County’s first sustainable transport corridor a ‘transformational’ opportunity for Harlow

News / Wed 13th Dec 2023 at 02:50pm

THE future of travel in Harlow is set to take its first step in the New Year, as work is due to get underway on the county’s first Sustainable Transport Corridor.

Running from a redesigned junction at Burnt Mill along the A1019 to the town centre, the corridor will provide upgraded rapid bus services as well as walking and cycling links, new public realm, trees, signage and lighting.

The improvements are being delivered as part of the £172 million Housing Investment Grant provided by Homes England to support the development and delivery of the new Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT). This will transform the way residents live and travel in Harlow and open up significant opportunities for growth.

The first step towards achieving this is Essex County Council approving the appointment of Bouygues UK Ltd to undertake the works.

Welcoming the exciting new scheme, Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport at Essex County Council, said: “The delivery of a high-quality sustainable corridor offers a transformational opportunity.

“Providing frequent hop-on hop-off rapid-bus services into and away from the town centre, linking shopping, leisure and train services with new and existing communities will reduce the need for car use for very short journeys and help further drive forward the local economy.

“We also recognise that to encourage walking and cycling, we need to remove the barriers and through this project we will provide new segregated walking and cycling surfaces, lighting, signage, seating and cycle storage, linking the future Gilston development and existing communities such as at the Hides, with the wider cycle network.”

HGGT Director, Naisha Polaine, added: “The start of the Sustainable Transport Corridor construction will be a real landmark moment for Harlow & Gilston Garden Town.

“Additional bus, cycling and walking routes are integral to what we want to achieve with new jobs and new homes for the local area. 

“With four Garden Town communities sitting alongside a regenerated town centre, greater connectivity across the local area is going to be key in helping people move around in a quick, safe and healthy way that’s good for the environment while easing traffic congestion.”  

Utility works on the corridor started earlier this year and are expected to be completed in the coming weeks ahead of the main works starting in early 2024. 

North of Burnt Mill Roundabout, the new corridor will be continued as part of the infrastructure improvements associated with the Gilston development.

For more information on the Harlow Sustainable Transport Corridor, visit www.essexhighways.org/harlow-sustainable-transport-corridors.

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16 Comments for County’s first sustainable transport corridor a ‘transformational’ opportunity for Harlow:

2023-12-13 15:57:31

What a waste of £172M - to think people pay taxes and this is what it gets wasted on

old harlow vigilante
2023-12-13 16:52:08

spend the money fixing the holes we already have first

2023-12-13 17:58:04

It would be interesting to know, just who is going to run this wonderful new transport hub we keep hearing about. The people who keep telling us about all the plans, have obviously never travelled on public transport in Harlow. If they had, then they would see what an absolutely abysmal so called service it is. Buses frequently cut out, or running late. Perhaps these planners could help give the rest of the town a service that is frequent and reliable, but I very much doubt that they are interested in anything other than the new developments.

Mamma L
2023-12-13 18:17:04

Yes Charlie 💯 agreed!!!

Bruce Norman Blackwell
2023-12-13 19:52:15

Great idea . Myself and the old town carrots will make full use of these new facilities . Hurrah for Harlow council

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-13 19:56:47

Politicians have their heads in the clouds in believing we can put the clock back to when thousands of residents cycled and walked to work or shop. Car makers and indeed our government are spending billions of pounds developing electric cars and driverless cars. As has been said, the bus service in Harlow has been bad for years, we have seen bus lanes which are never used and in the case for example along Elizabeth Way, new cycle ways are dug up only months after being delayed. Time to kick these politicians in to touch!

2023-12-13 20:06:09

I was only wondering the other day when this would start, considering ECC were oh so excited to cut down several trees which has been left untouched for so long they're sprouting again. I can't wait for a bus lane and cycle tracks to be put along there... Oh wait the ones already there are not the right kind of sustainable positive vibes, it'll be a sensational transformational same but different? I do wonder how much extra traffic (jams) is generated having been held by red light this morning simply giving way to a single minicab, stopping free flow of at least 9 vehicles just to let one minicab out doesn't seem to be particularly logical, but I'm not paid by public money to generate overinflated statistics, provide glossy pictures of European LTNs or tell a happy clappy shirt and shiny trouser audience what a wonderful idea it will be for the people, where 4 in 7 people say they use transport to move around town. Smashing...

