody is being used as a substitute for social and health care'. HM Inspector of Constabulary Dru Sharpling said: “There can be no argument that the needs of a child, left abandoned by his or her parents, or a person in the midst of a mental health crisis, are often very different to those of a serial offender. Yet the bricks and mortar of the police cells do not and cannot make that distinction. I think the public would be surprised to learn that police cells are very often full of vulnerable adults and children, rather than suspects accused of serious crimes." See report at https://hmicfrs.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/news/news-feed/vulnerable-children-and-adults-need-care-not-custody/

Lynne Simpson
2023-11-01 22:58:21

I would like to say if this has been going on gor 11 yrs why hasn't Social Serbices been involved because it is obvious the parents have found it difficult and so has Kaiden to get him help all the Agencies need yo come together and have a plan to have him sent into possibly somewhere like Homerton where he would get the correct treatment He needs to be taken out of Harlow because he is too aware of the area he needs to be somewhere where a fresh start and treatment can occur because being too close to his parents the one thing which has to be controlled is the contact between Kaiden and his family and while he is still in Harlow the help he needs will not get resolved

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