Harlow Labour look to a very busy 2024

News / Thu 11th Jan 2024 at 09:53am

HARLOW Labour councillors would like to wish all residents a very Happy New Year. 
2024 is going to be a big election year for Harlow. 

A spokesperson said: “A General Election will bring the opportunity to not only elect Chris Vince as the Labour MP for Harlow but also to elect a Labour Government. This will be the kickstart needed to restore the abundance of services, like the NHS and Education, that have been decimated by 13 years of Tory austerity and economic failure.

2024 is also a big year for Harlow Council elections. All 33 Council seats are up for election this year as a result of boundary changes to your wards. A Labour run council will start from the principle of ‘getting the basics right’. We’ll deliver more council housing, better services, better response times to repairs, investment in the essentials that matter to you.

Your Labour Councillors and Labour members are already out on the doors several times each and every week all year round, not just at election time, listening to you to find out what you really want for our town. Over the coming months we will be redoubling that effort to speak to as many of you as possible, to share our ideas for the future and to hear your views.

We know it’s cold, wet and a bit gloomy at this time of year so let’s sign off for now with a bright and cheery piece of news to get us all in the mood for summer. 

“If you elect a Labour Council this coming May, we will immediately seek to extend the opening period of the paddling pools and splash parks way beyond the school holidays. They will be opened as early as possible in May this year and even earlier in future years.

“We’ll then keep them open long after the schools return in September so you can all enjoy them with your families and friends for much longer. Now that’s something to look forward to!”

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8 Comments for Harlow Labour look to a very busy 2024:

Crazyhorse 74
2024-01-11 16:00:16

Tax will go right up if labour get in so hopefully they wont!!

Michael Szpakowski
2024-01-11 16:55:24

Maybe they could find time in all that to condemn the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The silence, with the sole honourable exception of Lanie Shears, really is deafening. Do they not really have an opinion on the deaths of over 10,000 children?

2024-01-11 17:37:48

It was Harlow Labour who voted against proposals to hold council elections every 4 years thus saving taxpayers over £70k for each election, even despite some of their own councillors in favour of the motion pressure was applied to ensure the motion did not get passed, Labour have no intention of saving Harlow residents money.

Crazyhorse 74
2024-01-11 17:52:52

Well said pedro.

2024-01-11 17:55:35

I hope we can get some amenities back in Harlow, a music venue like the Square. As the Tories turned it into a carpark.

2024-01-11 18:56:41

Mark correct me if I am wrong but weren't Labour running the council when the Square was shut down, maybe they could have supported it like they do with the playhouse to the tune of over £600k + a year!

gary roberts
2024-01-12 09:02:46

I have just watched BBC Question Time that had an audience of undecided voters. Did anyone suggest they would change their vote after an hour of, lets say, weak and incoherent policy discussions. No. The best answer came from a member of the audience who said Lisa Nandy would be a better leader of the Labour party than Mr. Starmer. I would agree. But put Ms. Angela Rayner in as leader of the Labour party and they could win come May or November.

Dorothy Drake
2024-01-13 15:06:04

I too saw Question Time and none of the undecided audience seemed too impressed by the end. A recent poll showed that only 15% said they would definitely vote Labour. Neither Starmer nor Sunak are very inspiring. Think Nigel Farage could beat them both if he stood. Tories have run out of steam, Labour offer nothing and will only make immigration worse. The Lib/Dems are a protest option at by-elections but not serious and totally woke. Also their leader is now completely discredited with the Post Office scandal. As for the Greens, they are just fruitcakes and hardly serious to deal with threats like Putin and Hamas. I keep an open mind, but on balance, I think a Farage led party would be very popular and get a lot of votes.

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