Budget: Chancellor announces extra £20 million to “rebuild and regenerate” Harlow

News / Wed 6th Mar 2024 at 01:04pm

THE Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, has today announced an extra £20 million to rebuild and regenerate Harlow in the Government’s Budget. The huge funding boost comes on top of the £20 million Levelling Up Fund and the £23.7 million Towns Fund both awarded to Harlow over the past two years following successful lobbying by Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon, and Conservative-run Harlow Council.  

Construction work in the town centre is now underway for the major rebuilding and the extra £20 million investment will be ringfenced towards further boosting the town centre regeneration schemes and improving safety and security in the town centre. It is not possible for the money to be used for anything other than rebuilding the town centre. 

The announcement comes as part of the Government’s Long-Term Plan for Towns which has seen 40 councils in the country granted £20 million endowment-style funding to improve their towns.

Commenting on the announcement, MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon said: “I work hard everyday for our town to ensure we secure all the funding that we need to build an even better Harlow. This is another major boost to make our streets safer and deliver the rebuilding of the town centre. 

“Working with Harlow’s Conservative-run Council, we have secured tens of millions of pounds over the last two years to deliver on our promises to residents, demonstrating the Government’s commitment, my commitment and your local Harlow Conservative councillors commitment to building an even better Harlow.

“Under this Conservative Government, Harlow has had investment like never before, truly worth hundreds of millions. Whether it is the £85 million for junction 7a, the over £30 million I have secured to upgrade Harlow College, our Enterprise Zone, tens of millions more for our schools or now the tens of millions for the town centre, I have kept my promise to work hard for Harlow, champion Harlow, fight for Harlow and deliver for Harlow. We are regenerating our town for our residents, building an even better Harlow, tackling anti-social behaviour and making it a great place to live, work and grow up.”

The Leader of Harlow Council and the Harlow Conservatives, Cllr Dan Swords, said: “We promised to rebuild our town and secure investment into Harlow and today’s announcement is yet more proof that we are doing that. After decades of Harlow Labour letting our town down and allowing our once great town centre to decline, the Harlow Conservatives are completely rebuilding the town centre. 

“When Harlow Labour ran the Council, they secured no investment for the town centre, in fact, in 2020 they lost out on £10.4 million for the town centre because their bid did not meet the “basic value for money criteria”. However, in the two years the Harlow Conservatives have been running the Council, we’ve secured the £23.7 million Towns Fund to rebuild Terminus Street, the bus station, Broadwalk and Market Square as well as the £20 million Levelling Up Fund to build our new Arts and Cultural Quarter. Today, we’ve secured a further £20 million as announced by the Chancellor which will deliver even more regeneration in the town centre, but also protect our communities by making the town centre safer. 

“This comes on top of the investment we have secured through the Harlow Regeneration Partnership to rebuild the northern end of the town centre. Demolitions are already underway on our town centre sites and construction work will ramp up significantly over the coming weeks. This is a fantastic day for Harlow showing what happens when the Harlow Conservatives run the Council.”

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23 Comments for Budget: Chancellor announces extra £20 million to “rebuild and regenerate” Harlow:

2024-03-06 14:43:14

Amazing what an all up election brings

2024-03-06 16:10:56

You can get a few more road barriers with that! And whilst they are doing those perhaps they could sort the pot holes out!!

2024-03-06 16:40:42

Do we now have the money to open toilets in our local shopping centres ?

2024-03-06 17:18:53

Why has my comment been deleted please?????

Alan Leverett
2024-03-06 17:24:05

You have to listen carefully when regeneration funds are promised. The end of the sentence said over the next decade. Who knows who will ave control of budget's in the next 10 years.

Alderman Durcan
2024-03-06 17:41:45

Sorry but how many times has this announcement been made. Every time the MP take's all the credit when he knows this is down to the hardworking council staff working with partners. All we get is political spin from the current leader of the council. No wonder so many people switch off politics.

Gary Roberts
2024-03-06 17:43:55

A budget is pushing the envelope isn't it? It was just s damp squid that helps no-one,. The real question today is: why is the taxpayer paying the defamation costs of a errant government minister of £15,000?

Stephen Archer
2024-03-06 18:36:26

Compensation for the failure of the UKHSA relocation scheme? Probably. Pork barrel bribery to get people to vote Conservative? Definitely.

2024-03-06 19:04:16

What a load of twaddle, what they really mean is please vote for me and we might give your town some money.

2024-03-06 19:48:09

Is there any sign of this actually starting beyond demolishing everything

2024-03-06 20:20:25

We often hear that govt has reduced funding to councils over the years. Can anyone tell us, please, what the reduction has actually been since 2010

Clayton Cowley
2024-03-06 20:48:32

The ‘securing of funds’ seems to be the how some of our politicians like to be judged these days, rather than seeing the project through. It wasn’t so long ago we had Robert Halfon patting himself on the back over securing funding for our new hospital, yet we aren’t actually getting a new hospital any time soon, if ever. Here we are again, more self congratulating over the ‘securing of funds’ for the town centre, yet no actual signs of any construction, despite what the article claims. Let’s see some actual results before giving yourselves credit, eh?

