New animation, Apple-y Ever After, to raise awareness of food waste

Health / Sat 30th Dec 2023 at 11:49am

LOVE Essex’s new animation shows how an apple can be given a second chance at its apple-y ever after.

Love Essex has teamed up with Essex-based production company Deadline Communications to create a new short film drawing attention to the problem of food waste.

The film has been released just before the festive period, when consumption and food waste spike.

The story, titled Apple-y Ever After, ties in with a separate production, What a Waste!, which was released earlier this year. The humorous films are a unique mix of live-action puppeteering and hand-drawn animation.

The story follows an idealistic apple – who wants to be eaten to fulfil his destiny. In the first film, What a Waste!, Apple is thrown into a general waste bin. In the sequel, Apple-y Ever After, he gets a second chance and is put to good use.

UK homes produce around 6.6 million tonnes of food waste each year. This accounts for 25 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, 5.4% of the UK’s overall emissions and enough to fill Wembley Stadium to the brim eight times over.

Councillor Peter Schwier, Climate Czar and Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste Reduction and Recycling, said: “If disposed of in landfill, food waste contributes to climate change. The council and its partners are always looking for new ways to inspire and support residents to reduce waste.

“We hope these fun and informative films will encourage more Essex residents to make the most of their food by trying out some leftover recipes.”

Film director Simon J Frith said: “With so much food being wasted and contributing to global warming, something has to be done. Hopefully the adventures of ‘Apple’ and his fruit and veg friends will help highlight an issue that is easy to fix – if we all do our part.

“The characters in our films are all fruit and veg as these are the most wasted food items, along with meat, dairy and bread. The whole Deadline team was keen to get involved in such an important, educational project.

“For Apple-y Ever After, we shot everything in a day, but animating the faces took another month.”

The two videos mark the launch and the conclusion of the Love Essex, Love Food campaign, dedicated to reducing food waste in Essex.

Throughout 2023, residents were invited to pledge to take small, practical steps to reduce food waste. Many participants recognised that actions such as making meal plans, following a shopping list and reusing leftovers helped them save food and money.

The release of the Apple-y ever after video is an invite for everyone, including younger generations, to stop and think of alternatives, before getting rid of food that could still be eaten.


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2023-12-30 13:27:35

Yet more council tax spaffed away. No wonder we have the highest taxes going there is an entire strata of people with no real skills in the public / third sector who need to be fired. Local government should empty the bins and fix the roads and that is about it we do not need thier help or education.

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