Shock as flagship housing development described by Harlow Council as “gateway..to regeneration” is set to be sold to Newham Council to house homeless

News / Wed 20th Dec 2023 at 07:24am

A NEW housing development that was supposed to be a jewel in the crown of Harlow’s housing regeneration is set to be bought by a London borough in order to house hundreds of their homeless.

Last week, Newham Borough Council in London set out their plans to purchase the fifteen story block of flats that sits by the railway station roundabout between Elizabeth Way and Edinburgh Way.

It has 172 homes ands so could house as many as 500 people plus.It sits just a few hundred yards from Addison House Surgery and Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Photo courtesy of Hollybrook

Many thought that this development would be a flagship development as part of the town’s regeneration. It is constantly referred to by Harlow Council as a “gateway” project.

In June, Harlow Council leader, Dan Swords appeared in a photocall at the top of the development and heralded it as part of a £50 million investment for Harlow.

Bu that now appears to be under threat after details of a proposal were set out in a cabinet meeting at Newham Council on December 5th.

The proposal sets out detailed plans to acquire the Burnt Mill development by the railway station roundabout in Harlow and let “at least 50%” of the flats at Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rent to homeless households currently stuck in temporary accommodation.

The remaining homes will be let at market rates. 


The cabinet report revealed that Harlow Council were given first refusal on purchase of the development but turned it down. Something Harlow Council denies.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed that Newham Council are pursuing this proposal and that other councils continue to place their residents in temporary housing outside of the areas they live.

“We are doing everything we legally can to tackle this issue head on and to stop Newham Council doing this. To be clear, this development was brought forward by a private developer who intended to sell and rent the apartments on the private market, however we understand that the developer has decided to deal directly with Newham Council.

This is a proposal that Harlow Council has absolutely no involvement in or approves of and we will rule nothing out to do everything possible to stop this going ahead.

“We share the frustration of residents about this potential news. No final deal has been agreed just yet as Newham’s Cabinet has only recently given approval to move forward with reaching a deal.

“These are high-quality apartments on a key gateway to our town and we will do everything possible to stop a London Council buying this for temporary accommodation.

“We believe that local housing should be for local residents and that’s why we’re overhauling our Housing Allocations Policy and why we brought in an Article 4 Directive to stop more office blocks and warehouse developments being converted and used by London Boroughs for temporary housing. Whilst this is a different scenario, we are clear that this should not be happening.”


It will be the first time that Newham council has committed to purchasing a residential development outside the capital. 

The cabinet report states: “Nevertheless, it would assist with the reduction in the council’s reliance on costly, insecure, nightly let accommodation plus, as studies have shown, will have a positive impact on the life outcomes of families generally and, in particular, children”.

Newham has the highest number of households in temporary accommodation in the country – 5,883 as at the beginning of April.

The report continued: “The council has taken effective measures to manage down the number of households requiring temporary accommodation, particularly those in nightly booked. 

“However, it will be challenging to continue to reduce these numbers further in the coming year given the combination of increasing demand coming from recessionary pressure, lifting of eviction restrictions, an anticipated increase in refugees from Ukraine and other short-term pressures. 

“Increasing the supply of affordable housing is one of the most significant ways in which the council can intervene in the local housing market to try to address these challenges.”

Before the council intervened, the scheme in Harlow was intended to be sold to a build-to-rent provider.

Newham will look to lease the flats to a third-party housing provider. 

Shaban Mohammed, cabinet member for housing management and modernisation, housing needs, homelessness and the private rented sector, said: “Increasing the supply of affordable housing is one of the most significant ways in which Newham Council can intervene in the local housing market to try to address these challenges. The cost of maintaining households in emergency accommodation is a major budgetary pressure. 

“Burnt Mills is a key acquisition, part of the continuation of our accelerated acquisition programme to support our efforts to reduce homelessness. 

“At least 50% of the 172 residential units will be used to assist in reducing the council’s reliance on costly, insecure, nightly let accommodation; plus, as studies have shown, will have a positive impact on the life outcomes of families generally and, in particular, children.

“The property will deliver much-needed affordable and accessible housing to be let at Local Housing Allowance rent and market rent.”

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98 Comments for Shock as flagship housing development described by Harlow Council as “gateway..to regeneration” is set to be sold to Newham Council to house homeless:

2023-12-20 07:46:31

Yet more people coming from outside of Harlow to be given housing, what a joke, What about the people that have lived in Harlow all their lives and want to move out of mum and dads into their own accommodation, this will NEVER happen if Harlow Council keep doing this. Don’t they think we have enough people in the town from outside already, who are causing problems for shop owners and the residents of Harlow. I’ve lived in Harlow most of my life and I have seen first hand how this town is going down the pan. MAKE HARLOW RESIDENTS PRIORITY !!!!!!!

