Harlow Labour’s Chris Vince lays blame at Tories door over Newham Council bid to buy 172 flats

News / Wed 20th Dec 2023 at 02:52pm

THE LABOUR candidate at the next General Election has issued a statement over the controversial bid for Newham Council to buy 172 homes in a new development near Harlow railway station.

Chris Vince said: “The Conservatives have always promoted and championed private developments in Harlow.  However, the reality is a private developer can chose who they sell their property to on the open market. 

The Conservatives also champion private landlords, in fact many of them are private landlords, yet they don’t like it when the landlord who buys property on the open market isn’t one of their friends!? 

However, let’s be clear, it is the Conservative government that allow developers to buy their way out of section 106 agreements.

It’s the Conservative government who allow developments like this to happen and fine councils when they object (which we did and were).

Its the Conservative government that mean council’s in London have huge numbers of vulnerable people who need housing and it’s the Conservatives who have taken powers away from local communities. 

Its also the Conservative government who are to blame that when families do come to Harlow they will find their children being taught in tents, front line police officers forced to back fill staff roles, unprecedented queues at A and E, queues at Harlow food banks, long waits to see their GP and dentist, not to mention huge heating and food bills. 

My question to Conservative run Harlow Council is what are they going to do to stop this happening in other developments across the town including the Occasio house site? 

“When Labour were in power instead of trying to agitate other councils, like the current MP is, we actually negotiated.  Sadly that’s the sort of grown up politics his government has been sadly lacking”. 

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14 Comments for Harlow Labour’s Chris Vince lays blame at Tories door over Newham Council bid to buy 172 flats:

David Forman
2023-12-20 15:56:44

Good points by Chris Vince that deserve an answer, but the Labour leader Keir Starmer and his party don't have any realistic policies to solve the housing crisis at present. Maybe, when their poll lead shortens Labour will realize that a few crumbs will no longer suffice.

David Forman
2023-12-20 16:15:42

Talking about getting an answer, when will Chris Vince and his fellow Labour councillors answer residents emails questioning Labour's silence over the slaughter in Gaza?

Dan Long
2023-12-20 18:23:00

I am not in favour of these flats being passed onto Newham borough council by the This Tory administration party of Harlow but if Labour was still the administration party of Harlow, this entire town would be fun of degenerates from London Boroughs. This town started to go down hill when Labour become the administration party of Harlow back in 2012 up until 2021. Now the This Tory administration party of Harlow are destroying this town too. I have always said Harlow homes for Harlow residents. Robert Halfon stated this too, back in 2019 but obvious, that was just to gain votes. Both,the Labour party and Tory party councillors are liars and are not here for the number one priority of Harlow, which is the residents of Harlow.

Iain Lindsay
2023-12-20 19:12:17

Typical Labour spiel. The reason London is rammed to the gills is because of Tony Blair opening the floodgates to thousands upon thousands of migrants hoping to achieve a captive vote for Labour. Now Labour councils in London are farming them out to Harlow and Harlow Tories are lining their pockets.

2023-12-20 21:46:57

Simple question over the last 10 years how many Council homes for Harlow residents did the local Labour Party build? Also will you be supporting the Conservatives in January when they seek to change the terms in favour of born and breed Harlow residents being allocated Council Homes?

Ric Shaw
2023-12-20 21:53:18

Why don't Newham council buy the flats that the government won't be able to use in Rwanda.They will be cheap and definitely better built then the lego flats in Burnt Mill.

Life Long Harlow res
2023-12-21 05:35:38

Neither Halfon or Vince will be getting my vote and I will be encouraging everyone I know to do the same. The pair of them are a disgrace to public service!

2023-12-21 07:32:05

What planks/you blame conservatives and conservatives blames you in same news email! How about stop blaming each other-work together and stop more drugs coming from London to Harlow

2023-12-21 07:33:15

What planks/you blame conservatives and conservatives blames you in same news email! How about stop blaming each other-work together and stop more drugs coming from London to Harlow - seriously, sort it out, I don’t want this-we have a nice area in the new houses by Sainsburys-this will bring so much trouble

old harlow vigilante
2023-12-21 11:42:42

what a fcuking joke i thought it was homes for harlow residents , what a load off bollocks harlow council get your act together

2023-12-22 09:06:28

When the 16 story cluster of high rise flats are built in the town centre guess who will be queuing up to buy them? London Boroughs who ship poorer people out, people who are occupying land that property developers want for e extremely expensive homes to sell to foreign property speculators. The irony is that it's been shown that many of these investment homes remain empty and the London Boroughs get credit for building more houses. It's the same strategy that London Boroughs used to dump people into converted office blocks. Absolute disgrace. What people need is decent low rise Council houses. Government should tackle this by heavily taxing homes owned by non residents and homes that are empty. The revenue could then be used to fund new towns: new towns built on the same principles as Harlow was post war.

2023-12-22 19:06:57

Chris vince doing his usual sniping from the sidelines with no offer of how a labour harlow mp would deal with this. Let's not forget, the council that has just decided some parts of Harlow are now under their control, is Labour run since 1964, Newham council. If one gets away with it, other labour councils will do the same. Harlow for many London Labour councils, is the new Rwanda. London continues to dump it's excess here. Neither conservative or Labour will stop them and therefore neither Labour or conservative deserve harlow peoples support or votes.

2023-12-22 21:30:19

Harlow council are weak and powerless to do anything about this as they have taken the money from the developers. What's the point of building the new garden villages, all they will be used for is to satisfy londons housing needs. Harlows crumbling infrastructure will not be able to cope, its roads already falling to bits. Londons gain will be Harlows loss. How long before Sadiq Khan puts his ULEZ camera's up in Harlow.

Phil Poulton
2023-12-23 10:45:36

If this is true I shall never vote conservative again or any other party ,haven't Harlow already taken it's fair share of London homeless,the next thing we will be seeing is rubber dinghys coming up the river stort

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