Over 28,000 patients waiting to start treatment at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow

Health / Wed 1st Nov 2023 at 09:43am

PATIENTS who have spent at least ten months on the NHS waiting list will be offered treatment hundreds of miles away in a bid to speed up access to care reports the Daily Mail.

Letters, emails and texts will be sent to about 400,000 patients in England asking if they would be willing to travel to be treated quicker. 

They will be asked how far they are willing to go — 50 miles, 100 miles or nationally — before being matched to alternative hospitals that can see them sooner. 

MailOnline’s interactive tool lets you see the size of the queue at your local hospital trust and the proportion of patients who have been waiting for 18 weeks or less — the maximum time patients should wait for treatment under NHS rules. 

According to the figures, a total of 28,312 patients are waiting to start treatment at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Harlow.

It also states that 54% of patients are waiting within 18 weeks for treatment.

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4 Comments for Over 28,000 patients waiting to start treatment at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow:

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-01 09:47:11

This government should be sorting out this mess.. Before all the glorified regeneration.

David Forman
2023-11-01 15:53:49

Whilst it is fair to say Covid built up a backlog of operations, it is clear that the Tories let waiting times slide from 2011. Just prior to the start of the pandemic in 2020 the official NHS waiting list for February showed 4.43 million people on a waiting list in England. Figures for August 2023 show 7.75 million people waiting for treatment, an increase from the previous month. See https://www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/nhs-delivery-and-workforce/pressures/nhs-backlog-data-analysis#:~:text=The%20number%20of%20patients%20waiting,in%20September%202019%20(458).

2023-11-01 20:43:10

Anyone who thinks the Tories have made a mess of the NHS should take a look at Labour run Wales, the waiting times, Ambulance response times and Cancer treatment statistics will shock you.

Adam taylor
2023-11-01 21:13:11

David covid closed the NHS to anything but covid something no other country did. Then after doing everything the NHS requested including printing billions the grateful NHS staff went on strike, adding to the backlog. Still only 25 people died of covid at pah and 6000 ish totally nationally so it was worth the utter destruction to the economy, education, mental health, NHS. All this was obvious but the useful idiots shouted down any questioning views, so well done you all this on you. Still look at Scotland and Wales the NHS is even worse there - maybe it is just a bad model (no other country copied it and lots have free health care) , maybe the staff are not working efficiently and maybe they are highly politicised hence why some deals were accepted in Scotland but not in England

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