Labour candidate for Harlow concerned over report that government can look into bank accounts of state pension holders

News / Mon 4th Dec 2023 at 02:00pm

THE HARLOW Labour parliamentary candidate has expressed his concerns at reports that the government now has the power to look into the bank account of everybody claiming a state pension.

East Ham MP Sir Stephen Timms brought up the matter in the House of Commons (see film).

Chris Vince said: “I echo the concerns of Stephen Timms MP saying “the decision of the government to rush through an amendment which allows them to look into the bank account of those claiming state pension, without any reason to do so, is both extremely concerning and puzzling from a Conservative Party who claim not to want to have control over people’s lives.

“Is this the fore-runner to a means tested state pension?'”

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11 Comments for Labour candidate for Harlow concerned over report that government can look into bank accounts of state pension holders:

2023-12-04 19:23:35

iNews is reporting that the Government is denying suggestions that the state pension could be means tested. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/state-pension-will-not-be-means-tested-despite-dwp-powers-to-see-bank-accounts-2791265 As this government has "categorically denied" this, you can be sure that there are certainly plans to do exactly this. Why else would this government need to do this? Don't those on any form of benefit deserve the same rights as everyone else? Are they less human than everyone else?

2023-12-04 19:33:13

The government as per usual wants to put their hands and noses in the lifes of the everyday person. Next you'll have to report how many times a day you breathe and go to the toilet. Read the writing on the wall people, big government is here to stay and it's only going to get bigger. You'll not be able to do anything without the state being like big brother.

Jill Rainer
2023-12-04 19:35:07

Why are the government AGAIN chipping away at the elderly of wanting to look into bank accounts regarding pensions. It appears that you are intent on taking every penny you can from them. It disgusting how you want to continually keep taking money away from the elderly. They have as much right as any age to have money in their bank accounts. Do you think for one minute that they don't know exactly know what they have & what they are doing ,also aware that you think they all have dementia of some sort so you can ripp them off. They are wiser & have their heads in tact more than this government so stop robbing them for your own benefits & pockets. You should be ashamed of what you do to them by taking away what you give with one hand & want to take away with the other. Leave them alone ,& dig into your own accounts & see how it feels if someone was going to do the same to you.

Andy Pandy
2023-12-04 20:22:45

First the unemployed then the sick and disabled. Now the OAPs are to be systematically demonised as benefit scrounges. Wait till the Aussie Robodebt (or AI equivalent) scheme arrives!

2023-12-04 20:58:45

Another reason not to vote for the Conservatives, a chaos of a Party. Pensioners turn out to vote. We already have one of the worst Pensions in Europe.

Sally kemp
2023-12-04 23:53:01

There is an election coming up soon . The conservatives are not doing themselves any favours attacking the elderly and the disabled .

2023-12-05 02:16:12

Lol had the tax man after me saying that I was hiding, years ago just because I was on the high end of paying the next level of tax I worked extra shifts to give my family a better life , people on benefits had the same like style but did not have to work in fact they had more holidays ect when I worked 4 to 5 shifts to get buy

2023-12-05 10:56:15

Someone once said "never believe anything until it is officialy denied"

carolyn devonshire
2023-12-05 12:00:20

Maybe they should also look at the Immigrants bank accounts and MP`s as well.......

2023-12-05 17:49:57

Maybe look into the bank accounts of the vast number of Barber shops opened up in the UK #justsaying

2023-12-05 22:25:27

Yep. Check out those barber shops popping up everywhere and the Mp’s expenses. Do you remember when the head of Harlow council- Malcolm Morley I think his name was, ran off with all the money that we all scrimped and scrapped to pay our council tax with abd when boris Johnson used money from the public purse to fund Jennifer arcuri.

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