Harlow Council defend spending over £17,000 on security barrier at new council houses

News / Sat 2nd Mar 2024 at 11:26am

HARLOW Council has defended a decision to spend over £17,000 on a security barriers for some of their new council houses.

The barrier was erected at the front of John Dowdall Close off Tawneys Road in Harlow.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed the barrier cost just over £17,000.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “The barrier was installed as a last resort after several options were considered and after extensive consultation with residents. The new barrier has been successful in stopping persistent nuisance parking, which was affecting the residents of John Dowdell Close.

“On the site there is a large communal parking area with 41 unallocated parking spaces which is for nearby residents to use at any time, and this includes 2 electric vehicle charging points. This car park remains accessible and can be used by anyone.

The barrier is located just after this car park and stops motorists who do not live in John Dowdell Close parking near to the houses. These 32 allocated (2 for each home) spaces, which include 6 electric vehicle charging points, are for John Dowdell Close residents only and were part of the original planning permission approved for the development.

“Motorists have also been parking alongside the road leading to the homes which has created further issues and cars have been parking for long hours in the 6 allocated EV charging point spaces.

“The council has tried other parking restrictions, but these have been persistently ignored. The North Essex parking partnership has also not been able to effectively enforce the restrictions during peak times like at school pick up and drop off times.

“This is because dealing with dangerous parking directly outside schools is the greater priority for the partnership at these times. We have considered a range of options including putting in individual locked bollards and fixed posts for all 32 spaces, but this solution would not stop motorists parking alongside the road and the bollards would require ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

“We have looked at putting in a parking-controlled zone, but this would also require effective enforcement. The barrier was very much a last resort and has so far proved successful in stopping the problems.

“The barrier operates via radio-controlled fob and senses vehicles to open automatically on exit. The system can be overridden by the emergency services so access to the homes can be always maintained in an emergency”. 

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16 Comments for Harlow Council defend spending over £17,000 on security barrier at new council houses:

2024-03-02 14:07:21

Lol,but its ok for cars and vans and trucks etc to park on the pavements and grass areas and cyclepaths in the old original housing estates in Harlow?????? Us residents dont matter anymore that live in the original Harlow New Town. You could not make it up.

2024-03-02 15:25:28

So the £17500 barrier is fob controlled to open automatically when a vehicle and driver of course wants to exit the parking area ok is it the same for vehicles that want to enter the parking area or dose the driver of the vehicle or any passenger have to get out of the vehicle and physically lift the barrier up???? Possibly injuring themselves???? or has the cost of replacing the expensive barrier been considered when it’s been knocked down/pulled down by an act of vandalism???? Just asking that’s all 😁😊

William Warner
2024-03-02 16:44:39

This council money rubbish and text up for us to pay for want can council go now a.s.ap. so can put money in bank account

2024-03-02 17:01:05

How cool is that? We can all now chose to live in a gated community. Where do I sign up?

2024-03-02 17:55:25

I agree with Cheryl what on earth is this about! So everyone in Harlow should be entitled to 2 parking spaces what with all the disabled parking spaces outside peoples house what happens to the poor souls who then have to park some where! What a joke council houses having a gated community! you couldn't make it up! Lets hope the residents get charged for the reserved parking on their rent! just wait for the residents to pass their remote around for friends and neighbours to use! lol

Mr Grumpy
2024-03-02 22:08:51

Of course HC will defend their wasteful spending. I would expect nothing less of them.

2024-03-03 08:59:23

Given the way people park during the school run I'm not surprised this is needed. It's opposite a school isn't it ?

Peter Daniels
2024-03-03 10:03:20

Excellent idea. Despite the comments here complaining - it has been seen too often that people park as and where they like without care or consideration to the people who live in said street. The fact that the council is doing something be it trial or error to eradicate an ever present issue that every one is in agreement is an issue, is something good. In the same vein, however - that some individuals think this is a classist deal and are against it just boggles the mind. Perhaps we should crack down on individuals owning 3 or 4 cars. Or households who have more cars than residents and so on.

2024-03-03 10:17:27

Excellent idea, agree with what Peter said.

2024-03-03 14:47:44

DEK HAN it is their poor use of words that gives people incorrect information. How it should read is The barrier is operated by a remote controlled key fob TO OPEN THE BARRIER AND ALLOW ENTRY and the barrier SENSES A VEHICLE TO ALLOW EXIT. To think that a lot of people learn English by reading articles etc but the lot that write these articles are illiterate most of the time.

No Cheaper gate available?
2024-03-04 14:14:00

Peter, I think people are agreed something needed to be done... but the gate didn't need to, and shouldn't have cost so much of our money. They could've and should've found a much much cheaper gate... How is it fair one street gets 17k spent on them when all and every street in Harlow has the same or very similar parking issues? The Gate isn't the problem, the cost is.

Peter Daniels
2024-03-05 07:09:41

Nice name, but its against house rules. Use your real name if you stand by your words. Fact of the matter is this. When you pay taxes, that money is no longer for you to decide where it goes. It's gone. End of point. If the government spends 17,000 on a barrier that is their will and choice. If you don't agree with it, make your vote count during elections. Simple.

Peter Daniels
2024-03-05 07:11:39

Also you are arguing fair and whatnot here. Fact is, remember earlier in a previous comment I specifically said trial OR error. This is the trial, and if it works - great. They'll likely add it to more areas.

2024-03-05 10:09:42

Apart from the content of the article (no comment), who on earth proof-reads these pages? Harlow Council is AN organisation. an = one = singular. The headline should read Harlow Council defends spending over £17,000 on security barrier at new council houses. Defends, not defend. I don't give a rat's passage about grammar on Facebook or in comments to articles, but a supposedly professional writer should get basic grammar right.

2024-03-05 10:33:18

And a comment about the article. It states "These 32 allocated (2 for each home) spaces, which include 6 electric vehicle charging points, are for John Dowdell Close residents only and were part of the original planning permission approved for the development." Could the above possibly mean that as the allocated spaces were part of the original planning permission, there is a legal obligation to ensure they are available to the actual residents?

James Gamble
2024-03-05 11:45:53

I was asked by a neighbour if they could park outside my house, I asked them if they had road tax, they answered yes. I said then you can park where you like. Unless this street road is a private road I suggest this Council are restricting our rights as tax paying car owners. As for school issues I would much prefer they park their cars safely for the few minutes it takes to pick up children than abandon them on the thoroughfare past the school.

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