Abuse of councillors and staff putting democracy at risk, say local government groups

News / Mon 5th Feb 2024 at 12:54pm

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ABUSE towards people in local government is getting so severe it is putting democracy at risk, groups representing them have warned reports the BBC.

Examples include harassment, stalking, threats, assault, and even a dead rat being pushed through a letter box.

Some councils have put security plans in place to protect staff.

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6 Comments for Abuse of councillors and staff putting democracy at risk, say local government groups:

2024-02-05 15:45:36

Omg UK!!!! What is going on with this country, such a shame...Everyone at work are abus on a daily basis, shop staff,nhs ,sick people they should be ban for life from entering premises,and not be allows any benefits support or treatment

2024-02-05 16:29:45

I now believe democracy is a lie, an illusion and nothing more than another tool in in the government's tool box to control us. Nothing ever gets done, voting is a joke.

Luke Burton
2024-02-05 23:57:04

This is all very terrible. However, these politicians are the ones that set the tone of the debate. If you do not focus relentlessly on improving people's lives and instead rely on meaningless soundbites, puff pieces, or attack pieces then the environment you get is one where people's default position is that you are all on the take.

2024-02-06 01:47:06

While leaders of the country and towns are allowed to abuse their positions by making obscene amounts of money and breaking rules and laws (as seen continually during covid) and not being held to account, people will continue to be angry. They are not representing the ordinary people so people will grow more unhappy. Shame on government and leaders. Even locally, stories such at £58,000 being spent by local NHS managers. All shocking and adds to the anger. I do not condone abuse but understand where it comes from.

2024-02-06 08:38:33

Maybe local government needs the stop blaming the people and look at it's own. You've only got to look in the comments section of the slinging matches between counsellor puppets on politically sided stories to see. I use the term puppets, not as a derogatory term, but they are simply a face and character of a larger puppet master pulling the strings. That is democracy, an illusion of people control in an audience.

David Forman
2024-02-12 13:11:10

One of their great plans is: "We are urging the government to introduce legislation that would allow a council to proactively withhold councillors' home addresses from the public." The flip side of this is that councillors must register their homes as a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest by law (section 30 of the Localism Act 2011). Failure to do so within 28 days of election to office is a criminal offence (section 34 of Localism Act). How will a member of the public know if their local councillor has obeyed the law if they don't know where they live? See law at: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2011/20/section/30/enacted

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