Female police officer stabbed, another assaulted after attack in Sumners

Crime / Fri 29th Dec 2023 at 07:29pm

Update: Statement from Essex Police

A man has been arrested as part of our response to an incident in Harlow during which an Essex Police officer sustained an injury. 

We were called to concerns for the welfare of a man in Hull Grove, shortly after 5.45pm.

Officers arrived and engaged with a man at the scene who was making threats whilst armed with a knife.

During that engagement, a female officer sustained a wound to her head.

Thankfully, the wound is not life-threatening or life-changing.

She was taken to hospital immediately for treatment and has thankfully since been discharged.

She is being supported by peers as well as senior officers. Her welfare remains paramount, and that support will continue in the coming days and weeks as she needs.

A second female officer was also the victim of an assault. Thankfully, she did not require hospital treatment and she too is being supported by the force.

A man was arrested on suspicion of GBH. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Hooper, Essex Police Gold Commander, said: “Sustaining a serious injury whilst on duty is never, ever, ‘just part of the job’ of a police officer.

“This officer attended an incident, as hundreds of officers across Essex do each and every day, and was presented with the threat of serious violence. Whilst the vast majority of people would do the opposite, she and her fellow officer approached the man to deal with that threat to ensure the safety of members of the public.

“Thankfully, the officer was quickly taken to hospital for treatment has since been discharged.

“This incident will no doubt have an acute impact on the officer, those close to her at home and those who work alongside her every day. It will also impact the thousands of officers across our force who step forward to do this job, who are on duty now as I speak or who will return to duty tomorrow and over the New Year’s weekend.

“Essex Police is a family force and we pull together at all times to help our colleagues and we will continue to do so in the coming days and weeks after this incident.”

POLICE have sealed off an area of Sumners after an alleged incident.

Police have been in attendance at just after 6.30pm (approx).

The area in question is Hull Grove.

A number of uniformed officers are at a property with one guarding the front door.

Plain clothes officers are also in attendance.

YH has requested more information from the police press office.

More follows.

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2 Comments for Female police officer stabbed, another assaulted after attack in Sumners:

Luke Burton
2023-12-30 16:19:32

Agree with you, Adam. No excuse for assaulting a police officer or an innocent member of the public.

2023-12-30 18:31:18

We do NOT want armed forces as police. I have seen them with severe anger, mental & combat issues. Does not work. This is from first hand experience.