2024-03-06 22:23:04

J7a, PAH, demolition, hggt strategies all actually degrade Harlow. Crumbling schools, London Councils dumping families here, inflation, smashed nhs services, lack of GP access, those on lowest incomes paying more tax, housing that is too dangerous to live in and needs to be demolished, destruction of the environment, more crime, increased sewage pollution, throwing money at nuclear power plants that don't work and continueing to grow the fossil fuel economy are all hallmarks of the Conservative government local and National. Time for a change.

2024-03-06 22:45:03

Fiscal Drag: Slight of hand. As described on BBC tonight. Deceit. Millions of pensioners who struggle on small work pensions and who rely on state pensions suddenly now pay tax on a lifetime of work already taxed. Typical Tax budget trick, give with one take back with the other meanwhile pensioners don't pay National Insurance after a lifetime of contributions. As long as millionaires govern the country what can we expect, totally out of touch.

2024-03-06 23:21:07

“Construction work in the town centre is now underway for the major rebuilding.” I’m sorry I must be living in “la la land” not Harlow all I have seen for about a decade is destruction! Shops demolished, routes through the town centre Little walk blocked. Rank House owned by Corus (Places for People) is the next building to be demolished together with its 500 space car park. Where is the construction?

2024-03-07 06:17:24

The government are going on about rebuilding and regenerating Harlow town don’t they think it’s about time they started to build the so called new hospital, put it this way the information I hold regarding this hospital we have now would make the hairs on your neck stand on end this is from an ex nurse who use to work for the nhs and got treated VERY badly

2024-03-07 08:04:56

I would have thought public money should be spent where there is need, not where an MP in danger of losing his seat successfully lobbies a government. That said Harlow is desperately in need after 14 years of Conservative neglect.

2024-03-07 08:17:46

This is mostly Tory propaganda, just like the recent article on the UKHSA relocation scheme (a decision that has probably already been made but the announcement will be delayed until after the election to protect Robert). Can we have some balance please, not just a re-print of the press release.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-07 09:44:13

Conservative s like to be seen on the world stage... never looking underneath at that problem s .. all they talk about is regeneration regeneration, leveling up, I for one so fed up with hearing it... Chasing the money, , with out a thought of neglected services.. they don't look at the real problems that lie underneath. Cuts made left right and centre over years, Mr Halton never mentions the cuts to good teachers over the years, good lectures that lost there jobs at Harlow college, you can keep building and building but if you keep cutting and cutting ,services will not run or work properly. Conservative cuts has made our services suffer.. so may be look underneath at this glorified regeneration that only benefit your party and no body else. Sort the problem s out that are causing problems in first place... Thousands upon thousands of unaffordable housing estates,,NOT VILLAGE S,,, that only benefit those that can afford them. You have know for years we are over populated,, why did you not see this happening,, why do you persist in building unaffordable, and not building enough for the people who need social housing. The cuts to social housing says it all, your all about the money and not thinking of the people... being greedy will be Conservative s down fall.. Look underneath at the problem s, not above , because its only for your party's benefit.. sort the problem s out for the people first and foremost. .. Not listening to public opinions will be there down fall.

2024-03-07 10:27:20

Again, Dan Swords on the front of Your Harlow demolishing buildings. You've turned the town centre in to an absolute bomb site, how long has it been like this now? 5 years? I understand these things take time but you can't go around knocking buildings down, leaving them for years and then bleating on about regeneration. When is anything (other than flats) going to be built? 70m ringfenced for investment in to Harlow and yet all I've seen so far is demolished buildings. Knocking them down is the easy part, I'm starting to wonder where this 'ringfenced' money is actually going. I'm told funds were 'ringfenced' to stop speeding along Commonside Road over 2 years ago, apart from a few yellow lines at Clifton Hatch there's been nothing done.

2024-03-07 11:48:10

The town is looking worse than ever. What a mess. Harlow surely has got to be the most overpopulated,most filthiest town in the whole of the uk surely???? Dan swords take a walk around the original Harlow housing estates instead of concentrating on all the cheap new builds. You need to open your eyes and see what a state Harlow is in.

2024-03-07 15:33:10

So. Harlow can really benefit from dual carriageways on all major roads Shops, like proper shops to encourage people back into town centre Live music venue Play schemes / youth centres Sports fields kept properly Potholes properly filled Cycle paths looked after with better lighting Town centre refurbed with proper old school market like Cambridge & Norwich Outdoor screen in market square for big events More events at town park like old days I.e Aswad & Curiosty killed the cat Bring back BP up Pinnacles Rebuild a bigger police station with more officers Police community units based in the estates

2024-03-07 17:32:42

I vote tory but I except that Westminster have done an awful job. But we must not forget they had to deal with a deadly virus for more than 2 years , that we had not had for over a hundred years . No other party said what they would have done , too busy complaining about what was done . Also a war in Ukraine which caused the cost of enery to rise , what would Labour have done , go on bended knee to Putin. Then A war in Gaza , Israel fighting Corbyns best friends. So before you slag the Tories off anymore , I suggest you all hold fire and see what Labour do to make this country better , or should I say the Unions who will be running the country , because Stamer is a weakling who must be dizzy with the amount of uturns he's done.

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