Can we have this in Harlow? Pavement parking to become illegal in Edinburgh first

News / Sat 11th Nov 2023 at 02:07pm

WE thought we would re-produce this news item from The Edinburgh Reporter on new Parkin legislation in the capital city.

We are sure there are many residents who will be wondering how can we have this initiated in Harlow.

Over the next few weeks, we will try and find out.

Photo courtesy of The Edinburgh Reporter.


The City of Edinburgh Council will implement the controls which The Scottish Government will enact on 11 December to prevent drivers from parking on pavements.

Enforcement will begin in January 2024 when drivers will be fined £100 if they park on pavements, at dropped kerbs or double park. The Transport Convener is adamant that everyone in the city will benefit from the ban and said that during the consultation for the City Mobility Plan 68% of residents supported the move. Edinburgh will be the first city in Scotland to implement a full ban.

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30 Comments for Can we have this in Harlow? Pavement parking to become illegal in Edinburgh first:

Luke Burton
2023-11-11 15:33:16

I agree. Let's ban it in Harlow as well. However, this isn't going to solve the parking problem. A car is vital in Harlow given the state of the buses and it certainly isn't like Edinburgh where Lothian Buses provides a reliable and cheap servicem

2023-11-11 15:46:38

People don't want to park on the pavement in most cases. The problem needs solving not making worse.

Gary Scott
2023-11-11 16:28:28

It is illegal to park on any pavement out side London rule 244 of the highway code but our woke council and police do nothing all our paths are damaged drains collapsing God help us in tower blocks if there's a fire .grenfel all over again, and we know how that turned out , weak police and no real leaders

Terry Kirkby
2023-11-11 16:56:23

Sadly this wont work in Harlow! if people park on the road as quite rightly they should nothing will flow through Harlow! The buses would not be able to pass along with Fire Engines etc! The Roads in Harlow are not wide enough for parking each side of the road hence people put 2 wheels on the pavement! this allows for people to pass as well but sadly some people take it upon themselves to park with all 4 wheels on the pavement along with parking right on the junction of the road hence creating huge blind spots for drivers and pedestrians alike! There is also a massive issue with Green spaces being parked on creating a mud bath for residents and for pedestrians as the mud is then scattered all across the pavements! To be honest there i a massive issue with parking and its wont solve it unless the council take account!

Not my King
2023-11-11 17:28:37

Can we have this in Harlow? Yes please and Thank you. Good luck everyone.

2023-11-11 18:27:29

I would love this as a disabled Harlow resident ! I use a mobility scooter ! And find it impossible to get around cars on pavements in my area Rivermill ! Everyone parks on pavement with no thinking ! They make life so hard !!

2023-11-11 18:48:28

Most people that tend to park on pavements in Harlow, do so, not because there are not enough parking spaces, but because they can't be bothered to find a space a bit further down the road. How many times do you see the same person parking on the pavement outside their house, when there are empty spaces available in the road? Sooner they change this, the better.....

2023-11-11 19:16:40

Since it is already illegal to park on pavements all that is required is for the police and traffic wardens to issue tickets.

No chance
2023-11-11 19:56:24

There is an almost complete disregard for pedestrians within the town. Cars parked on pavements, overgrown pathways down to less than half the width they're supposed to be. Uneven pavements. Poorly designed road crossings and lack of connectivity. The retail park is like taking your life in your hands and no decent bus service. Drivers disregard crossings and pedestrian lights. Add to that e-scooters, e-bikes and those converted to motorbikes, mobility scooters that are like mini cars and driving way above walking pace .. all of this is ignored by local authorities so I doubt anything will change. Its already illegal to block footpaths or park with all wheels on a footpath. Double yellow lines have been put in here and no one takes a blind bit of notice. Heaven forbid they might to walk more than 10 feet

2023-11-11 20:01:51

Harlow was never designed for such high levels of car ownership, people walked and cycled, that's why the town had cycle tracks: most roads were safe for cyclists. As the town grew and there were more cars driving cyclists off roads, and pedestrians off pavements no thought given about about parking and the massive benefits there are of active travel for health, reducing air pollution, improving the quality of life and saving families money. There's simply not enough road parking to accommodate parking all of the cars, if there were vastly more safe cycling routes, very secure free bike parking everywhere, high quality free frequent bus services & business were helped to transition to cargo bikes then the parking problem would disappear as people moved to using bikes. Impossible? It's what has happened in the Netherlands

D Sullivan
2023-11-11 20:36:07

Any estate with maisonettes or flats in it would no longer be able to be served by any service requiring large lorries or anything wider than a transit. That’s most of the older estates, including those with parking payment services in place. Proper parking space solutions are required, not this.

The Oldie
2023-11-11 20:44:22

I would vote for this and ban the monster cars that seem to be the fashion these days.

2023-11-11 20:48:56

About time too, pure ignorance, nothing worse than seeing an elderly or disabled person or a parent with young children trying to navigate around parked vehicles with all fours on the pavement, tumbler road is like a race track, only a matter of time before a serious or fatal accident, of course people want to park outside their house I get that but even when nearby spaces are available they can't be bothered, the council say its a police matter and vice versa, absolutely gets my vote!!

2023-11-11 21:22:55

In some parts of London cars are allowed to park two wheels on the pavement up to a line painted along the pavement. This is to allow enough road space for emergency vehicles still to get through with parking on both sides of the road, and the line on the pavement ensures there is enough space for a wheelchair, pushchair etc to get by.

