Unemployed who ‘refuse to engage’ could lose benefits in Tory chancellor crackdown

News / Sun 19th Nov 2023 at 09:47am

WELFARE claimants who “refuse” to engage with their Job Centre or take work offered to them may lose benefits, under plans confirmed by the chancellor before next week’s autumn statement re[ports The Guardian.

The crackdown, first floated by Jeremy Hunt in his Conservative party conference speech in October, is part of a wider government plan to tackle a decline in workforce participation since the Covid pandemic. It could see those sanctioned denied access not just to welfare payments but associated benefits such as free prescriptions or help with energy bills.

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15 Comments for Unemployed who ‘refuse to engage’ could lose benefits in Tory chancellor crackdown:

2023-11-19 11:06:58

Which also includes targeting those who are so unwell to work. The work capability assessments are largely unfair, incompetent and full of lies. Far too many people eho are struggling to survive or function on a day to day basis are forced to go to tribunal often a year after their money has been severely reduced or stopped because they have been deemed fit for work due to their health conditions. The evidence of medical experts are ignored and people die in the system. They plan to remove risk of suicide if someone is forced to look for work from protective factors in this group along with other difficulties that make life incredibly difficult. Think carefully about voting for this bunch of bullies. One day your health can change and you may find yourself unable to work ever again for whatever reason, no matter how much you'd like to. Just imagine being forced into work you cannot perform or losing your money, and potentially free prescriptions. This party is just utterly appalling

Kim Oconnor
2023-11-19 11:25:39

Well said Horrified. To even think of doing this ,at a time like this. Disgusting.

gary roberts
2023-11-19 11:37:27

When everything else fails show how brilliant and strong you are by picking on those who in the main can't fight back: the ill, dying, young and old by making them feel worthless, small and undignified.More than they already are by cutting their already small allowances in benefit. Those that have in the main worked and contributed to the system for most of their adult lives. It is disgusting and disgraceful. And this town voted for it. Will you again?

2023-11-19 14:00:20

People who are able to should be made to work for their benefits. I mean that if benefits are £110 and living wage £11.00 per hour then they should be required to work for 10 hours per week. Doing what, well keeping the town tidy for a start. I know that there are many people on universal credit who are working. I advocate increasing the living wage to prevent this happening. All very simplistic although I know it isn't

2023-11-19 14:10:41

Would better if the government actually provided the services that would enable those who are too physically and mentally ill to work, the thousands of children too stressed to return to school rather than punishing people. While the country is being run for the benefit of millionaires and profit like those who wasted millions giving contracts to friends to supply useless ppe and property developers then "things will only get better" for the rich and not the majority of the population.

2023-11-19 19:52:41

There are alot of workshy scroungers out there, target those who really don't want to work.

2023-11-19 22:00:01

There are plenty out there who see Benefits as a lifestyle choice, so we'll done let's find them and put an end to their life of luxury on the hard working taxpayers.

Sally k
2023-11-19 22:44:10

It always astounds me when people like so called pedro, think people on benefits have a life of luxury. They don’t. They hardly go out. It’s not luxurious . They can’t afford properties with gardens. A garden is a luxury. There are no luxuries. Please stop being deluded to think that they have luxuries, because they don’t. It’s a constant budget . It’s shameful being on bens. You lose friends and feel ashamed and don’t want to socialise because you once had a status in your job and then became too unwell to hold down a job. That’s people like pedro covered, now onto Jeremy hunt - which rhymes with something . So these rich people in parliament actually live in the real world? cutting off someone’s supply to food,a place to live, water, heating, a phone , is a good thing to do is it? I know people who have made that harrowing journey illegally and ended up here , put up in hotels and ran a hot bath and given a lovely takeaway. What about people who have paid into our system and are too unwell to work now? Yet these clowns allow anyone in and will even give them a nice hotel to live in. You need to sort out the over population and influx of people coming in here using your benefit system, opposed to the people who are unwell. Nobody asks to be ill. I just hope you don’t ever find yourself unwell in a system that is threatening your survival.

2023-11-20 00:24:43

Sally I speak from experience, I have a close relative who has a council house with a garden, who never works, who gets free prescriptions, Smokes, has Sky TV, plays the System and has no intention of ever working. So I know there are people out there who need to be dealt with, Also your correct we are currently spending over £3 Billion a year housing, feeding and looking after Economic Chancers whilst our own pensioners struggle to live after paying into a system their entire working lives, Serous change is certainly needed.

2023-11-20 07:52:52

Pedro, well said you have hit the nail on the head.

2023-11-20 08:23:28

Pedro, don't know where Sally k gets off, your so right, it's like the beggars in the town who are begging for money, they have 1 or 2 dogs with them and sit there on a smart phone, so hungry but can feed a dog!!!!! Why have pets when you can't feed yourself, I give nothing, most are foreign.

2023-11-20 08:44:47

As other have said there are too many people who live off the hard work and taxes of others, 12000 homes in Harlow recently received some form of government cost of living payment. In a town of 100,000 population that is terrifying as it is completely unsustainable at a national level. We have record government debt and are printing money to cover paying for many aspects of the state, which leads to inflation, cost of living issues an ultimately at some point financial collapse. One of the issues is we have de industrialised which has lead to destruction of low end jobs. We also have a minimum wage which becomes the defacto wage and is far to high for many jobs also, so it kills job creation. much of this is done to cover the destruction of industry and employment which has occurred due to government focusing on financial services and following insane agenda like net zero. Outside the SE bubble the country has been destroyed by decades of labour and conservative governments. In a similar manner pushing 50% of youngsters to go university is to hide youth unemployment, while at the same time pandering to education unions while saddling a generation with massive debts Of course people who need help should get it, but it should not be a life style choice and far to many people do see it as that and game the system. Which hurts the genuine cases as well, but people do need to take personal responsibility for their lives and thier families and stop expecting free money / things because nothing is free.

Sally who apparently gets off on this
2023-11-20 14:01:32

Thank you for explaining this pedro. This makes sense now . What happened to the bedroom tax with council houses? Why should someone relax in a luxury council house with a garden and smoke all over it. I detest smokers - they often have copd and refuse to give up smoking. These people should be made to live in a tiny flat with no garden and give their council house to a Harlow family who can appreciate and enjoy the garden. Personally I think this whole thing is to take the awareness off of what this party have done . They are attacking the lower classes to take the negative attention off of them. What happened to the covid enquiry? This party are not fit to rule, their priorities are about them and nobody else . We all forget that we locked down when they drank champagne and partied, whilst we all obeyed their rules and stayed in. What a load of mugs we are! This party are the wrong doers here- not innocent people who wernt born into wealth and there are stil people who vote for them!!!

Mark Green
2023-12-14 15:52:56

What about the Royals, Politicians and people born with a silver spoon, it won't be them forced to take dead end jobs for the rubbish minimum wage will it? I don't blame anyone on the dole, if Chas and Wills can live off the state, not to mention the parasitic politicians giving tax breaks to their billionaire mates, I say screw the system for all you can.

Mark Green
2023-12-14 15:56:24

Adam you don't believe in a minimum wage, would you have people working for 80p an hour so the parasite who employ them will get even richer.

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