Crime statistics in Harlow: Don’t believe the hype?

Crime / Sun 18th Feb 2024 at 07:50pm

AS you may know, the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak came to Harlow on Friday.

His visit was met with a number of press releases from Essex Police and Harlow MP Robert Halfon about how crime is down, record numbers of policing, etc.

In the interests of balance we will publish them.

But we will take this opportunity to once again, go to the crime stats page on the website of the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst and see what they say about unsolved crime in Harlow.

You may also notice that they do not publish crimes that come under the fraud category. Apparently that is really complicated. We repeat. Twenty four years into the 21st century, that is really complicated.

We do have a bee in our bonnet regarding the changing nature of police press releases but we do think that possibly, just possibly, our editor is just getting older and grumpier.

Not so long ago, most press releases were pretty vanilla. A police appeal; a man wanted, a woman missing, a person caught and charged etc.

Now they are a platform for: “specialist detectives”; “quick thinking officers”; “arrived just five minutes after” “exhaustive enquiries by….well you get the picture.

They publish them and sure enough nearly every publication in Essex “prints” them. Not blaming them either. Skeleton staff of inexperienced reporters have to file copy etc. Chartbeat anyone?

We are sure the police will simply say that the press releases are accurate and they are proud of what they do. We would counsel that the over-use of the superlatives details above lessens their impact. Or as Roy Keane says: “But that’s your job!?”

However, others may look at the figures below and question if you have such quick thinking and specialist detectives etc then how come Harlow has 97 of all car thefts left unsolved, 97% of all rape cases left unsolved and 96% of all burglaries in Harlow left unsolved?

You take your choice. Anyway, here is the list of unsolved crimes between Dec 2022 nd Dec 2023.

Crime: Number committed: Number Solved Percentage

Violence without Injury: 1896. 319. 16.8

Stalking and Harassment: 1177 140 11.9

Rape 131 5 3.8

Robbery of Personal Property 114 20 17.5

Burglary Residential 405 16 4.0

Theft of a Vehicle 471 13 2.8

Shoplifting 887 239 26.9

Standard Risk Domestic Abuse 1105 105 9.5

Possession of Weapons 152 95 62.5

Public Order 962 221 23.0


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4 Comments for Crime statistics in Harlow: Don’t believe the hype?:

Ian G
2024-02-19 12:44:31

They are good at drug busts

Ask the questions!
2024-02-19 16:37:29

What fo you expect? 14 years of Tories slashing policing funds, how many coppers was it that Teresa May removed? 22000 if I remember correctly, along with the number of Police stations closed down or now only open part of the day like Harlow: only available to the public 9-5 now. Did the journalist who wrote this piece also look into the number of coppers on Essex police now as compared to pre Teresa May? How many were based at Harlow then as opposed to now? Crimes solved then as opposed to now? Size of a copper's caseload then as opposed to now? That would perhaps go some way to explaining the raw crime stats in the article.

2024-02-19 19:13:45

Wait we have 131 rapes in this town in 12 months, and most are unsolved?

James Gamble
2024-02-21 09:45:02

Council tax used to be fairly simple with two sections County and district elements. Nowadays we have several elements including policing, yet neither County or district element have been lowered. We pay to be policed but the service is not up to standard. There was a time when children had options such as play schemes and after school clubs such as The Grove, all of which kept them off the streets.

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