Stewards Academy teacher banned for inappropriate relationship with pupil

News / Thu 15th Feb 2024 at 07:50am

A TEACHER has been banned from the profession for life after a panel found that he had an inappropriate relationship with a pupil reports the BBC.

Daniel Treamer, 37, was found to have engaged in the relationship while working as an ICT teacher at Stewards Academy Trust in Harlow.

A Teaching Regulation Agency panel said his actions were “incompatible” with being a teacher.

A spokesperson from the academy said: “Safeguarding is our utmost priority.”

The panel heard evidence from a student, Pupil A, about their relationship with Mr Treamer. 

The panel found that for about a month, beginning in February 2020, Mr Treamer talked to Pupil A almost every day on FaceTime or Snapchat, sometimes into the early hours of the morning. 

On one occasion the conversation occurred between approximately 22:00 GMT to 05:00 GMT.

The report said that the panel “concluded that Mr Treamer’s conduct was sexually motivated”, but that “no sexual activity ever took place”. 

Mr Treamer was also found to have been a part of a group chat on Instagram, which included Pupil A and other students, according to the report.

The report stated that on one occasion Mr Treamer had agreed to collect Pupil A from their friend’s house in March 2020, and then drove them to another friend’s house. 

The panel said he had accepted that this relationship was outside of appropriate boundaries between a teacher and a pupil.

There was “limited evidence of regret and remorse” shown by Mr Treamer, even to the allegations he had admitted, according to the panel. It stated that Mr Treamer had tried to “downplay his actions”. 

The report said: “At one stage, Mr Treamer suggested their behaviour was ‘silly on both their parts’.”

It added: “The panel concluded that Mr Treamer had abused his position of trust and his actions caused harm to a pupil. 

“His actions, as found proven, are fundamentally incompatible with his being a teacher.”

The spokesperson from the Stewards Academy Trust said: “When a concern is raised, the academy follow policy without delay, and contact the relevant authorities.” 

The academy added it was “meticulous in ensuring that staff are clear of the expectations of their own conduct”. 

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