Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes “cost of living beating boost for pensioners”

News / Thu 21st Dec 2023 at 08:21am

HARLOW’S Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, has welcomed the arrival of the Winter Fuel Payments and Pensioner Cost of Living Payments for pensioner households in Harlow, worth up to £600, as part of the Conservative Government’s record £104 billion cost of living support package.

Over the past month, around 11.9 million payments totalling more than £4.8 billion have been made to pensioners across the UK. This means that more than 99 percent of eligible pensioners have now received up to £600 per household to help with their energy bill this Christmas for the second year running as the Conservative Government continues to target support at those most in need.

The payments build on the Conservative Government’s commitment to supporting pensioners and ensuring dignity in retirement. Following this year’s record 10.1 per cent increase to the State Pension, it will increase again by 8.5 per cent from April 2024, in line with earnings – bringing the New State Pension to over £11,500 a year, an increase of more than £900.

Further support has also been made available for vulnerable households this winter. Low-income households are receiving Cost of Living Payments worth £900 during 2023-24, and nearly three million low-income households are eligible for a £150 rebate on their winter electricity bills through the Warm Home Discount. The Cold Weather Payment has also now come into effect providing eligible households an extra £25 a week when the temperature drops below zero degrees for more than seven days.

Thanks to the difficult decisions taken by this Conservative Government to deliver on the Prime Minister’s priorities, the economy has turned a corner with inflation halved and debt on track to fall. 

The Conservative Government is now focusing on taking the long-term decisions required to strengthen our economy while continuing to support the most vulnerable across the country.

Welcoming the announcement, Mr Halfon said, “The Conservative Government took unprecedented action to cushion households across Harlow from the impact of rising prices driven by Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Pensioners in Harlow are already receiving record increases to their State Pension, and these latest payments will make a huge difference to help pensioners with their energy bills and household budgets this Christmas and into next year.

“The Conservative Government has delivered on its commitment to halve inflation by the end of the year, which is the best way to put more money in the pockets of hard-working people, and rightly continues to take the long-term decisions to support pensioners.”

Announcing this latest package of support, Mel Stride, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, commented: “Today shows we have honoured our commitment to protect pensioners throughout the cold winter months by paying out £4.8 billion of direct support in a matter of days.

“As well as getting this vital money to millions of pensioners, we have fulfilled our pledge to halve inflation and boosted the State Pension through the Triple Lock to ensure pensioners are supported after a lifetime of work.”

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7 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes “cost of living beating boost for pensioners”:

2023-12-21 09:14:35

Halfon, your time is up. You have been a part of a government that has seen a huge fall in living standards for most people over the last 13 years, while enriching the already very rich and diverting public funds to Conservative cronies and dodgy donors. Sticking plaster gestures like this won't save you when the general election is finally called.

2023-12-21 11:09:21

More smoke and mirrors, because we saved a bit and recieve a decent pension personal allowances have not been raised so we are paying back all the money in increased tax.

Everyone needs help
2023-12-21 13:13:48

I understand pensioners got this help, however they’re not the only ones who need help. Every single person is vulnerable, everyone needs help with their electric bills, people choosing whether to put the heating on or eat food, that’s not how anyone should live, and honestly this government needs to get a grip, time for a change but then again voting for labour is just as bad.

2023-12-22 13:38:35

The increase in pension was still below inflation and also the freeze on tax threshold levels means more pensioners are dragged into the tax paying bracket or if they are already paying tax then they will pay more. Does Halfon agree with this invisible tax or like on most important issues is his silence deafening

Luke Burton
2023-12-22 19:49:36

Where's my bonus as a higher rate taxpayer?

2023-12-22 23:55:30

Luke you just get to keep on being milked, the retried Boomer generation who have all the wealth and pensions in the country thank you for it. They get to experience something most of us never will, unless you work in the public sector.

Luke Burton
2023-12-23 23:30:19

You are 100% correct, Adam.

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