2023-11-11 23:23:42

Shoot 'em , that'll stop the James's

2023-11-12 00:55:48

The sooner this is introduced in Harlow the better, damaged pavements, ruined grassed areas, disabled Access denied, definitely yes to this

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-12 11:44:54

I welcome this... But firstly we are not a city... we need to introduce much more parking eares, we are a very small town, and it wasn't built for some many cars on the road.. But absolutely needs addressing.

Calum David Potter
2023-11-12 12:02:41

It's not illegal to park on the pavement get a life your Harlow! We are allowed to park where we like! We are not going to have a paper tell us what to do LOL

2023-11-12 12:11:35

100% need this in Harlow. Anti social parking should not be acceptable and widespread as it is at the moment

View from Afar
2023-11-12 12:17:00

I thought it was illegal to park with 4 wheels on the path. On the corner of Moorfield and Paringdon Road people (one with a very large vehicle) park fully on the pavement so they can go in their back gates. It’s impossible for someone in a wheelchair to get by without going in the road, with a mobility scooter it’s not possible at all. Come on Harlow Council/Police do something about it!

Al gafar
2023-11-12 14:12:29

The pavement parking is an issue which has multiplied year on year ,I recall when you never saw a car parked on the pavement. Then the rot set in with a few chancers for which nobody was interested from the authorities,we had "neighbourhood policing" don't make me laugh ,they were almost always not available to reply to calls . It is ironically against the law to drive on the pavement and the law is fairly ambiguous about parking on the pavement . I fully endorse no parking fully on the pavement however I feel there needs to be some form of public consultation. In the London suburbs there is half and half parking ,this is clearly displayed via road signs ,(1/2 on path 1/2on road ) I recall a good few years ago Harlow council spent money on two consultations regarding the parking same problem . There were drawings with proposed block paving encroaching on to the green spaces ,don't know the result . This parking problem will not go away ,it has to be managed properly. I suppose in some cases it's down to human nature ,why walk fifty metres or so when you can park outside your property on the pavement. Pull the ladder up jack I'm ok .

2023-11-12 14:18:37

If your neighbour is witch like mine, not a lot can change, unless she is going to pass away. So let's pray for that! Legislation always can be changed, but not the people!

2023-11-12 14:34:23

I think this should happen now not later try walking on the pavement early morning in Potter street many times I have to walk in the road with a shopping trolley with cars vans even lorrys fly tho Potter street at more than 40 mph someone will get killed its a matter of time Harlow council put in high curbs that stop paths being totally blocked by cars and vans

2023-11-12 15:10:19

Reading all the comments they are pretty much all the same theme and I agree with all of them. I do think it would be helpful to have permit parking as I had when I lived in a Tower block. Also restrictions on commercial vehicles parked in residential streets. The amount of commercial vehicles parked where I live is ridiculous. These are not just people that have a van for their own business use but company vehicles that they bring home. I know if they had to be left at work they would still have a car but the space for most cars is smaller than these commercial vehicles. In just one house in my street there is a family of 5. Dad has a car, mum has a car, daughter has a car, two sons have large long wheelbase commercial vehicles for different well known companies plus their own cars. How many spaces does that ONE house take up? Right outside my window I see a HTS vehicle. It is not an on call worker so why is the vehicle here, the same with the EDF vehicle, the SKY LWB vehicle, the builder with a long flatbed truck, a Caravan, a flooring company LWB van, an Open reach LWB van, the LWB replacement windows van and others plus those of us that have vehicles. On top of that a large portion of this is in a bloody cul de sac!!! It beggars belief. You wouldn't believe it unless you see it. It's more like a commercial vehicle car park. Take away 2 commercial vehicles and you have 3 car park spaces. Plus the fact that those with the commercial vehicles also have cars parked here too.

2023-11-12 17:09:39

When I was alot younger company vehicles was banned parking on any street stone cross had a section for company vehicles Now let's tow away company vans and cars parking on foot paths and junctions £280 tow away fee plus daily storage costs then they will stop hit them in the pockets

2023-11-12 18:12:21

In reply to Calum David Potter's comment saying we are allowed to park where we like. No you are not, and I really hope that what is happening in Edinburgh happens here. Anyone parking on pavements with complete disregard for pedestrians should be fined at least £100 a day every time they park illegally. Yes there is a parking problem in the town, but that does not mean that pedestrians should suffer. And i have lost count of the number of vehicles that park on dropped kerbs, which makes it difficult for people with buggy's or worse still in a wheelchair. Perhaps if there were not so many work vans and lorries parked illegally the situation would be a little better. The sooner what is happening in Edinburgh happens here the better.

2023-11-12 18:17:42

Great idea but they will need to provide alternative parking areas in the estates. There are approx 20 cars / vans park on the paths every evening outside the back of mine but there is NO WHERE close they could even consider parking and as others have said, in Harlow you can't do without a car. Also, no one would be happy to leave their cars in communal car parks away from where they live, like has been tried before, when so many got broken into or vandalised. I have to push someone in a wheelchair so I would love the paths to be clear but I feel for drivers having no options

2023-11-12 18:26:37

Calum David Potter, your a complete idiot with your pathetic views.

2023-11-12 18:34:17

Its a waste of time trying to get any things done police and council dont want to know. A huge lorry parked on the side road it has been there for a time now with a fine on it .

kelly fry
2023-11-12 20:05:39

I hope this becomes the case here!!! I get that roadside parking isn't adequate here, but i struggle every morning on the school run just to get off the estate i am in. A certain few aren't just on the pavement but blocking most of it. As a disabled person with a rollator i have to dodge holes in front gardens and wing mirrors. Ive had cars drive up behind me on the pavement to park, when there are a number of viable parking spots on the actual road. Sure they would have to cross the road but jeez how is that a hardship for them.

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