Residents show “good level of agreement” for Essex’s proposed waste strategy

News / Sat 24th Feb 2024 at 08:29am

A PROPOSED strategy for dealing with Essex’s waste has received a good level of agreement following consultation with thousands of residents.

The draft Waste Strategy for Essex sets out a plan for managing recycling and waste in Essex over the next 30 years.

It has been developed by the Essex Waste Partnership (EWP) comprising Essex’s county, district, city and borough councils.

The strategy sets out a vision to rethink waste and focus on reducing, reusing and recycling more.

Essex County Council launched a 10-week public consultation on behalf of the EWP in September 2023 so residents could have their say on the draft strategy.

The responses of over 4,500 residents have now been independently analysed to show a good level of agreement across all localities on key proposals.

Findings from the report will be used to develop a final version of the Waste Strategy for Essex, with the adoption of the strategy by councils subject to a separate decision. 

Councillor Peter Schwier, Chairman of the Essex Waste Partnership, said: “We are delighted to share the findings of the public consultation on the draft Waste Strategy for Essex. We are also pleased to see there is a good level of agreement among residents across the county.

“It’s clear from the findings what an important topic this is for people living and working in Essex. It’s brilliant to see that people are largely supportive of our ambition to move towards a Circular Economy. This is where finite resources are conserved and used efficiently.

“The consultation feedback, along with other operational factors, will be used to inform the final Waste Strategy for Essex.

“Once finalised, individual councils in the partnership will take decisions about whether to adopt the Waste Strategy for Essex. It will require everyone to play their part in delivering on the targets over the next 30 years.”

The draft consultation findings report is available at https://consultations.essex.gov.uk/rci/waste-strategy-for-essex-consultation/

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