Tory councillor slams Labour leader over his criticism of government and immigration

Politics / Tue 12th Dec 2023 at 02:21pm

A SENIOR Conservative politician in Harlow has slammed the leader of Harlow Labour over his comments on the Conservative-run government’s policy on Rwanda and immigration.

The portfolio holder for the community, Cllr Stacy Seales said:

“I am sure the hard working people of Harlow are not disillusioned to vote a candidate who neglected them and lost when running for MP in Colchester; Whom also, was reluctantly given the position to run as the labour MP candidate by his dysfunctional party. 

My worry and concern is that Labour takes for granted the hardworking people of this country by pretending to be the party of the working class yet instead it is the very party which oppresses them with their good intentions costing fortunes , having no plan , and their obsession to taxing the rich and having no capacity to manage or create realistic economic benefits to the British people.

WORRIED ABOUT IMMIGRATION? Then do not vote goody do good labour with many good intentions without a plan, thinking throwing more money to problems solve problems or picket lines protest which affects the ordinary hard working class Brit. 

We need to take back control of our boarders (sic) as that is what is costing and affecting services all across the country not the Tory government. 

We need to ensure we protect and give BRITISH PEOPLE the quality services they deserve without fear or judgement and branding of racism when addressed.

Why is Labour not proactive with immigration or backing stop the illegal boat crossing which not only endangers people’s lives but costing the tax payer £8 million daily? 

Perhaps it is because your party Cllr Vince created the immigration issue and that those somewhat left winged human protection lawyers making fortunes costing the hard working class Brit via people whom are blatantly misusing the British systems.

It goes without saying that Labour will do anything to the detriment of Britain just to win votes as they oppose and sabotage every attempt to reduce illegal immigration’s and false asylum claim. 

And should a logical argument be raised than those raising them as branded to be racist. I am????????

I am fully convinced and in support for tougher immigration policies and stopping the boats. My children and that of many Brits are deprived in education, healthcare , housing because good intentions are been abused and misused.  

“So if anyone is worried about immigration , and wasting money then they can not vote wasteful labour whom left Harlow in decline a disgraceful state”.

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22 Comments for Tory councillor slams Labour leader over his criticism of government and immigration:

2023-12-12 15:21:36

Does this letter make sense to anyone? It seems to be more incoherent rambling. You would have thought someone could have proofread it before it was published.

2023-12-12 15:54:37

Totally agree. Utter nonsense as usual. Just another of the local tory councillors whose only response to something they know is right, is to ramble, waffle and sound as if they know what they are doing. From this letter, it is clear they don't. Made me laugh anyway.

2023-12-12 16:05:17

This is extraordinary. Its an incoherent rant made up solely of discredited Daily Mail headlines. Is Ms Seales really the best the Conservatives can field in local elections?

Stacy Seales
2023-12-12 16:31:42

Dear DP and Phil , You will find my very sincere expressed opinion is similar to that of many hard working Brits, white, cultural and black communities who all know what Labour stands for when it comes to immigration. When I knocked on doors in 2022 I did so to be the voice and heart of what the people in harlow wanted . I do not pretend to be anything more than an ordinary person wanting and believing extraordinary things for every man , woman , child and business in harlow. That is why I was elected by the people in harlow in 2022. We all start somewhere and I will always without censorship or fear speak what I know is right and true. As for proof reading and grammar if that is your biggest worry or defence then the likes of you contribute to the never ending problem in Britain. It’s sad to see cowards who hide behind computer screen full of opinions but do not have the courage to drive change except criticised those who are.

2023-12-12 16:51:45

Well said Stacy, far to often the left both locally and nationally have seeked to silence those that express legitimate concerns about the cost not only financially but socially to our society of uncontrolled mass immigration, whilst almost everyone will agree that we should help those genuinely in danger it's become very apparent that we have allowed our hospitality to be abused on a very large scale and a small number of people are getting very rich on the back of it. That said I still believe your party has a long way to go to convince the British public that your party is serious about dealing with the problem, your leader even sacked a home secretary that was trying hard to deliver the pledge to reduce what is a major issue for many of your voters

Gary Roberts
2023-12-12 17:16:27

Cllr. Seales the people based in your constituency want you to act in their best interests first, second and last and unless you do that all the other nonsense is irrelevant. As for your comments above please remember your party has been in office for the last 13 years and therefore must surely take responsibility for the carnage this country and it's people are now suffering.

Gary Roberts
2023-12-12 17:21:19

And I forgot to ask what have you done for the people of Potter Street since being elected?

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-12 17:39:04

The facts tell the story. The previous Labour Government either got it terribly wrong about the numbers of people who would come to live in the UK or lied to the general public about it and after 13 years in power the Conservatives despite all the crocodile tears are presiding over a system which saw all records broken about the nett increase in the UK population. To put this in some sort of perspective, the Gilston development which will be completed over a 10 year period will perhaps house some 40,000 people. That is about the nett number of people who come to live in the UK every three weeks.

