Energy firms allowed to restart force-fitting prepayment meters

News / Mon 8th Jan 2024 at 03:44pm

ENERGY companies have been granted approval to resume force-fitting prepayment meters in people’s homes nearly a year after it was suspended reports the BBC.

EDF, Octopus and Scottish Power can install the meters again after meeting various requirements set by Ofgem, the industry regulator.

For years, energy companies were able to force-fit meters into homes when bills went unpaid.

But agents for British Gas were exposed installing them inappropriately.

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5 Comments for Energy firms allowed to restart force-fitting prepayment meters:

Luke Burton
2024-01-08 21:11:02

Who does Ofgem work for, exactly? Their mission seems to be to inflict misery on ordinary people and raise prices to protect failing/bankrupt energy providers.

2024-01-09 08:33:55

Would be better if these fat cat energy companies, who have failed to deliver cheap energy (who once boasted that with nuclear power energy would be so cheap it would be free) fitted solar panels and heat pumps rather than than meters. This would actually solve the problem rather than forcing the poorest in our society to feed their bloated greedy profits, foreign speculators and overpaid directors. People before profits.

2024-01-09 08:37:55

Almost as bad as the Post Office. Privatisation holds up progress because these companies are only interested in what yields the greatest profit not what's best for the environment, people and the company.

2024-01-09 08:52:24

# opps "country" not "company "

David Forman
2024-01-09 10:34:04

It's worth remembering home insulation. For many years Harlow Labour Party were in charge of our council and built hundreds of homes with single-skinned walls. Then, with their project for council homes to achieve Decent Homes standard by 2015, they externally insulated these homes. Harlow Labour had the brass neck to pat themselves on the back for correcting their own short sighted penny pinching. See story at https://www.sse.com/news-and-views/2014/03/harlow-homes-get-eco-boost/

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