Government “U-Turn” on salary threshold for family visa

News / Fri 22nd Dec 2023 at 06:26am

THE government has rowed back on plans to hike the salary needed to bring family members to the UK to £38,700 next spring reports the BBC.

The increase – from the current level of £18,600 – was announced earlier this month as part of a plan to lower legal migration. 

But the new threshold will initially be set at £29,000, with further increases at unspecified dates thereafter.

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9 Comments for Government “U-Turn” on salary threshold for family visa:

gary roberts
2023-12-22 10:11:25

How many U-turns is that in the last 13 years? The reasons for doing it is clear: it would destroy social care and the NHS. Another area these incompetents and liars have messed up badly.

2023-12-22 11:09:03

Useless absolutely useless. They have no spine

2023-12-22 14:51:18

The Conservative Party clearly have no intention of controlling immigration or stopping the invasion of illegal economic migrants coming to the UK.

Dan Long
2023-12-22 20:52:14

It is not legal migration when need to be worrying about, itvis illegal migrants we should be concentrating on. It is illegal migrants that cost us hard working tax payers and the NHS the most. Plus puts pressure on our under pressure housing problems. Britain,including Harlow, does not have a housing crisis,it has a out of control immigrants crisis. The Truth hurts.

2023-12-22 22:04:36

Spot on Dan, however people can't handle the truth, it's time to change our political map and stop the merry-go-round of labour/Tories

David Forman
2023-12-23 05:07:48

Gary Roberts is spot on about the NHS and social care. Also, Harvard Business School research from 2012 showed "that immigrants were more likely to start businesses than members of the native population in most of the 69 countries surveyed. In the United States, where 13.7% of the population is foreign-born, immigrants represent 20.2% of the self-employed workforce and 25% of startup founders. And according to a 2018 study by the National Foundation for American Policy, immigrants founded or cofounded 55% of the United States’ billion-dollar companies — so-called unicorns." So, possibly some envy from the indigenous lazy bas@*#ds who prefer to do as little as possible at work and those who never aspire to be anything more than a wage slave.

David Forman
2023-12-23 05:09:26

Link to Harvard Business School article titled 'Research: Why Immigrants Are More Likely to Become Entrepreneurs' at https://hbr.org/2021/08/research-why-immigrants-are-more-likely-to-become-entrepreneurs

David Forman
2023-12-23 05:30:38

For Dan Long's benefit, University College London research article from 2022 says: "immigrants to the UK arriving between 2000 and 2011 were 45% less likely to be on benefits or tax credits than UK natives, and 3% less likely to live in social housing. European Economic Area (EEA) immigrants contributed 34% more in taxes than they received as benefits, while UK natives’ tax payments over the same period were 11% lower than the hand-outs they received. Later work by CReAM calculated that the net fiscal contribution of immigrants from the post-2004 EU accession states (such as Poland) arriving between 2000 and 2011 was £5 billion, while recent immigrants from the rest of the EU contributed £15 billion. Non-EU immigrants also boosted the public purse by £5 billion overall. In contrast, UK natives’ contribution was negative, costing almost £617 billion." See UCL at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/impact/case-studies/2022/apr/evidence-proves-true-effect-immigration-uk

2023-12-23 12:12:43

are you serious dan long , net migration is around 720,000 was around 300,000 when brexit vote was announced and yes there is thousands on the housing waiting lists so saying we dont have a housing problem is stupid, we clearly do.

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