Labour put pressure on Tory-run Essex County Council over £400,000 payment to blogger during Covid-19 pandemic

Politics / Wed 24th Jan 2024 at 11:33am

MEMBERS of the Essex Labour Group have continued to put the Tory-run Essex County Council over their decision to pay a blogger and internet prankster almost £500,000.

Simon Harris received the money between 2020 and 2023 primarily to run an Essex County Council Facebook page supporting people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The local authority said the cash also paid other people doing similar “activity and campaigning” but went via him for “expediency”.

Mr Harris told the BBC the page reached millions of people during the pandemic.

Labour councillors across the county are continuing to put pressure on the coucil.

Councillor Aidan McGurran is leading the campaign.

Cllr McGurran said: “I think Essex County Council needs to explain who decided these payments should be made and why”.

YourHarlow has contacted the four Conservative councillors who represent Harlow at Essex County Council.

Councillors Eddie Johnson, Clive Souter and Mike Garnett have yet to reply.

Councillor Mike Hardware’s e-mails appear to be bouncing back.

The full story can be seen if you click below.


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6 Comments for Labour put pressure on Tory-run Essex County Council over £400,000 payment to blogger during Covid-19 pandemic:

Julie Taylor
2024-01-24 12:11:49

Whilst I don’t doubt that Simon Harris’s social media did help and Essex County Council has already explained why the payments were made, the question I would like to pose is, why such an exorbitant amount was paid. Even if he posted 7 days a week it does not constitute such a high consultancy fee. It’s been reported that from his fees he paid other people and has been advised not to disclose the details, it is in the public interest to have transparency of those details.

2024-01-24 13:30:36

Just more proof of the utter scam that was covid (it helped connected people loot the treasury) and the corruption that is in the UK. Funny how this came about due to a twitter account who previously exposed the boot strap cook, where is the media investigating and not just reposting press releases. But remember this when your council taxes go up, we are nothing more than free range tax slaves for the political elite. Labour, Libdem, Cons they are all the same

Tim Shaw
2024-01-24 13:35:30

It would certainly be interesting who the others were. Maybe it did make sense to pay 1 person and then have them pay the others. It's the others who need to be named as who knows who they are, who they are related to and surely needs to be transparent.

2024-01-24 13:42:34


2024-01-24 21:52:42

Who was the comedian???????

2024-01-24 22:18:16

A labour supporter at that.

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