Labour councillor lambasts “blameless” Tories

Politics / Tue 27th Feb 2024 at 10:12am

THERE was a lot to get through in last week’s budget meeting at Harlow Council but we thought we would publish a speech by Bush Fair councillor, Kay Morrison.

Cllr Morrison said: “It’s such a pity we’re in a recession. Such a pity about the cost of living crisis. Huge pity about botched, bodged Brexit, the millions handed to cronies during the pandemic.  Yes, it really is a pity about the economy, the NHS, the food banks, the child poverty, crumbling schools, the 14 years of mismanagement. Pity about Liz Truss too……. But none of that seems to be the fault of the Conservatives.

Whose fault is it then? A big boy did it and ran away? Who is the big boy? Can’t all be Boris Johnson’s fault though he certainly made a great big mess….a big irresponsible, dangerous mess but apparently he throws a really good party. Cheers! Alas, there were too many parties and at exactly the wrong time. Poor timing? No, more poor judgement. Shocking, actually.

There’s something badly wrong with tory thinking. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in the business of giveaway budgets, a zero increase in Council Tax, while every other bit of that tax will increase, of course, so it’s still a Council tax increase, unfortunately. It looks desperate, cavalier even…. A sop in the hope that Harlow voters are eejits but we can all see the smoke and mirrors. We can see clearly that Harlow people would really like a helping hand now.

Justifying 7.7% increase in Council rents by explaining plaintively ‘Those boys over there are doing it’ won’t work. They may not be particularly big boys but they’re not actually the same size as you. Harlow people are grappling with different challenges, multiple stresses on their budgets. We know that. We have the facts, provided through committee reports. 

We can be merciful. We can be a decent local authority. We can start to clean up the mess, show a bit of compassion, some honesty, some fairness. The time has come for change

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7 Comments for Labour councillor lambasts “blameless” Tories:

2024-02-27 10:36:57

Compassion??? And Harlow Labour councillors, including Kay Morrison, brazenly voted unanimously against the Council Tax Support Scheme for 6,000 of Harlow's most vulnerable residents. What farce is Harlow Labour!

2024-02-27 11:03:41

Labour are a complete joke! Do they not remember when they were last in office that at the end of their term the chancellor left the keys on the desk with a little note saying! Sorry no money left we have spent it all!!!!! And that’s a fact look it up!

2024-02-27 11:19:48

Will the last person to leave the UK please turn the eco friendly light off. All our politicians on all sides are pointless and hate the average person they just want your tax money and obedience. They are the worst people possible to be in those positions and the game is rigged.

2024-02-27 19:20:43

I think a lot of the problems being encountered by Harlow Labour can be laid at the door of their former colleague, Cllr Mike Danvers. When he left he took all the brain cells with him!! The current Harlow Labour has zero talent and zero credibility.

2024-02-28 09:54:16

Blimey, YH must have been hard up for news stories to publish this whinging drivel.

David Forman
2024-02-29 03:58:49

Alex is correct about former Labour councillor Mike Danvers. Councillor Danvers was indeed the one responsible for Labour's budgets over many years. Momentum's clearout of councillors included others who knew a good deal about budgets. If you watch the current Labour Group in action, you will groan a lot at their superficial questioning of the Tory administration and their failure to produce an alternative budget.

James Leppard
2024-02-29 08:42:02

David Foreman makes a good point regarding previous more able Labour councillors. Finance and the Budget lay at the base for any administration knowing where funds are sourced and what they are spent on. Labour's current approach is cavalier to the point of reckless. Just reading some of the comments of Kay Morrison, it is obvious she done scant research. She fails to under the concept and fundamental importance of benchmarking against peer New Town councils. She dismisses the 7.7% rent increase in the knowledge ( well I assume she has the knowledge) that every single authority in the country is applying the 7.7% increase. Secondly, she fails to state which investments or expenditure would have to be cut if we did not apply the full 7.7% increase. Thirdly, she states that the peer group are larger authorities than Harlow. Yes they are, except Stevenage, but that is not the point. The point is how many council/social houses they have as this determines the amount to be invested in maintenance and repairs. Of course she has not even considered this. Finally, she says the tax freeze is an electoral sop. Again, if she actually troubled to do some background work she would know that this administration made an electoral pledge in 2031 to cut Harlow element of Council Tax and to freeze for the subsequent years. This commitment has been honoured. The whole post is ill-conceived and very sloppy. It highlights that Labour's better people have clearly not been replaced.

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