Kao Data set to open second data centre in Harlow

Business / Wed 29th Nov 2023 at 08:47am

KAO DATA, the specialist developer and operator of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing, has today announced that construction of its second Harlow data centre, KLON-02, is now fully complete, commissioned, and operational. 

The new 10MW, NVIDIA DGX Ready data centre, designed and built to the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency, marks a key step forward in the continued expansion of Kao Data’s high performance infrastructure platform, and further underpins its Harlow campus as one of the UKs preeminent locations for advanced computing. 

Following significant growth across its customer portfolio, which includes organisations working within AI, financial services, cloud, and life sciences, Kao Data’s second Harlow data centre provides a further 3,400m2 of high-density, scalable, technical space to its data centre portfolio, with room for up-to 1800 racks of GPU-powered IT equipment (ITE) across four Technology Suites.

The new data centre will continue to follow Kao Data’s award-winning, OCP-Readyô, and hyperscale-inspired design blueprint, providing customers with a secure, sustainable, and scalable home for their mission critical workloads. Organisations can fully customise their deployments within the data centre, incorporating liquid-cooled hardware where necessary, and taking advantage of the campus’s world-class connectivity and rapid on-ramps into all major cloud providers.

Furthermore, KLON-02 has been designed to deliver the highest levels of sustainability, meeting BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certified criteria and being powered by both 100% certified renewable energy and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) – an approach which reduces 90% of net CO2 from its backup power generators and allows the company to play an important role in helping its customers directly reduce the scope 3 emissions associated with their compute. 

“Today marks a significant step forward in Kao Data’s journey, and it’s rewarding to see our vision for the Harlow campus further evolving,” said David Bloom, Chairman, Kao Data. “As the data centre industry reaches a major inflection point, it’s vital that UK government ambitions to become a world-leader in AI and research are matched by world-class infrastructure, capable of supporting advanced workloads. Through the continued development of our high performance data centre portfolio and our ethos for technical excellence, we believe that Kao Data will continue to play an integral role in the future of UK compute.” 

“Driven by AI, rack and power densities are increasing at an unprecedented rate, so it’s critical that the data centres of the future can accommodate the latest breakthroughs in GPU-powered computing and are ready to embrace the benefits of liquid cooling,” said Paul Finch, Chief Technology Officer, Kao Data. “By pushing the boundaries of our original design envelope, and embracing a culture of continuous innovation, KLON-02 sets a new standard for industrial-scale data centres, and one which will directly help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their workloads.” 

For more information on Kao Data’s new Harlow data centre, visit Kaodata.com

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8 Comments for Kao Data set to open second data centre in Harlow:

Guy Flegman
2023-11-29 11:24:35

I assume 10MW means 10 megawatt. If this is the daily consumption then that place is using enough power to supply approx 800 homes(based on Ofgen calculations), and we have 2 of these things in town. The only way to go green is to reduce your consumption.

Luke Burton
2023-11-29 14:55:56

I'm surprised Harlow has the grid capacity for these DCs.

Crazyhorse 74
2023-11-29 17:53:47

Not sure what your talking about but thanks guy.

2023-11-29 18:45:26

How many people do they employ ?

2023-11-30 17:46:42

Guy - if you're advocating reducing your consumption you're going to have to stop commenting on online forums that are powered by data centres. And using your mobile. And your Sat Nav, and watching Netflix, and using the internet - and 99% of everything else underpinned digitally by data centres. Besides, the data centres in Harlow are powered by 100% renewable energy according to the news piece. Well done them.

Another Resident
2023-11-30 18:17:09

10MW is not a daily consumption, it's the maximum load that the premises can take from the grid. It's about the same as 10 Stansted Express trains can consume if they're all running at once. Average domestic usage is 3.5MWhr per year. There are 8760 hours in a year, so the average domestic supply consumption is 400W. Thus 10MW could supply 25,000 homes - of course the supply system has to be capable of delivering more, as at peak times each home consumes a lot more than 400W - a kettle takes about 3,000W but it only runs for a few minutes. A data centre will use much the same amount all the time. Kao advertise that they are buying green energy anyway. Computers use power and people use the services the computers provide. Hope this helps (I'm a retired IT person, nothing to do with Kao)

2023-12-01 08:27:27


2023-12-01 10:48:55

Kao Data have contributed greatly towards our community organisation Changing Lives Community Services by providing vital information and donations in Supporting us to help deliver our services to community. Their contributions have helped us provide free sports and activities to children and young people as well as core cost for youth projects that tackle anti-social behaviour and criminality as well as Food care package support for the vulnerable and those effected by the cost of living crisis. Our community in Harlow can’t thank them enough for their kind contributions and we are lucky to have them within Harlow.

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