Harlow MP Robert Halfon “Royal Mail’s service must improve”

News / Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 10:27am

ROBERT Halfon, Member of Parliament for Harlow and the villages, has taken his campaign to senior managers at Harlow’s Royal Mail delivery office, making it clear that local people deserve better. 

On Friday, Robert visited Royal Mail’s delivery office on Post Office Road to raise the concerns of constituents all over Harlow in relation to the poor service that local people have been receiving. 

Robert has previously lobbied Royal Mail, written to the Government and raised his concerns with Royal Mail’s regulator, Ofcom. Royal Mail have recently received a record £5.6 million fine for failing to meet delivery targets and the Chief Executive stepped down last month. 

Commenting on his visit, Robert said, “Despite the efforts of the hard working postmen and women in Harlow, Royal Mail managers have let down residents across the town for too long – the service they are providing for Harlow people is simply not good enough. It is wrong that letters and parcels which have been sent are not being delivered on time, if at all, despite the correct postage being paid.

“Last week, I met with managers at Harlow’s delivery office to impress upon them the need for urgent action to address their operational issues in Harlow and deliver a postal service in which we can all have confidence. I am pleased to report that Royal Mail have accepted these concerns and have taken action to address the staffing issues that have been causing disruption since June. 

“Royal Mail have already made changes to their recruitment processes and have implemented measures to incentivise current staff and increase the number of postmen and women serving Harlow. New shift patterns will be implemented to ensure every postcode area gets a scheduled daily delivery and the number of delivery vehicles based in Harlow has also increased, creating greater capacity for deliveries across the town.

“Whilst there is still lots to do before I will be satisfied with the standard of service from Royal Mail in Harlow, I am pleased that some work has begun on addressing the concerns of local people. Royal Mail must now deliver on what they have promised and rebuild the confidence of local people.”

Royal Mail are currently recruiting more postmen and women and delivery office staff in Harlow. These vacancies can be found online at www.jobs.royalmailgroup.com and anybody considering a new opportunity in Harlow is welcome to apply. 

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14 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon “Royal Mail’s service must improve”:

Lee Knight
2023-12-06 10:35:36

Like all Tory MP's it's all smoke and mirrors! Robert Halfon working hard for Harlow?? Don't make me laugh 🤬🤬🤬

2023-12-06 11:31:10

Wasn’t it only last week you was asking for them to lose the royal part ? Quicker you’re out of office the better

2023-12-06 12:45:33

Front line staff are under great pressure due to bad management. All because profit is more important than service now that RM has been privatised.

Steve Crewe
2023-12-06 12:59:42

Buy it back, selling it off has failed. Just like water and power

2023-12-06 17:59:23

Whatever the reason for the abysmal postal delivery (so called service) it is Royal Mail who will lose out. We have decided not to waste money on sending Christmas cards any more, to people who we can send Christmas messages to on social media, and in doing so, save money on the ridiculous cost of stamps. And no guarantee that the cards would be delivered before Christmas anyway. They can close Royal mail down for all I care now.

2023-12-06 18:15:12

Is this a caption competition? "While I'm here - Do you have any vacancies for someone like me?"

2023-12-06 18:59:45

And for hard working Rob's next trick he will put on a white beard and convince us all that Xmas has come early this year. Ho Ho Ho

2023-12-06 20:07:45

MPs were warned that privatising the Royal Mail would inevitably lead to a much worse letter service. Robert Halfon still went ahead and voted for privatisation. He is an absolute hypocrite to complain about the results of a policy he voted for.

2023-12-06 21:53:28

Missed critical doctors and hospital appointments due to late postal deliveries.

Luke Burton
2023-12-06 22:45:02

Robert Halfon is useless. You voted to privatise it without any regulation, and now you are claiming to do something about it by shouting into the wind. Useless and weak.

Mark Ingall
2023-12-07 05:57:57

Mr Halfon could only claim credibility on this issue if he apologised for voting to privatise the Royal Mail and, as part of his campaign, urged the government to bring it back to public ownership. Anything less is hypocrisy.

2023-12-07 07:42:39

Not only delivery issues, but some of the staff's attitude in the post office is disgusting. And the mess in there , oh dear, oh dear!!

Leopards Ate My Face Party
2023-12-07 07:55:00

Shame you voted to privatise the Royal Mail at Robert?

2023-12-24 16:02:07

We have a great service in bishops stortford herts.. Post great always come on time during normal service...Christmas is harder and all weather's...

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