Recycling electrical goods could be done at kerbside and drop-off points in shops

News / Thu 28th Dec 2023 at 07:58am

KERBSIDE collections for small electrical goods such as toasters and hairdryers could be rolled out across the UK from 2026 under government proposals to boost recycling reports the BBC.

Ministers are also considering drop-off points in shops where households can recycle unwanted items for free.

And retailers would also be made to pick up unwanted or broken larger electrical items such as fridges when delivering replacements.

A 10-week consultation is taking place. 

Home collections would not require any extra bins, the government said, adding the cost of the pick-ups would be financed by the producers of electrical items and not fall on taxpayers.

Recycling minister Robbie Moore said the plans would ensure goods avoid being needlessly thrown away.

“Every year millions of household electricals across the UK end up in the bin rather than being correctly recycled or reused,” he said.

“This is a sheer waste of our natural resources and has to stop.”

He added the level of household waste produced over the Christmas period highlighted the need for change.

Around 500 tonnes of fairy lights are discarded every year in the UK, according to government estimates.

A further 155,000 tonnes of smaller household electricals such as cables, toasters, kettles and power tools are wrongly thrown away each year.

The government will also consult on ensuring vape suppliers fund collections of single-use products to avoid them ending up in landfill, although this will not necessarily see them entirely recycled.

Nearly five million vapes are now thrown away every week – almost four times higher than last year, it said.

The Environmental Services Association’s executive director welcomed the plans, saying it could make it “simpler and more convenient” for households to recycle waste electrics at home.

Jacob Hayler added: “On behalf of those operating recycling centres and kerbside collection services, we welcome the opportunity to contribute through consultation and help create an effective system that delivers on its intended outcomes and works, not just for householders, but for obligated producers and retailers too.”

The range of measures are proposed within the joint UK government, Scottish government, Welsh government and Northern Ireland Executive consultation.

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2023-12-28 09:08:48

How about ALL electrical goods, including those containing hazardous materials like flourescent tubes and radioactive smoke alarms. Such a good idea they should extend it to all household waste, like how about something completely novel like a heavy squad that picked up old furniture for free.. Can't think why it's not been thought of before people would really appreciate it. Lots of other new ideas like deposits on glass bottles...

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