Letter to Editor: SFG College: “Don’t politicise my child’s education!”

General / Fri 1st Dec 2023 at 10:18am

Dear Editor,

THIS meeting was there to discuss our children’s present and current schooling reality!! Don’t politicise my child’s education!!

Yes, there needs to be accountability but this issue needs splitting – the focus on present impacted children/school/Trust and current action/DfE funding/ support to provide high quality education in a good setting was never more required than now alongside the investigation / review / accountability on what occurred.

Conflating the two is not helpful!!

There are real children and real families and real staff who are living this reality now!!

We need practical solutions that focus on our children today, their GCSE’s are only a few short months/ years away. Whilst answers are needed and the town absolutely needs the school rebuilding etc the DfE and the DfE legal processes back to contractors / DfE appointed building control) need to pick up the bill for their mistakes.

This is not just rebuilding costs but today’s additional needs driven by the site issues/ poor site provision need to be funded.

My child’s senior years are limited we need DfE action now in 2023!! Most current pupils don’t have the benefit of time for 2027!! Four school years’ worth of GCSE’s will have been completed before this building is likely to be ready!!

We need action and concentration on delivery and wrap around care /sport/ trip opportunities/ extra curricular activities and additional lessons/ learning support for today’s children!!

I’m glad tomorrow’s children will get a new school … so what’s happening for today’s children this cannot be a school matter only it’s a DfE / Essex County Council reality that must be funded properly in lieu of what’s been taken from our children.

Don’t politicise my child’s education!! Provide tangible action for today’s child not just tomorrow’s!!!

An example of positive action from the schools was a Saturday school / Summer school. Education will give the children choices…SFG ethos is all about education…. Support the school and Trust in educational delivery!! DfE need to take responsibility for its mistakes and grow the financial and wrap anround offer for today’s pupils!!! Now!!!

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: SFG College: “Don’t politicise my child’s education!”:

2023-12-03 07:51:08

I totally respect the writer's position and wholly support their call to help the students of SFG. However at this moment in time it is very difficult to separate the school's troubles from the political landscape with so many unanswered questions: who approved the company? Who signed off the build? Does the department for Education actually have the brains to run education at a local level? Isn't it time that we recognise that the current government's drive to take schools out of local authority control at such speed was a massive mistake? We're now living with a am education system that works like the railways! Private companies run the school day to day in buildings provided by a separate organisation with an untrusted regulator!? Sounds all too familiar to me.

James Gamble
2023-12-04 12:51:23

Children's education is political, it always has been and it always will be. If the Tories had had their way we would all have bad to pay for our education.

2023-12-04 15:56:32

The sooner it closes the better

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