From June: Harlow Council leader takes part in “topping-out” ceremony at development now set to be sold to house Newham’s homeless

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IN CASE you missed it, here is the press release from the summer, where the leader of Harlow Council was invited to “top-out”at the Burnt Mill development that is now set to be bought by Newham Council in order to house hundreds of their homeless.

You can understand that many may be concerned that this may be the start of large scale investment by other London boroughs to purchase property across the town. A sort of Terminus House 2.0.

They may have their eye on Latton Priory, Gilston, East Harlow and much more. Perhaps not 172 dwellings like this (but who knows) perhaps clusters of flats, houses and development as a way to transfer their homeless from London to Harlow.


From June

A MAJOR development of 172 new homes nears completion on a key gateway site in and out of Harlow.

The development by Hollybrook on Fifth Avenue near the Burnt Mill roundabout will provide 172 apartments made up of 33 one-bedroom and 139 two-bedroom homes with 12,500 sq ft of commercial space over 15 storeys, with panoramic views over the River Stort and onward to Hertfordshire.

The scheme is located on a key gateway regeneration site from Harlow to Hertfordshire and is only a 200m walk to Harlow Train Station.

The development represents an investment of £50m into Harlow.

The Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Dan Swords, was invited to top out the building marking an important milestone for the development. Councillor Swords was joined by Hollybrook Directors, site managers and the scheme’s delivery team.

“This is a significant private-sector investment into Harlow, which is absolutely key, as we rebuild our town alongside our council-led regeneration schemes”

Councillor Swords, said:

“I was delighted to be invited to celebrate this key milestone for the development. This is an impressive development of high-quality luxury apartments which will regenerate one of Harlow’s key gateway locations. This is a significant private-sector investment into Harlow, which is absolutely key, as we rebuild our town alongside our council-led regeneration schemes.

“It is fantastic that Harlow-based glazing and roofing companies as well as recruitment agencies worked on this major project. Private investment in our town should always bring with it economic benefits and create new opportunities for local people and businesses. 

“I would like to congratulate Hollybrook on this scheme. The apartments are in a key location alongside the development of the north to centre sustainable transport corridor which will create new walking, cycling and a rapid bus route in and out of Harlow and connect new homes at Gilston with the town centre as part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project. The future is looking very bright for this end of our town.”

Kevin Parsons, Hollybrook’s Development Director, said:

“Hollybrook are very proud to have constructed yet another award-winning landmark regeneration scheme of such outstanding quality and in such a prominent location on the approach to Harlow Town.

“We would like to thank Harlow Council for all their assistance and co-operation along the way.

“The development represents an investment of £50m in the District and we look forward to doing further developments in Harlow in the future.”

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11 Comments for From June: Harlow Council leader takes part in “topping-out” ceremony at development now set to be sold to house Newham’s homeless:

Stephen Archer
2023-12-20 09:19:24

Words fail me. Except to comment that you can spot the useful workers by their dirty boots and others with brand new ones for the photo op.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-20 09:23:39

Lets just hope this company do not get the opportunity to work in Harlow again. This so called investment will leave Harlow with a legacy for decades it could do without.

Not a homeless Newham resident
2023-12-20 10:17:31

I can see councillor swords becoming Prime Minister one day. He’s definitely got what it takes! You heard it hear first

David Forman
2023-12-20 15:34:49

Nice to see such charitable work by Conservative council leader Dan Swords facilitating new homes for the very deprived people of Newham in London, which is rather like a homage to how Harlow was originally created.

Jamie W
2023-12-20 15:47:25

Is he old enough to shave?

James Gamble
2023-12-20 16:13:14

When Harlow Newtown was first built first generation children were guaranteed a property when they came of age. Why are so many of the residents children being forced to live with their parents until they are over 40. Let's house our children first and let Newham build houses for their homeless.

Gary Scott
2023-12-20 21:38:46

Will they tell the 50% who buy one of these flats its going to house the homeless from Newham, I think they might think twice before they do if these property developers tell the truth, I think not, absolute disgrace

old harlow vigilante
2023-12-21 12:02:31

sack the little bast*rd , homes for harlow people not outsiders

2023-12-21 14:47:40

Clever spin on who built it…..making it “ look like” it was by Harlow council . Despite the wording visually it still smacks of “ look what we have achieved” and taking credit. Disgraceful. Nothing more than we have come to expect.

Mike Shaw
2023-12-21 15:54:48

This is just the start of London Borough re locating their high maintenance problem families in Essex/Herts with all the cost and spike in crime that will follow

2023-12-21 19:46:03

The future is looking very bright for this end of the town. LOL SHAME IT IS NOT LOOKING BRIGHT FOR THE REST OF THE BLOODY TOWN,THE REAL ORIGINAL HARLOW NEW TOWN!!!!!! You have totaly forgotten about the original Harlow,get your head out of the clouds and start fixing everything that is broken here. Start with the bloody horrendous and dangerous pavements and cyclepaths and thensort out the ridiculous and dangerous parking situation in Harlow. Dont worry about cleaning the bloody street signs up,get out of your car and walk around the older housing estates amd open your eyes. How dare you treat us like fools. Sort the dangerous pavements out. You have not got a clue what you are doing,Do you really think that totaly ignoring and neglecting the older areas in Harlow is going to restore pride in our town????? No it is not. You have not got a bloody clue.

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