Luke Burton
2023-12-12 18:00:18

Really not sure what I just read. Other than an extraordinary number of question marks.

2023-12-12 18:02:01

Little Englanders from whatever party have lost the plot. Look at your history books check out why the EU was created. Pushed through by the most famous Conservative. Churchill. The solution is greater integration and development across Europe. It doesn't help that the Conservative government has restricted and capped the numbers of uk students leaving the uk more dependent on stealing skilled workers from abroad. Hence the record high in legal immigration and we actually need more of them. Perhaps if the uk set up an employment job centre in Calais and issued Visas then we'd both solve the skills shortage and stop refugees travelling in small boats by giving those recruited ferry tickets to get here. Meanwhile our pensioners, especially in Harlow ( because we are losing PAH) could be helped to retire to the healthier environment of the Sunny Med reducing the pressure on the nhs.

Paul Fagsn
2023-12-12 19:03:35

Is she on drugs ?

Paul Fagan
2023-12-12 19:05:11

Gotta be a parody surely

2023-12-12 20:20:40

Stacy Seales - We are generally very polite towards other people here - If you want to be a horrible shouty person, then stick to Facebook - You are no Kemi Badenoch - She is coherent and her views, though sometimes unattractive, are at least cogent -You are not - There are many people in the Conservative Party with good intentions - I don't think you're one of them - You do this town no favours and people like you will discourage businesses from investing here.

Elle Em
2023-12-12 23:08:41

Cllr Seale’s statement is completely incoherent. At points, it makes absolutely no sense. Maybe 2024 is the year to seek advice from a comms professional when it comes to media statements?

Stacy Seales
2023-12-13 00:17:06

Elle Em that’s a great idea and very true as written words carry weight and so do honest ones however they are perceived.

Stacy Seales
2023-12-13 00:22:38

David , You are very correct I am not Kemi Badenoch but Stacy Seales. And my only intention is to supporting and seeing real changes to communities.

2023-12-13 01:12:39

The letter makes no sense and you could and should replace labour with conservatives throughout. The conservatives have destroyed public services, overseen the complete breakdown of the asylum and immigration systems and ensured higher taxes and inflation hitting working people hard. They then create culture wars to distract from the real issues they have created. This is not the first poorly constructed letter that has been put out by someone representing the town and ignores basics facts in favour of fiction.

2023-12-13 07:10:27

Well your continuing remarks say it all. Rude, aggressive and disrespectful for someone in office. Disgusting.

2023-12-13 08:25:43

Ms Seales should remember that those readers who have commented under her incoherent rant are voters, and the rudeness of her responses to them is unlikely to win her any votes in 2024. More importantly, where is the leader of the Conservative group Dan Swords? Again and again his Councillors display rudeness and arrogance when speaking to the electorate and he does nothing to bring them into line: very weak leadership.

2023-12-13 15:32:38

It is just amazing that a party that has been in power for nearly 14 years with chunky parliamentary majorities still tries to pin the blame on the last Labour government. I mean what on earth have you been doing all this time. It's unbelievable nonsense.

2023-12-13 19:35:50

Nostradamus, as someone with the perceived ability to predict the future, your recollection of the past is rather sketchy. The EU was created 28 years after Churchills death, therefore unless he shared your ability to predict the future, it's unlikely that he 'pushed through' it's creation.

2023-12-13 22:52:07

I'm really not quite sure what to make of this letter, other than it clearly needed to be checked for spelling, grammar and some basic sense of what it was trying to communicate. Ms Seales begins by attacking Labour because Cllr Vince stood in a general election and then launches into a Suella Braveman style immigration rant. She needs reminding of one particular fact: Harlow Conservative cllrs have recently stood for MP in other towns - Cllr Perrin in Cambridge in 2019 and Cllr Joel Charles in St Helens in 2019. Neither of them were elected. So by this assumption, they too were neglecting their roles too? How worrying, considering they held senior roles on the council at the time. What this demonstrates is that the local Conservative party has simply become a sad copy of the Westminster government: a procession of leaders, each with less charisma and brains than their predecessor, a total lack of any discipline, and an obsession with what the opposition are doing rather than trying to actually govern. As others have said, if there was anything for you to be proud of you might actually refer to it. Instead all we get is an endless "stop the boats". Funnily enough, small boat crossings were almost unheard of until 2016. I wonder if something else might be to blame for the collapse of the economy since then? This is the first time I've ever heard anything from Cllr Seales and as her appearances in her Harlow Common ward coincide with Haley's comet, this will probably be the last. Please do us all a favour and don't stand for the council next year, let people who actually care about their town take your place instead.

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