Sharon Watts
2023-12-20 07:46:44

This is appalling. shouldn’t Newham be dealing with their homeless in their town? They’re many more locals that could benefit of this housing.

gary roberts
2023-12-20 07:53:03

If this story has substance, Dan Swords should bow his head in shame particularly as this town has over 5,000 people on its housing needs register. All the fanfare of building five "council" homes here and five homes there just makes this alleged development on a par with Terminus House and Redstone House. I would like the council to explain what they can do legally to stop it given that Harlow council says it will try? What legal grounds are available to the council?

2023-12-20 07:53:44

So once again another London Council has seized an opportunity to rehouse its unwanted people and dump them again in Harlow!! Now there’s NO WAY the TORY RUN HARLOW COUNCIL knew nothing about this arrangement, as it would have had to be included in any legal binding property deal terms of use etc, now I can believe that our wonderful Council turned down the offer of first refusal on this building project through not fully understanding what negotiations they had entered into or perhaps some other financial arrangement for our Council was reached in secret that we will ever know about, then the OMG we never had a clue about this and we can assure you we’ll do everything we can to stop this, 🤪🤪 Ooohhhh Danny Boy what are you and your Council up to exactly??

2023-12-20 08:09:21

We wanted to buy in the area, but we will reconsider now due to this news. If this is the direction of the Harlow council, there will be more similarly bad decisions to follow. Is this what the town is expected to become?

2023-12-20 08:16:43

Words fail me, the words I want to use I won't be allowed to use. Harlow is being utterly swamped and eroded by being used as a dumping ground for everyone else's problems. Absolute utter appalling disgrace. How do we as residents get all of this stopped

Dorothy Drake
2023-12-20 08:31:08

To all the misguided commenting on here such as DEC HAN, Juju and Gary Roberts, this is a private development by Hollybrook. It is not a development by Harlow Council! Get that clear in your heads. Hollybrook have struck a deal with Labour controlled Newham Council, who like many other London borough Labour councils are using Harlow and other towns with cheaper land and property prices to undertake social cleansing. It is nothing to do with Harlow Council, who can do very little between a private buyer and seller of property, unfortunately.

2023-12-20 08:37:12

Just another reason for me to get out of Harlow. Nothing more than a sewage overflow for London Councils. More pressure on our already flooded services, more anti social behaviour, more crime. The tories came in to harlow council on a fanfair of promises to end what they've blamed on Labour for years, and yet nothing changes.

2023-12-20 08:44:10

This is not a SHOCK. I drive past every day and I was waiting for advertisements to go up. (Compare to Western Homes buildings just feet away. With flags, windows, show office etc) and nothing has ever been put up. This was planned from the get go and should be investigated

2023-12-20 08:59:01

It seems Harlow is again the go to Town for London Boroughs housing issues.Word has got round Harlow for the Homeless. With all the Red tape bureaucracy and politics how is this allowed to happen.? What was the agreement from the outset between the developer and Council in allowing this in the first place? The developer doesn't care as they just want to realise a handsome profit. I think London Boroughs will be eyeing up the future Town Centre developments too. Will the Council spokesperson answer our concerns for those in Harlow on the waiting list.Send them to Newham as the homeless ? Where does Mr Halfon stand on this debacle?

2023-12-20 09:03:29

Harlow must not become a dumping ground for London boroughs.

2023-12-20 09:05:48

You didn't believe a tory did you?

Mark M
2023-12-20 09:08:30

I do believe it is called back handers likes of these people in high jobs I am not mentioning no names but I think you all know who I am talking about totally disgusting. As we know there are plenty of local people that need to be housed. More trouble coming into my Town.

2023-12-20 09:26:27

While I appreciate this is a matter the council had nothing to do with maybe they'll think twice the next time they want to sell off some land to a contractor on the promise of some 'affordable' housing to show they're doing their bit. What's needed is an end to 'right-to-buy' and more social/council housing.

Andrew S.
2023-12-20 09:31:50

Yes this is a disgrace. I don’t blame the council at this point as my assumption is that the developer can sell to whom they want. More demands on local social services the NHS schools etc from people that come from out of the area and very probably not from this country at the expense of people who live in the town.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-20 09:35:50

Dorothy, just to point out that Tory controlled Councils also use Harlow to house their homeless families. We know this because members of the Harlow Alliance Party have sought this information by using a Freedom of Information request. It is the Conservative Party of course whose financial shackles on local authorities has meant that so few council houses have been built in the last 40 years, for every 7 sold only 1 has been built. It is also under the Conservatives watch that the population of the UK has increased so much, placing strain on public services and of course the need for more truly affordable homes. Finally it is of course market conditions that mean neither Harlow Council or our MP can do anything about this purchase.

