The state of the NHS in Harlow: Cuts have consequences…..think about that at that the next election..

Politics / Thu 8th Feb 2024 at 02:14pm

Dear Editor,

SOMETHING to think about before the General Election. Sixteen ambulances outside Princess Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday. This has become an everyday issue.

Fourteen years of underfunding and the government’s desire for further privatisation of the NHS has left our NHS in a dire state.

The number of staff vacancies in the last few years has increased leading to more pressure. The reduction in the number of GPs is also relevant as it is so much harder to get a GP appointment, meaning more people go to A&E.

There have also been cuts in the Care sector so there are less spaces in care homes meaning many elderly patients have to stay in hospital longer then they should.

The Government will say that they are funding the NHS properly, but the facts and evidence do not support that.

They will also blame NHS strikes and COVID, but this is just a smokescreen.

I was in A&E in December 2019 before COVID and there were 13 ambulances queuing then.

These problems have been going on for sometime and the government have got to take full responsibility for this.

Cuts have consequences.


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5 Comments for The state of the NHS in Harlow: Cuts have consequences…..think about that at that the next election..:

Hugh jarse
2024-02-08 15:27:29

Do you really think a change of government will cure this?

2024-02-08 18:39:52

The NHS doesn't have a shortage of funds it does have major issues how it spends it's money, Labours Wes Streeting has said Should Labour be elected then the NHS will have doors wide open to the private sector. Be very careful what you wish for!

2024-02-09 13:32:23

Budget cuts has nothing to do with this.my Niece had to go to A&E a few nights ago with breathing difficulties and she has Asthma. Her son called me as he was with her and said that there was about 100 people there and wait time was approximately 25 hours. She was given some treatment and sent back out to the waiting area to have more treatment later, they didn't want her to leave. He told me there was a woman and her mother talking and the woman had a SORE FINGER. There was a young man in builder clothes that had a small area on his leg that had a rash that he kept scratching. Another man was just walking up and down, would go out to smoke and come back and walk around again. Many many more were like this. I used to be a Nurse at PAH some years ago and back then if the situation was like that the Nurse in Charge would declare a Closed hospital and nobody could be brought or seen at A&E. We would go out to the waiting room and look at what could be seen by a GP and send them out and keep the ones that needed attention. Lots of these people the other night were foreign which doesn't help. People treat A&E as a drop in centre and they need to understand what A&E stands for. ACCIDENT, have they had a bad accident that they can't treat themselves or wait to see the emergency Dr next day. EMERGENCY, is it life threatening and are they or could they die from a sore finger, a rash on the leg etc etc. Please people do your homework and understand how to treat yourself at home for minor things and learn some home First Aid skills and understand what can wait. We are going to collapse because of the unnecessary weight of people and then where do you go!

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-10 10:44:21

I think they should bring back the walk in centre s. It took pressure of hospital s, and pharmacy. But of course they cut that. You say cuts have nothing to do with it, but it has everything to do with it. Cuts from all sector's is the reason s we have theses problems, cuts to wages, cuts to people s jobs over years and of course more population. They have not addressed any of theses things. The hospital that we were promised by our own council, time and time again. Now a distant memory to many on this council.

2024-02-10 19:23:56

Kim - you are right. The Walk-In Centre was excellent and worked really well. Why was that cut? Harlow A&E covers such a large area now because other A&E's have been shut. I think there was one shut in the Enfield/Cheshunt area. Another cut. Now people from that area have to come to Harlow too. I think one of the biggest problems is the lack of GP's and the lack of availabilty of GP's. It is so difficult to get GP appointments, nearly impossible in some areas, and that means people will go to A&E even if its not appropriate, because they can't get t see their own Doctor. Why are there so many less GP's now? More cuts!

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