Booking system for Harlow tip to be made permanent

News / Tue 27th Feb 2024 at 08:47am

A BOOKING system for visiting 21 household waste recycling centres in Essex has proved “cost effective” and could soon be made permanent.

Essex County Council introduced a trial period of advance booking in March last year via the Love Essex website.

The council said it received 18,000 responses to a consultation and 58% of car users agreed it should be kept.

It is recommended the council’s cabinet approve the system permanently when it meets on Tuesday.

The council said there had been concerns about flytipping, but no direct link had been identified between the introduction of the booking process and the level of reported rubbish being dumped illegally at roadsides and elsewhere, said the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

A statement from council officers said “the pilot has shown that the booking process is a cost effective way to make optimum use of available capacity across the recycling network to support the needs of the current and growing population of Essex”.

Many other local authorities in England, including neighbouring Suffolk County Council, have retained the booking systems they first introduced during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, although Essex did not introduce one until later.

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6 Comments for Booking system for Harlow tip to be made permanent:

2024-02-27 09:36:49

Yes of course it was, cannot have people just turning up on spec can we. Paves the way for allowing permission to use the dump and tracking. Who serves who between the council and the people

2024-02-27 10:07:31

No increase in fly tipping, pull the other one. If Our worthy representatives got off their backsides and looked over a few hedges and county boarders they'll see the problem has become an industry. The whole policy is about cutting services at the cost of the environment, farmers and other local authorities. There's already dump wars between local authorities that stop people depositing rubbish at their local and nearest dump because it happens to be over a local authority boarder. It's euphemistically called making savings by improving efficiency just the same arguments that make Essex the crumbly school concrete capital of the UK and the decimation of the nhs. Local dumps should take all rubbish and become true recycling & repair centres, where there's muck there's brass. Tory spin. Although must say their election propaganda sheet (more environmentally damaging use of paper) does sum up Harlow Conservatives taking a wrecking ball to Harlow.

2024-02-27 17:40:24

dont need to look very hard to see fly tip its everywhere i agree we need a proper recyle centre it would be nice to see the workers there be more helpful to people instead of the grunt you get when you ask them for help they all stand about talking

2024-02-28 18:24:40


David Forman
2024-02-29 03:24:13

I must admit at first it irritated me having to book, but I've found I have very little waiting time to get into the recycling centre. Also, the centre is not jam-packed with vehicles, which makes it safer to move about the site.

Nogin the nog
2024-02-29 10:47:26

Good idea for weekends and bank holidays but in the week there is hardly eny cars in there

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