2023-12-20 09:52:46

I need to vomit. Why do they hate so much?

James Leppard
2023-12-20 09:53:07

Let's review the history and facts before jumping to judgment. 1. This was a private development by Hollybrook to build flats for private sale or rent and was approved unanimously by the cross-party Deveopment Management Conmittee on that basis. It was never a development by Harlow Council. 2. Unlike Terminus House, which the then Harlow Labour administration had the opportunity to acquire for £ 1, but refused, allowing it to be acquired and managed by a company offering temporary accommodation for a number of authorities with all the unfortunate social consequences we have seen in the Town Centre. Labour could have issued an Article 4 directive under the Town & Country Planning Acts, which could have stopped Terminus House becoming a dumping ground. Since taking over the administration, Harlow Conservative council has issued a number of Art 4 directive as preemptive action. 3. Last year, this Conservative Council and our MP, Robert Halfon vigorously opposed attempts by the Home Office to acquire the private Wych Elm development to house 'refugees'. At the time, we invited the Harlow Labour opposition to join us. They chose to remain silent, as they probably will now, tacitly supporting their defective London Labour colleagues, who are incapable of dealing with their own housing issues and instead take advantage of our comparatively low land and property values to undertake what is effectively social cleansing, shipping their social problems out to towns like Harlow. It is scandalous conduct by them and an open admission of failure. 3. The statement made by Newham council that Harlow Council was given a 'right of first refusal' is completely untrue and only confirms their unscrupulous conduct. We only became aware of the transaction between Hollybrook and Newham once the deal had been agreed between them. Hollybrook never engaged Harlow Council, otherwise we would have sought to negotiate an alternative. 4. Harlow Conservative Council has been working on a new housing allocations policy, which will be presented to Full Council in the New Year. This aims to ensure Harlow Council homes go to genuine Harlow residents. This will include changes such that the residency period will be increased from the current 5 years to 7 or more years; preferences for those born in Harlow and stipulations that people in temporary accommodation from other councils will never be entitled to Harlow Council housing. Let's see if Harlow Labour support the proposals in favour of Harlow residents. 5. It is important to remember that this Hollybrook development was never a Harlow Council project. It was strictly private, and as such, the powers of Harlow Council to intervene are very limited. Nevertheless, all avenues will be pursued and will also be supported by our MP.

Gary Scott
2023-12-20 09:55:28

Hahahaha more flannel, we all know what's going on, it's been going on since the 1980s and before, if I had a choice I would not want to live in this experiment anymore, no care for local people again, absolute joke, this message will probably get taken off as yh don't like true opinion

Suzy gumbke
2023-12-20 10:04:13

Yet more strain to be put on Harlow doctors, schools,dentists and the hospital. I bet Newham council isn't providing any money to these services to help :(

Kim Oconnor
2023-12-20 10:06:40

Spot on Nicholas.. As for Dorothy, come out from behind your fake name.....This is what happens when you sell lands of.. with out a thought of this town and the people that live here, 6,000 waiting on homes here in Harlow, no thought what so ever for its own ...

William Warner
2023-12-20 10:09:42

I get desbers arthritis packinnson heart and have walk up to the 2st foor each time I go out sell flxat to London cilin Newham Harlow as get 63'000'000 in the bank kick is Tory cil out now

2023-12-20 10:12:25

Disgraceful. Where are elected people on this. This should have been scrutinised before it was even built with assurances as to who would be housed in it. Are Newham council as bent and dishonest as council Harlow council appear to be. Come the election boot them all out. Shame on you all for destroying this Town

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-20 10:22:23

Lets review the facts then James. It was your Party which introduced legislation which meant that offices could be converted into flats, resulting in thousands of households being provided temporary accommodation often many miles from their family support group. I would point out that Tory controlled councils also use such accommodation. It was your own government which proposed to use the new block at Wych Elm to house refugees. The huge increase in the UK population under your Parties watch is why councils in London are having to look elsewhere to find accommodation for families who cannot afford to buy the tens of thousands of unaffordable homes being built in London. Your Parties vision for the Town Centre could well see what is happening at Burnt Mill being repeated many times in the future, that is, developers building large flat blocks which they then sell to London Boroughs.

Stephen Archer
2023-12-20 10:35:16

It seems Harlow is destined to become Britain's biggest and best refugee camp.

