Plans for new flats near Elm Hatch set to go before planning committee

News / Sat 2nd Dec 2023 at 04:14pm

PLANS for new flats and a retails unit near Elm Hatch are set to go before the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application states: Erection of 6no. flats and 1no. wheelchair accessible family house (Use Class C3), 2no. retail units (Use Class E) with associated new hard and soft landscaping and parking.

Full planning permission is sought for the redevelopment of Elm Hatch. This would include the demolition of the existing retail units to the west of St Andrew’s Meadow and the garages to the east, to accommodate a three-storey building with two retail units at ground floor level and six flats above, and one wheelchair accessible unit. This would be supported by communal landscaping to the west of the three-storey block, and six car parking spaces to the north. Two parking spaces, including one accessible space would be provided to the rear of the proposed single dwellinghouse.

Summary of Representations Received

30 representations (nine objections and 21 supporting) were received in response to this application and are summarised below:


  •   Will improve the appearance of the vacant pub site.
  •   The plans are in keeping with the area.
  •   Anticipation of the development being completed.
  •   A well thought out development which would see the abandoned plot turned intosomething that would enhance the area.
  •   Looks beautiful and fits well with the surrounding architecture.
  •   Will bring benefits to local residents.
  •   Belief that is the best plan for the site.
  •   In keeping with the conservation area.
  •   Will ensure views towards the church.
  •   The layout will meet people’s needs.
  •   Layout and design fits with the historic buildings.
  •   Will enhance the estate.
  •   Support for the biodiversity enhancements.
  • Object
  •   Does not propose sufficient parking and would lead to on-street parking.
  •   Concerns about potential overlooking of gardens and houses.
  •   Retail units will increase parking in the area.
  •   Construction concerns (traffic, noise, inconvenience).
  •   More homes and retail units may increase anti-social behaviour.
  •   Request for restrictions on second retail unit from being used as a takeaway due toproximity to school and late-night usage.
  •   Retail unit should face the roadside.
  •   Impacts to health.
  •   Objection to a new house at the end of the existing terrace.


The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday December 6th at Harlow Council in The Water Gardens.

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2 Comments for Plans for new flats near Elm Hatch set to go before planning committee:

Kim Oconnor
2023-12-02 18:28:02

All thou buildings for disabled people is a good thing, but the position of this house, is backing on to people s houses, there for blocking there day light,and sun, especially the first two houses ,it backs on to, all so its a privacy issue. There are only 6 parking spaces, this is clearly not enough, as you need at least 6 for people who live there all ready, you have not allocated enough parking spaces for new buildings, the road layout is not adequate, there will most definitely but parking issues, I do think layout of road and parking should be looked at again...The house is for disabled people you need decent parking for there vehicles... needs looking at again.

2023-12-03 06:32:57

Let's hope it's built with proper jobs worth concrete. Might last 5 years then knock it down and start again. Good point on parking. A minimum of two cars per household. I can see people parking in St Andrews Meadow. The council garages are useless, might as well knock them down and make a carpark there. Fond memories of the pub in its prime time during the 1970s though Red Barrel beer was dire!! A magnet for those in the fast lane on a Friday night. Can recall the owner driving around in a Rolls Royce convertible, but then a pint of dire Red Barrel bitter, was on the high side!!

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