Harlow MP Robert Halfon issues statement over Post Office scandal

News / Fri 12th Jan 2024 at 09:44am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a statement regarding the investigation into the miscarriages of justice of hundreds of postmasters across the country.

The British Post Office scandal is an extensive series of individual miscarriages of justice which, between 1999 and 2015, saw over 900 subpostmasters prosecuted for theftfalse accounting and fraud when shortfalls at their branches were in fact due to errors of the Post Office‘s Horizon accounting software.


Mr Halfon said: “The Post Office Horizon scandal is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice against those who just wanted to serve their communities.

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s decisive action to bring forward a bill to overturn convictions and deliver compensation quickly to all those affected.

“I stand ready to support anybody in Harlow who I haven’t already heard from who has been impacted by this situation”.

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6 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon issues statement over Post Office scandal:

2024-01-12 09:55:22

How about finding out the root cause of the issue, why were Fujitsu able to produce such a poor system, why did the post office cover this up. There are several very worrying things here outside the quashing of convictions and compensation (which is of course just) the state covered up a major scandal for decades. Why did ministers and MPs etc ignore the issues, this has been well known for a long time now, it should not have taken a TV Drama for action to be taken.

2024-01-12 10:14:02

So this is Government by ITV Drama? Perhaps if there were an ITV drama about an incompetent, failing government clinging on to power and bribing the electorate with "tax cuts" will RH finally support calls for a General Election asap?

Luke Burton
2024-01-12 10:33:22

All well and good you're doing this now - but should have been done long ago. Agree with Adam in that we need to look into the root cause, and perhaps take lessons from this in how public sector procurement is done. There seems to be no recourse to pursue Fujitsu and those in the CS or PO that signed off this system as fit for purpose. When you take delivery of something, be it a building or a piece of software, there are acceptance tests done and somebody accountable signs on the dotted line. What were the requirements and who signed off Horizon?

tony Songest
2024-01-12 14:08:10

Am I correct in thinking that anyone taken into custody by the Police is offered the services of a Duty Solicitor and interviews are taped ? If this procedure is correct why wasn't it followed by the Post Office who are also owned by the Government on behalf of the people of the UK?

Dave Summerville
2024-01-13 09:27:21

Robert has known about this for many years. Shame he did not, with fellow politicians, sort this out many years back. MPs of all parties are there to represent their constituents not the interests of big business and their reputations. Too little too late for those ordinary decent people whose lives have been ruined and those who sadly have passed.

Nick Gunning
2024-01-13 10:06:17

A general election in the offing. Suddenly a flurry of MPs deeply concerned about this scandal; aware, perhaps, that the Rwanda boats scandal is going nowhere and wanting to save their deposits. Sunak the banner immediately runs to a bung of cash as an apology, others come out with the usual expressions of shock etc. All ready to jump on the bandwagon, after aTV show. A government that exists only on TV- finger pointing in 1400k High definition- none saying, "It was my fault. " And their press: it was the DPP who overlooked a scattering of cases out of the 13000+ a year his department dealt with, mainly bright and prosecuted by the Post office! Making Keir Starmer a target reveals how desperate the government has become.

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