2023-12-13 20:18:15

Just would like to know whose idea 💡 it was to make it one way by the station now. Being a taxi driver I now can't cut through. This means that I have to go up to the main , heavily congested roundabout costing me and my customers time and money. This will probably cost the customer another 60-70 p a day. It doesn't sound a lot but over a year that'll cost someone nearly £150 . That's enough to feed a family of 4 for 10 days or heat their home for a month this winter. If someone can tell me how this is a positive for the station I'm all ears.

2023-12-13 20:34:30

It's been said over and over again. People will not give up their cars. These housing developments are being crammed in under the pretence that people won't use their cars so no impact on local roads. It's insanity. Plus there's already a cycle path and walkway, plus bus lanes. This is a huge waste of money and a blatant attempt to make it look like it's benefitting harlow

2023-12-13 21:17:35

That road along with the 414 should be dual carriageway, and the burnt mill roundabout could become a hamburger round about same as at the Saxon inn (Harlow hotel, or whatever it's called now)

2023-12-13 22:42:54

I've noticed that they have stopped filling potholes some weeks ago and some of the ones they have filled have started to crumble especially a stretch just before l atton Bush Centre, appalling waste of money when the roads are in dire need of resurfacing, last thing we need is late buses ferrying out of towners to a crap town centre.

2023-12-14 10:25:52

A waste of public money and a PR exercise with half a dozen cargo bikes to Greenwash hggt pfp and the extra traffic from 10000 homes that'll flow into and through Harlow and gridlock the east of the town. Better could be achieved by installing free Park and Ride free bus services and cycles at the blind entrance developers put at the A414 roundabout at the north end of 5th Avenue, fixing the existing cycle tracks and installing more especially along the new routes like Gilden Way. There's no sensible integrated transport plan for Harlow and the region, Essex and Harlow Councils just makes it up as they go along. A good reliable frequent bus service would have been far less costly than the awful Eastern Raised Road Crossing ( that'll destroy the ecology of the Stort River Valley) and this very unsustainable sustainable corridor. All fur coat...

Kim Oconnor
2023-12-14 11:00:14

Theses people live in a fairly world.. I've been a cyclist all my life, you can't force people to cycle, if they wanted to do it they would be doing it by now... Naisha polaine... This is geared up for your vanity project s, pure and simple, your obsession with connecting people up, people that don't want to be connected up to theses monstrosity.. Theses unaffordable monstrosity s, that is going to ruin our identity, our river stort valley, and our ecosystem s... Its destruction on a scale that Harlow has never seen before.... Its a money machine that only benefits you lot Hggt. Vandalism on a scale that we have not seen before.

Guy Flegman
2023-12-14 12:32:54

I have never seen the existing bus lane congested, so why does it need to be expanded? I also have not seen the footpath/cycleway congested with cycles and pedestrians, so why do they need improving? I have however see the road congested with cars most days, so why are they not adding more carriageways for the cars? Sounds like we are not having our needs met, but being dictated to by leaders who think they know what is best for everyone. Rest assured it will turn into a s@#t show. Remember 99% of ideas are bad ideas! Strange but true.

2023-12-14 13:11:37

These comments are lovely, people do not want to be forced onto bikes. The car is king people do not aspire to a better bike they want a better car, they are practical and status symbols if you care about that. Governments need the manufacturing of cars, to keep the economy going and of course from all the taxes. Look at countries like china as they industrialised people wanted cars not a better bike. It is time politicians started listening to people and drop all the green environmental pressure as it is pretty much a scam and push for authoritarian control. But then certain people get very very rich from it just look at John Kerry.

2023-12-14 13:16:01

I like the tiny bit of bus lane between clock tower roundabout and Church Langley, think it needs a spray to kill off the weeds that have formed and taking back control, it's obvious a bus had never ever used it, why not turn it into a bypass for straight over traffic.

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