Lord-Lieutenant of Essex welcomes HMS Venturer

Politics / Mon 4th Mar 2024 at 10:47am

WELCOMING the Royal Navy’s announcement this week that HMS VENTURER, the lead ship of the new Type 31 Inspiration class, will be affiliated with the county.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Essex, Mrs Jennifer Tolhurst, said: “It is exciting news that our maritime county has been chosen for this inspiring new relationship. On behalf of the people of Essex I extend the warmest of warm welcomes to the ship’s company.

“Essex has proud traditions of seafaring and a history of strong relationships with the Royal Navy. Like HMS VENTURER, our technologies, industries and businesses strive to be among the most modern and productive in Britain.

“Our beautiful coastline is one of the longest in our country, home to thriving leisure pursuits and featuring environments that are unique, sensitive and scientifically significant.

“We look forward to sharing these pleasures and many other mutual interests with HMS VENTURER. We aspire to build long-lasting friendships between the vibrantly talented people of Essex and those who have volunteered to serve our Crown at sea with loyalty and distinction.”


In due course there will be a formal occasion to recognise the vessel and her ship’s company through offering the privilege of the Freedom of Essex.

For practical reasons and considering the ship’s operational priorities emerging from build, the event is unlikely to take place before 2026.

At a suitable juncture in the life of the ship, arrangements will be made for the vessel to be presented with an Essex flag, with the three Saxon seaxes.

Later this year, headed by messages from the Lord-Lieutenant and from the civic leadership of the county, the ship will receive a welcome pack that will identify communities in the county and describe the history, geography, cities, unitary authorities and principal organisations of Essex.


Taking account of the ship’s priorities, these are typical examples of the kinds of partnerships and ties that might be formed once the ship is operational:

Schools, colleges and universities; charities and children’s causes (potentially including one or more winners of the King’s Award for Voluntary Service); companies with international profiles (potentially including one or more winners of the King’s Award for Enterprise); local companies (including for example brewers and growers); annual events; cadets and reserve forces; tourism.

The objective is to engage the ship, make her ship’s company feel warmly welcome, and enable friendships to develop over time.

Further information will be published in due course. In the meantime, no specific arrangements are being made or invitations proposed.

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