2023-12-20 10:50:23

An awful lot of silence on the comments section of this article from Harlow Tories?

2023-12-20 11:01:20

I've read the comments and albeit it may not be favourable, refering to people a "unwanted" or "sewage" come on. Let's have some empathy for fellow humans who may be young adults who may have been abused and find thenselves homeless. Yes, in any group of people there are undesirable but maybe we can assume most are good. Lets not attack helpless people, by all means question the Tory council.

James Gamble
2023-12-20 11:07:46

Tell me who will house our homeless children?

2023-12-20 11:14:41

We should never again use the developer of this project. Tell them they’re barred and let that be a warning to other developers that if they try this it will be their last project in Harlow! We should then block all developments, until a clause to prevent sales to any other council or unapproved housing association is added.

Gary Scott
2023-12-20 11:15:06

Stop letting anyone into our country and look out for our own ,Simon, it's a great fairy tale, go to England it's all free, not for me it's not or my ancestors before us, so wake up people, you will probably take this off because there only aloud to follow an agenda

Mark Ingall
2023-12-20 11:22:29

You cant blame the homeless from Newham who are being moved here, most of them don't want to be moved away from friends, family and community. You shouldn't blame the local authorities (some run by Labour, some by Conservatives and at least one is run by the Lib Dems) who are moving the homeless here, they have a legal duty to find accommodation and a number of policies introduced since 2010 have made it impossible for them to house the homeless in their boroughs. And Harlow is not unique in being used like this, many towns surrounding London are in the same boat. So what is to blame? Its the completely broken housing market that has developed over the last thirteen years. And who is to blame for that? Its the incompetent Conservative government at national level who have focused on infighting, leadership battles and jockeying for position at the expense of the things that really matter, like the cost of living crisis, a fair wage for a days work, and decent homes.

2023-12-20 11:29:12

More drugs from London coming to Harlow! Should he only for local residents-how did Harlow allow a building to be built and the sold out if Harlow. They say they never turned down first dibs, it should have been at planning stages to only build for locals! Absolute mess, more cost to us with legal fees!

David Watson
2023-12-20 11:30:20

This is a real shame for the town. These attractive and well-located apartments are ideal for young professionals the town is seeking to attract. Instead, inept London Labour councils who cannot manage their housing issues are taking advantage of our comparatively very low land and property prices to use places like Harlow for their 'social cleansing'. We have seen how this operates with Terminus House and all the crime, drugs and anti-social behaviours as well as straining services like health and education and how this drags the town down further. Our low land prices are the main issue, which is why they won't go to East Herts or Epping Forest. Laws need to be made so that local councils can block the use of their districts as dumping grounds by other authorities.

Bruce Downey
2023-12-20 11:41:41

On the record: The four London boroughs even in more debt than ‘bankcrupt’ Birmingham.. Newham Council debt is on that list is 4.39 times its spending power (or assets) are they buying on the never-never.. paying?

2023-12-20 12:07:48

Ridiculous , we have Robert Halfon preaching about regenerating Harlow, making it fit for the community , raising standards, spouting forth about new housing and then this…absolutely crazy. Needs squashing before it goes further . This is Harlow council working to improve things, I think not. Underhand, deceitful, no thought to the infrastructure that can barely support what we already have. Squash it now.

Richard Adams
2023-12-20 12:08:31

Mark Ingall has hit the nail on the head here . The existing housing market is broken and needs to be completely rethought. The original planning application stated “the application proposals will provide much needed housing in Harlow”. The trouble is that it doesn’t say needed by whom and the planning process does not allow Councils to specify how many houses go to local residents unless it through a Section 106 agreement which developers notoriously renege on. We need to get away from speculative builders, building housing for their profit to system that is building houses to meet the peoples’ needs.

Guy Flegmen
2023-12-20 12:29:47

It will be interesting to see what Robert Halfon has to say on this and if he is lobbying for change in parliament as there is a clear pattern of outside councils dumping their undesirable residents in Harlow, who if I am correct become Harlow councils problem residents after 2 years. While individually these developments may make some sense, collectively they have a large detrimental effect on Harlow. Will also be interesting to see what Chris Vince plans to do as we have an election next year and I am sure this will be high on the voters agenda. If nothing can be done maybe we should look into twinning our town with Gaza

Alderman Durcan
2023-12-20 12:38:30

I would hope even at this late stage the council will reverse its decision and buy the building. This would show true commitment to council owned development. Oven ready. If we can buy a shopping centre then why not homes.

