Over the border: ​County councillor raises concerns over asylum seekers’ accommodation with Home Secretary

Politics / Wed 17th Jan 2024 at 07:17am

ONGAR and Rural county councillor Jaymey McIvor has met with the Home Secretary to discuss his long-running campaign to provide safer alternative accommodation for asylum seekers being housed on a site adjacent to the A414.

Councillor McIvor said after meeting: “I was very grateful to the Home Secretary, James Cleverly MP, for giving me time to express my concerns over the highways safety of the current site.

“There are no pavements and people are walking in the road late at night, some with young children and prams. Many residents and parish councils have expressed their concerns and shared with me examples of near-miss accidents.

“Not only have I been working alongside our Member of Parliament and local authority on this matter, I have also raised it directly with the Leader of Essex County Council, councillor Kevin Bentley, at Corporate Scrutiny.”

Councillor McIvor added: “With the Home Office now in a position to close some of the hotels, thanks to the Government’s progress on reducing illegal immigration, I will continue to make my case for a closure and relocation of the site near Ongar, at the earliest opportunity, on the grounds of safety.

“My residents are compassionate and it is only right we show this compassion by ensuring the safety of anyone Britain seeks to support.

“I’d like to thank all of my residents and council colleagues who have supported me with this work.

“I will make further representations and look forward to hearing back from the Home Office in due course.”

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2024-01-17 16:37:13

But it was good enough for everyone else that stayed there.It is a hotel after all.

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