Letter to Editor: Will there be Warm Spaces this winter in Harlow?

News / Wed 8th Nov 2023 at 08:02am

Dear Editor,

THE clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, it is getting colder, the cost of living crisis has not gone away and we know that Harlow has some of the highest deprivation levels in Essex – so why unlike practically every other District Council in Essex has Harlow Council not yet publicly committed to the provision of Warm Spaces and why is the information on the Council’s website months out of date. 

Is the subject not  important? Has it been forgotten about? Or has the Conservative administration on Harlow Council simply failed to get its act together? 

Whatever the reason, one can only hope that like Basildon, Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Epping Forest, Maldon, Rochford, Southend, Tendring, Thurrock and Uttlesford. Harlow will commit to the provision of Warm Spaces and publish updated information very soon about where and when access to Warm Spaces and support will be provided this winter.

Readers might be interested in this BBC Essex radio link.



Tony Edwards

Councillor for Toddbrook

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5 Comments for Letter to Editor: Will there be Warm Spaces this winter in Harlow?:

gary roberts
2023-11-08 09:11:08

Who would have believed that in a rich country like the United Kingdom, warm and food banks would be needed today. Perhaps the council thinks "warm" banks are not needed in Harlow: would you agree?

Nicholas Taylor
2023-11-08 09:11:55

On the 21 September a member of the Harlow Alliance Party asked a question about how and when the Councils website was updated, having found one particular page was 27 months out of date. She was assured that action was being taken to improve the website. Tony has highlighted not only that to date warm spaces have not yet been created, but residents cannot rely on the accuracy of the Councils website. Earlier in the year I asked a questions of the Leader of the Council about the number of vacancies and deleted posts within the Council, he responded by saying that 62 posts were unfilled or had been deleted (out of about 450 staff). Perhaps this cost saving exercise is resulting in even basic things no longer being done by Harlow Council. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of Harlow Alliance

2023-11-08 10:37:27

Try Maybury Open Door Tuesday and Friday 11.0 til 3.30 upstairs in the Harvey Centre opposite the cinema It's a walk in centre. All welcome

Tony Edwards
2023-11-08 20:12:38

Thanks Mike for the Maybury Open Door information. I am also glad to see the Harlow Council website page has now been updated - in that it says there will be some provision at Harlow Playhouse. I look forward to the detail being published and to hearing what other organisations will be providing throughout the town.

James Leppard
2023-11-08 22:40:07

It would be interesting to know how many people actually availed themselves of the Warm Hubs last winter and to identify those most in demand.

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