2023-12-20 12:48:19

What is going here?????????For one,what flats are you actually talking about??? The ones near Addison doctors and pah are not near the railway station. Why has Harlow become the free for all dumping ground in recent years? What is going on here,i was born here in the 1960s and have never left,Harlow New Town is a town in its own right,so why does everyone else seem to be taking a bit of Harlow and dumping everyone here. Dan Swords you dont know what you are doing.

Cllr James Leppard
2023-12-20 12:54:19

Alderman Durcan, reverse what decision? Harlow Council was never offered the possibility of buying the development! Have you not read the report? The deal was struck directly between the developer, Hollybrook and Newham Council. Harlow Council was never engaged by either party! We were never given the opportunity to consider buying the development. No doubt, you have all the details from your chums are Newham and have worked out the economics, in which case grateful if you could share the information.

Stop moaning
2023-12-20 13:29:22

You’re all here saying more ASB, drugs and crime will come with them, you’ve already got this major issue in Harlow town. Stop blaming the rif raff and accept Harlow people are high crime aswell.

gary roberts
2023-12-20 13:36:15

Cllr. Leppard, when in a hole it is advisable to stop digging because you never know what you will find. Mind you if Cllr. Swords is holding a shovel at this development with the owners smiling at him what does that imply? And of course with very small council housing projects around the town being promoted as council housing for Harlow people this project would have made a return for the council while giving Harlow based families some assurance that the council cared. I see very little of that today.

2023-12-20 13:36:17

From article: "The cabinet report revealed that Harlow Council were given first refusal on purchase of the development but turned it down. Something Harlow Council denies.'' It would be absolutely naive to assume that council had no say in this legally or had no awareness. It could be a legal omission that escalated or a delibarate decision, but zero awareness is impossible.

Alderman Durcan
2023-12-20 13:41:46

The concern we should have is if Tory council knew the site was up for sale why didn’t they bid to buy for Harlow Oven ready They could have become the land lord and had mix accommodation,some private sell on and some council accommodation. If they didn’t know one has to ask why they didn’t as the leader was only on the top of the building a few months ago. Is this an act of arrogance or ignorance or both.

Dan Long
2023-12-20 13:49:32

This is prove that this Tory administration party of Harlow are just as bad as the former Labour administration party of Harlow. None of them are in or here for the number one priority which is the people of Harlow, they are only in or here to feed their own pockets.They are both greedy and self minding and opinionated.

Cllr James Leppard
2023-12-20 13:52:09

Dear Gary Roberts, I defer to your expertise about digging one's self into holes. Suffice it to say, as has been made clear by the Leader of Harlow Council, this was a private development with no involvement of Harlow Council. Harlow Council was never offered any right of first refusal by the developer. The statement by Newham Council is wholly untrue and a correction has been demanded. This is nothing more than London boroughs transferring their housing and social problems to Harlow, exploiting the fact that our land and housing values are considerably lower than in London.

Had enough
2023-12-20 13:56:42

51 years I've lived here...that's it I'm off.

Dan Long
2023-12-20 14:01:04

Mark Ingall. You were just as bad when you were the Labour leader of the former Labour administration party of Harlow. Not Willing to listen to the needs of the number one priority of Harlow, which is the residents of Harlow. You were all about profiting and so who are you to comment on this matter?

gary roberts
2023-12-20 14:45:02

Cllr. Leppard, is it correct that, "Harlow Council was never offered any right of first refusal by the developer." So Cllr. Swords is all smiles and loving having his photo taken again but didn't suggest to the developer the possibility of the council buying it? Isn't housing regeneration one of the current council's major pledges? Is he a Conservative or not? A Conservative not looking to invest in a project in order to get a return for the town and much needed housing for its residents: Are you sure? As for digging holes the residents' of Potter Street have had many from this council but they have never been filled in with much needed local services. Oh I forgot, four communities in Potter Street have the benefit of a car park right next to them. Good work.

2023-12-20 15:05:29

I imagine most of these people will be entitled to zero council tax and other benefits that will fall under the responsibility of Harlow Council. Newham - like many London boroughs - is a dump, primarily because of the people who live there. Now we're going to get a load of them shipped up here. Great!

2023-12-20 15:31:32

Oh why am I not in the least supprised. Nothing what's so ever is about the residents of Harlow no matter what it is anymore. This town has FAR too many people brought in from other boroughs, housed given benefits etc & Harlow people put on the back burner YET again. This has got to do with raking in money again but none of it spent on Harlow town, housing or anything to do with the upkeep of Harlow. Yet I bet you have some nice bonuses at the end of it. Thought this place couldn't get any worse & here we are with a council leader not long left school throwing bad after bad. Maybe us Harlow residents should ALL turn up outside councils offices & start putting our foot down & teaching those inside how this should be working, that goes for everthing about Harlow as obviously all that run it have NOT got a glue

Dan Long
2023-12-20 15:32:22

John. Exactly that, which we the hard working tax paying Harlow residents will be funding.

