Junior doctors walk out at PAH in longest ever strike

News / Wed 3rd Jan 2024 at 07:34am

JUNIOR doctors at Princess Alexandra Hospital began their latest strike at 7am today (Wed Jan 3rd)

The British Medical Association has given notice that they will be on strike for six days from 7am on Wednesday January 3 to 7am on Tuesday, January 9.

NHS trust bosses at the Harlow hospital warn there are “significantly fewer” medics on duty and there will be disruption to services as a result.

A spokesperson said: “Although we are working as hard as we can to minimise this as far as possible, some appointments, procedures and operations will be affected. We will be adjusting our services and the way we staff them to ensure quality of care.

“Please only come to the emergency department if you have a serious or life-threatening illness or injury. Otherwise, please call 111 for advice about which service is best for your needs. This may include your GP, pharmacy (including Harlow Pharmacy, adjacent to the hospital) or urgent treatment centre – you can read more here >

“You can continue to access care from maternity services and critical services for our inpatients.

“Those in less urgent need of care can expect to experience longer waiting times than normal.

“You will be contacted if your appointment needs to be changed. Please continue to come forward for the care you need, unless you have been told that your appointment has been cancelled.”

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8 Comments for Junior doctors walk out at PAH in longest ever strike:

David Forman
2024-01-03 08:44:14

The doctors deserve a decent pay rise. Even the Republic of Ireland pay their doctors better than England. The Tories want to run the NHS into the ground to encourage people to go private.

gary roberts
2024-01-03 09:02:25

I am awaiting a procedure, but I support the "junior" doctors in their attempt to get a good pay and conditions agreement from this disgraceful government. I would stand on their picket line if I was able because the NHS is too important for this country and its people. Starmer should also be on their picket line given he became leader of the Labour party on the strength of that pledge. He wont of course because all his pledges to his membership have been filed in the bin.

2024-01-03 12:58:56

Do the work you ALREADY get payed Handsomely for.....its A Vocation they say... No just squeezing more and more from Taxpayers.....Take a look sometime of the wage brackets in the NHS and you will be stunned.

2024-01-03 13:40:42

Utterly appalling, they get good pay and conditions. The country destroyed itself and inflicted major long term damage to protect the NHS during the so called pandemic (it was in reality a mass hysteria). This is how they repay the country by demanding more money. Honestly I would fire the lot of them and revoke thier medical degrees.

Sharon Watts
2024-01-03 15:55:35

It’s crazy how footballers/ other sportsmen or women get payed more than our essential workers!! When will they get a decent pay rise?? It has never been their fault when it comes to waiting times for checkups, surgeries etc. Imagine the stress they’re under!!

Guy Flegman
2024-01-03 16:29:43

Who would spend years and a lot of money training to be a doctor, when you can earn more being a manager in a hospital. . I have noticed over the last 20-30 years that the people with the skills and the talent in our society have been financially left behind while pen pushers get ever bigger salaries. As a result people are not training and leaving the skilled professions we need, which in part is a lot to do with some of the problems when have as a society. For example we have a housing crisis, but even if the money and planning was in place we still would not be able to build the housing due to the fact so many people are leaving the building trade.

Luke Burton
2024-01-04 10:20:13

Good pay and conditions? I don't think so. Doing work experience at hospital put me off purusuing Medicine despite having the top grades and mock UKCAT & BMAT scores to do so. Now I'm in a far more comfortable and high paying job and glad I never studied Medicine!

2024-01-04 20:39:55

I've always found striking to be an oxymoron. Striking to get more money by not working and losing money. Did any of them read their terms and conditions of pay and hours when they accepted the job? Why would accept a job when the first thing you do is go on strike.

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