Robert Halfon MP celebrates two years of Levelling Up in Essex

News / Tue 30th Jan 2024 at 02:53pm

MEMBER of Parliament for Harlow and the villages, Robert Halfon, is celebrating the second year of Levelling Up in Harlow and across Essex. Working with Harlow Council and Essex County Council, Mr Halfon has pledged to build an even better Harlow, securing funding from the Government for projects to protect, upgrade and improve the town. 

In 2022, Robert secured over £23 million to rebuild Harlow town centre, followed by a further £20 million in 2023 to redevelop College Square and build a new cultural quarter. Work has already started to deliver the Council’s Town Centre Masterplan, transforming Playhouse Square and College Square, delivering new live music and performance spaces, a contemporary bar and cafe to enhance the town’s nightlife, and new high quality housing, as well as upgrades to the Playhouse and a new gallery.

Thanks to £100,000 of investment from Essex County Council, Mr Halfon opened the new Electric Vehicle Training Centre at Harlow College last year. This new facility will offer 50 places for local people to train and upskill to meet the future skills needs of our cars and vans. 155 people have already completed level 2 and level 3 courses. A further £350,000 from Essex County Council has also supported community and mental health projects across Harlow, including Making it Mindful and Essex Outdoors.

Commenting, Mr Halfon said, “I work hard everyday for our town to ensure we secure all the funding that we need to build an even better Harlow. Over the last two years, I have secured over £40 million to transform our town centre. This multi-million pound investment shows the Government’s commitment to build an even better Harlow. 

“Under this Conservative Government, Harlow has had investment like never before, truly worth hundreds of millions. We are regenerating our town for our residents, building an even better Harlow and making it a great place to live, work and grow up.”

Celebrating Levelling Up in Harlow, Council Leader Cllr Dan Swords said,  “Working with Robert Halfon MP, we have secured huge investment from the Government to genuinely transform Harlow’s town centre. This is delivering on our promise to completely rebuild the town centre with our masterplan.

“Work has already started to truly transform our town centre into one that everyone in Harlow can be proud of and I would encourage all residents to see the plans – which have planning permission and contracts awarded – in the Harvey Centre.”

Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Levelling Up, Cllr Louise McKinley, commented, “Since the launch of our Levelling Up Programme two years ago, 68,000 residents across Essex have benefited from the support and investment that we have provided. With free Holiday Activity and Food Camps during the school holidays, targeted literacy schemes and outreach work, a new library and much more, I’m proud to see the positive impact of Levelling Up and look forward to seeing the legacy these projects will create for our residents.”

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16 Comments for Robert Halfon MP celebrates two years of Levelling Up in Essex:

2024-01-30 15:05:40

It's just the same old rubbish, the town centre is continuing to go down hill, a new hospital is still nonexistent, and just about everything that our so called MP claims to have done are pretty much just hot air.

2024-01-30 15:24:07

Lots of good plans. Plenty of demolition. No building or approved plans to do so.

gary roberts
2024-01-30 15:53:35

Did you hear it? What? Mr. Halfon works hard for Harlow. It is as hollow as when he said it in 2010. And Cllr. Swords, well his statement is just a repeat of previous statements or indeed just taken from the archives. In fourteen years nothing has changed for the town. It is just smoke and mirrors with the result that the turnout in May will be the lowest for decades or below 22%.

2024-01-30 16:11:41

We've yet to see any improvement. Where is this levelling up ? And strawberry fair just plan to turn the town centre into unaffordable housing. Hardly benefitting those struggling in Harlow .

2024-01-30 16:45:14

Where is the NEW hospital Harlow was promised, When will the UKHPA move to the pinnacles as promised, when will you stop the small boats crossing the channel as promised,

Nicholas Taylor
2024-01-30 17:10:29

Levelling up to what? Levelling up to where? What criteria is to be used to judge whether the money was spent wisely? How does this help those who cannot afford to go to a theatre or a live music event? This whole programme, spending billions of pounds would have been better spent rather than the austerity programme this Government embarked on during it's 14 years in power. And as for 40 new hospitals, I think I am right in saying that so far just four have been built.

2024-01-30 17:35:15

The money would be better spent making harlow favourable to businesses and industry with skilled well paid work. the younger generations need something to aspire to and hope for the future. There's nothing. It's very very sad.

2024-01-30 18:28:23

Interestingly at a meeting chaired by Michael Gove at the department for Levelling up, Housing and the Communities he has encouraged Local Councils to sell off publicly owned buildings and assets to help make up budget shortfalls, So what do Harlow council propose to sell to plug their shortfalls?

Luke Burton
2024-01-30 20:57:29

Funny man. Record levels of crime in Harlow, record fuel prices, unaffordable rent, dilapidated town centre, road surfaces that make even the moon blush, and record mortgage rates.

peter linden
2024-01-31 06:33:13

Sorry mr halfon the whole of britain is leaved up, everything is rubbish for everyone.. Harlow is falling apart its leveled up to blinking jaywick. ( no offence to jaywick) I watched question time last week the tory man who was put on the panel made england sound like utopia, oh my goodness, what planet is he on. The tory party has broke the country's heart and soul over 13 year's, with its lies, corruption, deceit and most of all its harmful austerity. People are suffering too much, their future's are gone., mental illness, social and economic problems are ruining people's lives. Instead of painting a rosie picture of today's harlow be real its never been in a worse place.

2024-01-31 07:41:26

The Tories have levelled up. We are all skint now

2024-01-31 08:47:50

This was once a lovely town. A great place to bring up a family. Sadly that is no longer the case. Harlow has become a dumping ground for other London boroughs to off load ppl into terminus house. Ex office blocks and now new apartments. We simply do not have the infrastructure to accommodate all these ppl. when people born in Harlow get left on the back burner. Crime has gone up at an alarming rate. It costs the taxpayers a fortune to pay the wages, expenses and bills. To MPs and this Tory Government . Talk is cheap I beg to differ !

2024-01-31 10:59:38

Rob Halfon - waste of space! Chris Vince-proud of Harlow and do-er! Let’s get little walk across to market bulldozed, let spec savers move and get rid of that scruffy polish store somewhere else! Give Gavood Ghadami (holby city) and his family a fair price for odeon and get that side bulldozed too! Give Harlow a new clean modern look to be proud of, we look too much like shitty Stevenage town centre’ Harlow Proud!!!

Kim Oconnor
2024-01-31 11:08:49

I think we have heard all this before.

Guy Flegman
2024-01-31 12:18:01

We have been sold a kipper. It should have been called “levelling down “

Matthew Kirkbride
2024-01-31 19:23:19

Nick, Chris Vince a do-er??? You are joking off course. He and his crew did nothing running the town for a decade. A more incompetent shower is hard to imagine. They did nothing to improve the town centre. Completely Useless!

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