SFG College set to re-open on Wednesday (but wrap up warm!)

News / Tue 21st Nov 2023 at 06:14pm

SIR FREDERICK Gibberd College is set to re-open after being forced to close due to large scale theft of power cables.

The school has told parents and carers that the stolen cables have been replaced and safety inspections completed.

However, the school has asked pupils to wear “warm layers” as the electricity has been off for a couple of days and “it may take a few hours for the rooms to heat up”.

Chief executive, Helena Mills concludes: “I can only apologise again for the disruption, which really is no fault of SFG.

“We would like to thank everyone in the school community for their on going patience during what has been a challenging time for us all.

“We look forward to seeing you tomorrow”

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3 Comments for SFG College set to re-open on Wednesday (but wrap up warm!):

2023-11-22 06:18:38

Oh the royal we! They love that we're in this together nonsense don't they. Will you be there Mrs CEO? Doubt it. Probably working from a nice cosy office somewhere warm, maybe even at home on her sofa. I say working, use the term loosely. Raking in the cash, on a six figure salary, cosying up to her tory mates. Maybe we'll hear of her departure to become the next whatever consultant or commissioner at the DFE. In the meantime poor staff are working hard in her schools to make her look good. But doing a bad job because look at the state of her schools. Burnt Mill lost it's outstanding, Mark Hall still RI, Little Parndon is RI. At best her schools are mediocre. The only school that stood a chance of being decent was SFG and now that's gone down the pan too. Is this the beginning of the end for the notorious BMAT?

2023-11-22 08:09:56

My nephew attends SFG and is in year 11. His final year, and most probably the most important one. Add to that he needs assistance with learning and has to have support. He struggles with online learning, and needs 1 2 1. Surely this has gone on long enough. First an unsafe school, now temporary structures that have proved several times now, they are not fit for purpose. Extreme measures are called for to get this right once and for all. The bottom line is the school its self and the temporary structures are and never will be fit for purpose. So, we have an entire school full of children who don't know what they are going to be doing from day to day, parents frustrated by the lack of communication, and total incompetence of the DfE, and now the children and teachers are been asked to "wrap up warm". No teacher should be expected to work in those conditions and no child should be expected to learn in those conditions. Would it not of been best to close the school for one more day until the temperature meets the correct level, and then finally welcome them back for good to an environment that meets basic needs. Or is the truth (I suspect) it never will meet the needs, and this whole saga will continue as it is now for a long time. Parents I believe should unite, not send their children to school until a safe and basic environment can be achieved. An hour meeting (that we all all know will be completely choreographed and scripted) with the Baroness and the local MP is not going to solve anything. Action is needed and fast. How would the government explain a school completely empty of children, because they are unable to fix a building that should never have been built in the way it was, unable to supply temporary structures with basic facilities in the meantime, and appear to not really be able to resolve the situation short term and lets face it long term. Drastic action needed, unite and fight.

2023-11-25 19:26:43

Good but it looks like a prison…is it safe now?

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