Gilden Park residents and local councillor continues to fight for better conditions

Church Langley and Newhall / Sat 10th Feb 2024 at 12:18pm

THE NEWLY formed Gilden Park Residents Association (GPRA) has joined forces with their local councillor to continue to put pressure on develops for the facilities residents were promised when they moved in.

Last year, we reported that (see below) that housebuilders had agreed to speed up delivery of community facilities following legal action by Harlow Council.

This hasn’t stopped Vicky Burns and others setting up the GPRA in order to deal with a whole host of issues across the new estater.

Thye have been joined by Old Harlow councillor Joel Charles who is continuing to campaign with them and for them.

We went down to Gilden Park to speak to both Vicky and Joel.

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10 Comments for Gilden Park residents and local councillor continues to fight for better conditions:

2024-02-10 17:51:40

What sort of contract was signed between the council and the developers when the overall planning permission was granted for Gilden Park, that they can up sticks and leave once they've sold all of the dwellings, and not build the promised infrastructure? The land on which the school, shops, sports centre and community centre has been put up for sale by the developer consortium. This is absolutely scandalous. These developers should be granted no further planning permission in the UK until they have fulfilled these commitments.

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-10 18:12:35

Developer's running ruff shot over you councils. Needs be laws put in place, needs to be be a lot more in place,about building all theses homes, before infrastructure, Developer's are having there own way far to long, if they don't like something, there throw it to government, where it is passed, overruling councils.. I'd like to add, if you continue to build on wet lands, you will have theses problems, they weren't ment to be built on, this will cause a lot more flooding , chopping trees down left right and centre, and not maintaining new ones, or indeed if new ones have been planted at all. If you continue to cover lands in concrete we will flood.

Barry G
2024-02-10 20:39:49

The roads and landscape is horrendous I’m glad I didn’t buy there… it’s an eyesore

Gary B
2024-02-10 21:52:17

Residents knew what they were buying when moving in.... But complain about things that weren't even in a contract. Promises aren't contracts.

2024-02-11 01:22:54

@Kim Oconnor I agree, developers are arf-ul. It is woof-ul how they get away with it. *They're bound by the laws already in place which are plentiful and *their developments are already controlled and approved by local level planning bodies. The likes of whom are unqualified to make such decisions and are out maneuvered by the private sector developers because of it. The private sector pays a lot of money to highly experienced consultancies to make sure their applications meet local and national planning regulations and requirements. Local planning committees are full of inexperienced and ideologically fueled Council people who think they can win but don't even understand their own rules and town/local plans. This results in the developers having to make a compromise to get anything built and that compromise is never in the publics' favour and it is on the planning department, not the developers that this happens. In answer to your flooding claims. That is quite frankly nonsense. No developer or planning department is allowed to ignore national flooding guidelines and regulations. Beyond that, why would any developer build something rendered valueless by a but of rain? That'd be a complete waste of time and money. It doesn't happen, so you're arguing pure fantasy. Stop making up things to get angry about.

Bruce Downey
2024-02-11 07:45:30

Kimbo-“one trick pony”

Guy Flegman
2024-02-11 10:30:34

The real problem is councils not reading the small print in contracts, or reading it and not understanding the terms or not caring.

Kim Oconnor
2024-02-11 11:49:18

Observer. Who you trying to kid , are you saying developer's never build on flood plains. 🤔 . No developer's, or planning department is allowed to ignore national flooding guidelines. 🙄 sorry but, do you think they really care, they will build them reap the reward and go. All ready there's loads going wrong with theses new buildings, damp, mould, people s balcony s cracking, are you serious. Check the plans, for all new buildings going up around our borders, they were warned about the flood risks. But to no avail. Its just a huge money making machine. And I stand by every word I say, if developer's continue to cover our lands in concrete we will flood, while continuing to cut down thousands of our old tress, where's the water to go. understand this is my view, you do not have to agree with it.. we all entitled to an opinion.... As for Bruce, not worth a comment.

kim smith
2024-02-11 15:23:54

all new builds are rubbish , thrown up quick , paper thin walls , i call them fur coat and no drawers meaning look good on the outside nothing underneath 😀

Keith Elliot
2024-02-13 07:31:40

And all do 50 in the 40 max road to it why no speed cameras,?

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