Can you help find Ted who is missing in the Town Park area of Harlow

News / Thu 2nd Nov 2023 at 03:38pm

TED (or Tee-Tee) has been missing since Monday.

He lives in Tanyard Place, which is at the the top of the paddling pool part of the Town Park.

He is new to Harlow. The family have kept him inside for that entire time (six weeks)to get used to his new house.

His family said: “On Monday afternoon we took him out on a harness and lead to get used to being out of the house, unfortunately he slipped the harness and after a short while of hiding under cars bolted towards the town park near the forest area by the paddling pools.

“So far we have left multiple fliers in the park, gone on regular walks through the park at different times of night and recently posted over 200 leaflets through local houses. And left scent trails for him to follow.”

“Ted is a very sweet boy but very nervous and will run if people get close as he was mistreated as a kitten and was rescued by my partner.

“He was last wearing a red tartan collar with a bow tie, he is chipped and registered as missing on the system. 

Any help please contact: 07933167351

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2 Comments for Can you help find Ted who is missing in the Town Park area of Harlow:

Bruce Downey
2023-11-02 17:09:46

I do hope you find your cat, or your cat finds you. The micro chip should have a find me tracker- maybe in the future..

Tracy George
2023-11-02 20:42:46

I do hope you find him soon, poor little thing. If any help, found mine at 5.30am when everything was quiet and we could hear each other and my nervous cat felt more confident. Also, if the collar isn't a quick release one, look up as well as under bushes as may have got caught in a tree. Fingers crossed for Ted and family.

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