Dan Long
2023-12-20 15:40:20

I am really proud that so many residents of Harlow are seeing the big picture on what this Tory administration party of Harlow and what the former Labour administration party of Harlow are up to, when it comes to housing issues here in Harlow. None of them are for the number one priority of Harlow,which is the residents of Harlow. They are all for their own pockets. Regarding this block being in the hands of Newham. Who is based in Newham?, yeap, Sadiq Khan. We have another homeless in this town,who need housing but do any of the likes of those from the Labour or Tory party care about them? NO they don't. The both have the same attitude and way of thinking. I'm alright jack.

William Harris
2023-12-20 16:01:19

Where is Mr Halfon???? What does he say about this or is like the school in Harlow SFG or the new Hospital in Harlow?????

2023-12-20 16:34:26

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Going to outsiders again when we have plenty of people in Harlow who need housing. How can they get away with it??????

2023-12-20 16:39:12

Quickly becoming a third world country.

2023-12-20 16:40:46

I have lived in this town for 53 years and omg what a dump this has become its the fault for all those that have had the power. I've watched amenities for kids dwindle to none,I've watched buses cut,housing cuts,nhs cuts,many more disappear in this once great town, now I watch this town go down pan. You all blame each other but let's face it your all to blame with broken promises etc. I am just a minority of a harlow resident that my views don't count even though lived here all my life our children and children's children have no hope in this town. Soon there will be no harlow residents left. I'm sorry but these powers know what goes on in this town there not blind sided to it.If they were offered 1st then say they wasn't surely that alone is a legal case.no one will ever tell you the full truth!!! Instead of all of you digging at each other how about you all work together make this town great again because at the moment it's turned into a dumping ground everything and everyone

2023-12-20 17:06:25

This proposal is disturbing, I hate seeing mums pushing buggies down the polluted Riverway. We will now have to see mums trying to cross the dangerous roads adjacent to the flats. I would like to see a ban on these units being use to house children. It’s not suitable in this day and age, children need a safe play to play. Has no one in Office got any compassion?

2023-12-20 17:15:35

Jo you are dead right on all fronts! We are a minority now and will be an even more minority once these flats are occupied! So Council please tel me? Where are the Children to be housed in what School! What are for doctors appointments do the new residents come under? What about traffic overload with all the new vehicles arriving and the creation of the new village at Gilston! The Town is now a true dump and it is with great sadness that it has become like tabled with the name however its true and our so called councillors have done nothing but kill our town with all their political nonsense! Its Labours fault No wait its the Tories fault! Sadly its all your faults you are all the same in it for one's self !

2023-12-20 17:24:49

James, that's tye housing allocation policy change that proposes to remove band 4 applicants because they have no genuine need for housing and their only goal in life is to get social housing. A highly offensive attitude given that private rent or a mortgage is out of the reach of a large number of people. Is living your adult life at home with your parents a lifestyle choice too ? This housing allocation shakeup is merely a dressed up deletion of a huge number of Harlow residents who have been on the waiting list for tend of years. Stop trying to dress it up as benefitting harlow residents. It's an blatant reduction of the waiting lists by removing a swathe of those in need

Nogin the nog
2023-12-20 17:46:38

We need these flats for harlow residents it is as simple as that

2023-12-20 17:51:07

How often have we been told by Harlow council when it comes to new developments, " Oh we can't do anything as it's on our boundary" how often when the people of Harlow have said that London overspill is killing Harlow and deprieving Harlow residents of social housing , only to be told no it's not. Well Harlow council, a London council has just taken a massive dump on your own front lawn, What are you going to do about it? This is the start of vast parts of Harlows new developments IN Harlow, controlled by London councils and putting the people of Harlow, second in their own town. I'm dying to hear the excuse on this one.

2023-12-20 18:10:22

To Harlow council, good luck with the new properties to develop the town! I live nearby and was looking to buy in weston homes at the moment. Why would I get myself a mortgage for which I'm working hard every day of my life to buy a property right near a new building half full of council flats? Why would I risk a decrease in value of this property and also why would I want to have this experience myself. And if I'm thinking this there will be other prospective buyers with the same view. Is this the 'innovation corridor' and economic growth you're aspiring to?

2023-12-20 18:14:38

Some of the language being used about Newhall homeless is disgusting. I’m ashamed to be a Harlow resident. This is not an ‘us and them’ issue - we are all just trying to find somewhere to live. The situation is awful but it is the inevitable consequence of an unregulated housing market that treats a house as an asset rather than a home. Government policies over decades: Right to buy, buy to let, help to buy, deference to a monopoly of house builders etc etc. This is where your fury should be directed.

