New official portrait of King Charles III released for public authorities

History / Wed 17th Jan 2024 at 08:23am

THE Cabinet Office has released a new official portrait of His Majesty The King that will soon hang in public buildings the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

The portrait, taken at Windsor Castle last year by photographer Hugo Burnand shows His Majesty wearing a Royal Navy uniform of an Admiral of the Fleet and official medals and decorations.

A copy of the portrait is being offered to public authorities across the United Kingdom free-of-charge as part of a scheme to celebrate the new reign. 

Applications are open for eligible institutions – including principal Local Authorities, courts, schools, police forces and fire and rescue services – to apply for the new portrait under the scheme. In February, the scheme will be extended to include town, parish and community councils and Ministry of Defence-sponsored cadet forces.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said:

The accession of His Majesty The King marked a new chapter in our national story. 

Displaying this new portrait will serve as a reminder to us all of the example set by our ultimate public servant and I hope as many eligible organisations as possible will wish to continue this proud British tradition and honour our King’s reign.

His Majesty’s accession has marked the beginning of a new reign and the UK Government considers it right that public authorities, as part of the fabric of our nation, have the opportunity to commemorate this moment, strengthen civil pride and reflect the new era in our history.

Official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II are currently on display in many public institutions, and the offering of the new official portrait of His Majesty will enable organisations across the UK to carry on that tradition.

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11 Comments for New official portrait of King Charles III released for public authorities:

2024-01-17 09:35:20

Ahh playing dress up - time to end the monarchy

2024-01-17 11:03:49

Can you get one in a dart board?

2024-01-17 11:06:45

How stupid is one, did one not read we are so short of sailors that we cant sail all our ships. Put him back on one.

Luke Burton
2024-01-17 11:32:10

No wonder why he has a pained expression in that portrait. I would be too with what seems like 10kg of metal dangling from the neck and chest.

Will Murchison
2024-01-17 15:04:55

Usual unpatriotic lefties who hate all our traditions and great history. Need to de-woke this country urgently. You sound like that Corbyn character!

2024-01-17 16:58:18

Will not a leftie and I suspect my libertarian views would have you running for the door. But the royals are so good that Andrew visited Epstein's island where he slept with young girls under age and the rest of them covered it up. They are like the rest of the establishment corrupt to the core and living large of everyone else.

Luke Burton
2024-01-17 18:47:31

Hilarious how even making one side comment about the mass of the King's regalia makes you a leftie... That sort of response seems a bit snowflake like.

2024-01-17 19:10:06

Long live the King of the Greatest country in the world Great Britain… The place everyone wants to come to

2024-01-17 20:08:13

He looks ridiculous and I really can't understand the fawning, bowing and scraping at people who have obscene wealth and privilege by virtue of a bloodline. In this age if we have to have a monarchy it should be stripped back and less, well, mediaeval.

2024-01-22 14:17:41


2024-01-24 15:53:50

So so brave .

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