Former Harlow UKIP councillor welcomes news that Wetherspoons boss receives knighthood in New Years Honours

Business / Sat 30th Dec 2023 at 12:22pm

A FORMER Harlow councillor has welcomed the news that Tim Martin, the founder of the Wetherspoon pub chain, has been knighted in the New Years Honours

The Brexit campaigner has been recognised for his services to hospitality and culture.

Dan Long, who was UKIP councillor for Bush Fair between 2014 and 2018 met Mr Martin in 2016, outside, believe it or not, Wetherspoons in Harlow.

Mr Long said: “I am pleased for Sir Tim Martin for receiving his knighthood because he was a through and through Brexit campaigner.

Plus his chain of pubs offered a great service and good value for families.

“And before anyone tries to say that It was Sir Tim Martin who threatened to sack his staff when we had the pandemic, well they need to get their facts right.

“Once again, a big congratulations to Sir Tim Martin”.

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13 Comments for Former Harlow UKIP councillor welcomes news that Wetherspoons boss receives knighthood in New Years Honours:

2023-12-30 13:01:32

Thousands of jobs created, billions paid in taxes he should be knighted.

Dan Long
2023-12-30 14:46:59

We said Adam.

Stuart Crook
2023-12-30 15:12:34

Last couple of times I visited the Wetherspoon in Bishops stortford they had no Guinness Tell him to sort it out

2023-12-30 21:56:39

Wetherspoons employes over 40,000 people has saved many historic buildings from destruction and over the last 10 years it's contributed almost £6 Billion in taxes, well done Sir

Stephen Archer
2023-12-31 10:25:25

I must confess I thought this was a joke at first. The British Food and Drink Federation said Brexit caused a "disastrous" decline in exports to the EU, and called for additional support to address trade barriers and labour shortages. Tim Martin closed 11 pubs this year, with another 35 earmarked for closure. Leaving the EU has put a trade barrier in the Irish Sea, annoying the Irish (and hence the Americans) the Unionists and a lot of Brits, because now the final arbiter on trade issues between two parts of the United Kingdom is actually the European Court of Justice. How is that taking back control? Britain is the only country ever to have erected trade barriers with its biggest trading partner, making its exports more expensive and less competitive (somewhat eased by the decline in the value of the pound due to Brexit) and made imports more expensive as well - exacerbated by the decline of the pound. How does that make for "the easiest trade deals in history"? Britain is a European country, but having left the EU, now seeks to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership, ignoring the fact that we face the Atlantic not the Pacific. But its not a joke. The Government OBR estimates joining the CPTTP will add 0.04% to UK GDP over the next 15 years, while Brexit will shrink it by 4%, starting now. That's one hundred times as much! Leaving the EU has only succeeded in making us poorer and diminished in the eyes of the world - and it's yielded no benefits but caused many problems. So desperate is the government to show some advantages of leaving they've trumpeted selling wine in pint measures as an advantage (its not, no-one cares). Was this Sir Tim's idea? Is that worth his knighthood? I asked for a pint bottle of wine in Wetherspoons, they hadn't got any. So asked for a pint from the tap in a pint glass and they couldn't serve it. If in 2016 Vote Leave had promoted selling wine by the pint as a Brexit Freedom, it would have been met with derision. If they'd been honest and said by 2024 it would probably be the ONLY benefit anyone would notice, Remain would have smashed it. But well done Sir Tim, you've given us all a laugh. It was a joke wasn't it?

2023-12-31 11:08:11

Stephen you obviously missed the report by PWC that shows the UK is set to out perform both France and Germany in 2024, in fact figures released by the ONS in September showed that the UK had outperformed the economies of France and Germany, As Germany teeters on the brink of recession House prices across the country have also suffered double-digit declines. Problems have been compounded by a slow transition away from cheap Russian gas, which analysts believe will continue to hold back Germany’s recovery next year. You can spend the rest of your life being negative or embrace change and be part of a country free of ridiculous EU rules, and able to negotiate trade deals with whoever we like rather than restricted to just the EU Economists at UBS anticipate growth of 0.5pc next year for the eurozone’s largest economy, followed by a modest acceleration of 0.8pc in 2025.By contrast, the UK will grow by 0.6pc in 2024 and by 1.5pc the year after.

martin harvey
2023-12-31 11:23:59

UKIP with the support of many good business entrepreneurs such as Sir Tim Martin, did demonstrate the benefits of being an Independent self governing Nation by winning the Referendum to leave the EU. Sadly the Conservatives have squandered the opportunity and failed to implement the legislation to enact our Independence. The people of Harlow are the ones to decide how we are governed, not the EU, so, UKIP is now back in Harlow to fight elections and return our power to our own Government, both here in Harlow and to our Great Nation. Martin Harvey UKIP spokesman.

2023-12-31 12:29:07

Pedro you obviously weren't educated to know that plagiarism is cheating - Don't tell Stephen that he obviously missed something when you are cheating by cutting and pasting directly from The Daily Telegraph - Bad form Pedro - Bad form!

2023-12-31 14:29:05

Absolutely agree, very worthy recipient too many getting knighted for such little reason, ie Lewis Hamilton and many more with longer service to their profession and charity work! Well Done Tim

Dan Long
2023-12-31 15:06:42

Well said Martin and Nick.

Stephen Archer
2023-12-31 17:33:29

Pedro, I am aware of the PwC report entitled The World in 2050. I suggest you read it. Frankly I don't care too much if this country is a little bit better off or a bit worse off as a result of Brexit. We are European and share a common European heritage. We should in my opinion be at Europe's top table with our European friends in making the rules for the good governance of the European continent and its peoples. While I accept we have left the EU and that we will not be re joining soon if at all, I don't accept that precludes building a better working relationship with our former partners. Regarding your comment about negativity, I am in fact full of optimism that 2024 will finally see the end of this truly dreadful Conservative government, and that we will at last be able to make a start on the long road to recovery. Happy New Year!

2023-12-31 17:50:55

Cronyism at its most blatant.... apparently a knighthood only costs 50 grand in party donations now....cheap! Gawd knows what that kipper gets out of it though apart from a photo op, or is he in the Reform party now? They've had fifty grand off Martin as well.

The Leopard
2024-01-07 01:42:05

Cheers! Dan, the UKIP you belonged to, and which Tim Martin supported, ceased to exist years ago. What's left is pitiful. It exists for an entirely different purpose, little do with politics and everything to with what folds. Reform is the real deal.

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