2023-12-20 18:24:53

Wtf?Harlow Council you should ashamed of yourselves. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?Hari kari ?

2023-12-20 18:30:11

GRRRR!!!!!,SO ANGRY.This is what makes people racist & hateful.Reep what you sow

2023-12-20 18:37:03

Hey Harlow kids,can't get anywhere to live?Don't you worry,go and see Newham council.They will sort you right out.Failing that please purchase dinghy & find nearest beach,simples!

2023-12-20 18:42:34

It's about time people of harlow stood up too this. We have had enough.

Gary Scott
2023-12-20 19:22:59

There is only one party that will stop this and that's reform, get all these other greedy chancers out, Labour only care about people who do not come from this country, tories only care about there rich pals, liberals and green party care about middle class fantasy of climate Time to have a massive overhaul, perhaps we should all protest at the council office, you can bet your life it won't affect any of our councillors

2023-12-20 19:41:55

Anyone who still votes for either Labour or Conservative deserves this. Both genuinely resent native inhabitants of this country and their representative communities. If you want change you need to demand it. Vote Reform at minimum next year. Do everything you can to make life hell for these property developers in the meantime. To any suckers taken in by Starmer's fake moderate image, just remember he has promised to bulldoze local authority and residents so he can meet planning targets. So expect a lot more of this ilk, and even more of that lovely "diversity".

2023-12-20 19:49:56

Kris: council housing will reduce the value of private properties in the same area? Wow, you are a huge part of the problem with an attitude like that. If you don't want to buy a property in the area for this reason then I don't think we want you anyway, with that attitude. This isn't about putting down council housing or social housing, this is purely about local people being unable to get housing while buildings are being snapped up for other councils to use.

2023-12-20 19:54:02

Siobhan,I'm not taken in by that fraud "sir"Starmer.The guy was in charge of the C.P.S,I rest my case....any way happy Christmas to you and all good Harlow people xxxxx

2023-12-20 20:46:26

Just an observation, Harlow New town was created, not alone, to take people from London. This happened after WW2 and the need to rehouse bombed out and slum families but the concept was in place well before. It seems its origins and purpose have been forgotten.

2023-12-20 21:39:51

Labour and Conservative both 2 sides of the same coin, maybe it's time to look seriously at alternative parties, Like The Harlow Alliance Party or Reform, Even better would be a who raft of Independent candidates that have no affiliation to any party their only interest would be what's best for their constituents and the residents of Harlow.

2023-12-20 21:39:53

Voteforme that was fine when it was an empty town. It is now an established town that is already overpopulated with services that can't cope. There isn't enough housing for the people already here, industry has fled the area and everywhere is being left to rot . It's not an overflow for London. The origins are no longer valid, it's crazy to use a town bursting at the seams for London overspill. Particularly when it's continually sending people with poor or no prospects. That screams of social cleansing. The town is broken and no longer even remotely represents the original purpose

2023-12-20 22:51:54

T.Rootsey, I'm glad to hear some have their senses about "Sir" Keir given it seems we are on track for a huge Labour majority. I understand people being justifiably sick of the useless Tories. But the answer is not to give Labour five years of carte blanche control of the country. People must look into alternative parties! We cannot keep plodding along with these two parties who do nothing but stand aside and do nothing to fulfill the wishes of British constituents.

2023-12-20 23:39:16

There is an all up election next year, we could get together 33 independents and get rid of these politicians of both parties who profess to work for Harlow but do not. All we need is a mix of people across every aspect of life as we would have a great council.

2023-12-21 00:08:40

People that are classed as homeless may have just been unable to keep up with their mortgage payments due to the cost of living crisis and have ended up in an impossible situation through no fault of their own. A lot of people in temporary housing these days have jobs and children in schools local to them, so moving them away from their area may cause them to lose the jobs they have. I hope they can find a solution whereby Newham people can remain in their own community as there is sod all here for them or for us.

Embarrassed local
2023-12-21 00:16:18

I recently watched the ‘livestream’ of the council meeting, how embarrassing it was! All they do is point out what they feel the others messed up in ‘the past’. Little Dan pointing out what a good job he’s done getting some new signs put up around town, then we get yet another devastating article like this! Brand new apartments near a rail station being given to homeless people who don’t really need to be near a station?! The people of any value will probably now flee this town and leave Harlow with the ones who other councils have moved on behind, that’s what you’ll be left with Dan! How about something for the people who pay the council tax and not just some new signs and slagging off the other parties.

2023-12-21 07:45:56

Seems like we got a long way to go to be the BEST Town in Great Britain.

2023-12-21 07:52:29

First thing you will see as you enter Harlow. It's either corrupt or stupidity.

2023-12-21 09:43:32

So when did Harlow become apart of London

Tony Edwards
2023-12-21 10:06:20

1. in 2016 Harlow's Councillors opposed this development and refused planning permission. The developers won an appeal and planning permission was eventually granted in 2018. Costs were granted against the Council. 2. Harlow Council are currently disputing the assertion by Newham that they were given an option by the developers to purchase the property. 3. With regard to the frequently repeated assertion by Cllr Leppard that the previous administration turned down an opportunity to buy Terminus House for £1,00p. Will he please either provide the collaborative evidence or retract his statement?

Kim Oconnor
2023-12-21 11:22:54

Correct, Tony Edwards.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-21 12:38:11

In response to Adam, the Harlow Alliance Party was set up almost six years ago, members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in both the private and public sector. Despite what many people think, being a Councillor is both difficult and time consuming work, with little thanks. We are not of course wedded to Parties at Westminster and welcome new members and those willing to stand for election. Unless people stand up to be counted we will just get more of the same for the next four years. I invite everyone to take a look at our website.

2023-12-21 12:48:44

Its a matter of time before we have riots in Harlow. LoL!!! Just saying.

Mr Grumpy
2023-12-21 15:17:39

I moved from Newham many years ago. Looks like it's time to move again :(

Bruce Downey
2023-12-21 15:41:37

Harlow Alliance Party, just makes up the numbers.. no-hopers.. wasted vote 🚮 far left outfit, alliance with the looney Greens.

2023-12-21 16:33:41

This should not be allowed and Harlow council should put a stop to this. Where is the promise that has been made by the council Harlow homes for Harlow residents what a joke. Keep the Newham residents in Newham and look for another site to house them.

I want to leave
2023-12-21 16:39:15

I don't want to be here anymore - this town has become a joke and a cesspit of undesirables

Nicholas Taylor
2023-12-21 17:29:46

Bruce, HAP a far left outfit? It shows just how out of touch you are, you simply could not be further from the truth as anyone who knows us could tell you. We are a growing group of people who have come from across the political spectrum who put the people of Harlow and common sense first, unlike the main political parties who have to toe the political dogma of their masters at Westminster. We are happy to give credit to the main Parties where it is due as seen on these pages but the fact is, housing policies from both main Parties since the late 1970's have contributed to the crisis now facing this country, 139,000 families living in temporary accommodation whilst hundreds of thousands of homes remain empty, bought by overseas investors and thousands more used as second homes. Voting Labour or Conservative next time round just means more of the same., which in Harlow's case could see more flat blocks being built in the Town Centre being bought by other councils.

2023-12-21 17:56:57

Stop Moaning,yea you are right when you say we have already got all these problems in Harlow,because look at the people here now. Yea some wrongums were born and bred in Harlow,but a bloody lot of criminals living here now come from everywhere but Harlow.

keeley stringer
2023-12-21 18:00:34

this town has become one big joke shop , no one gives two effs about born n bred anymore , including the non repair of the very dangerous paths we walk on , poxy discrace , shame on whoever is responsible !!!!

2023-12-21 19:08:28

I have got a nephew who was born in Harlow and has been here for many years and never left,him and his harlow born and bred partner and their 2 young children have recently moved into a 2 bed 3rd floor flat in Harlow that was given by Harlow council,yet i know of many outsiders that have been living here a few years and have 1 child and they have been given a 2 bedroom house,yes a house with a garden and a front lawn. My nephew and his partner have 2 children 3rd floor flat,no garden or front lawn obviously and harlow born and bred. How on earth can that be right??? It cant.what an absolute disgrace. HARLOW HOUSES WITH GARDENS FOR HARLOW PEOPLE BORN AND BRED!!!!!

2023-12-21 19:30:57

very sad for the town,if this is allowed to happen

2023-12-21 20:33:53

No wonder this town is going to the dogs. Absolutely disgusting. What about putting Harlow residents first for a change!!!

Chris J
2023-12-21 23:30:41

This is an out of season April fools joke right?

Rob J
2024-01-05 10:58:35

'Harlow Council, initially given the option to purchase the development, decided not to proceed with the acquisition. This has paved the way for Newham Council to step in and take over the project.' Why hasn't Robert Halfon spoken up about this? His silence is deafening. I suspect he'll do the chicken run to a safe Tory seat somewhere before the next election as the Tories will be wiped out here if this goes through.

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