Harlow Labour respond to news of massive job losses following closure of Roydon business

Business / Wed 6th Mar 2024 at 08:54am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour and the Labour candidate for Roydon have responded to the news that close to 200 jobs are set to go following the closure of the large business there.

Chris Vince and Alex Kyriacou said:

“Unfortunately, the headline of another business going into administration is no longer shocking. It’s a symptom of our current economy, businesses are faced with insurmountable pressure that actively constrains their ability to thrive, or even their ability to continue.  

The shocking part of this story is how local it is. UK Salads is not only a large supplier, it is a Roydon local. No business is perfect, but UK Salads was a great opportunity for young people to work during the summer, giving our young people a chance to work locally, earn money, and support their area. This opportunity is now disappearing from Roydon. Another kick in the gut of young people trying to get on their feet. 

Founded as a family business, UK Salads being unable to continue operations is worrying for the future of small and medium sized enterprises going forward. 

As we approach the Tory Government’s budget on Wednesday, businesses are asking for support. UK Salads falling into administration is a worrying reminder of the desperate state of our economy. Rising energy prices. Rising petrol prices. Rising transactional costs. The cost of operating is only going up and the government is absent without leave. 

Perhaps there is some silver lining for residents in Roydon. Reduced lorry traffic through the village may result in our roads being torn up at a slower pace. Nonetheless, our Tory County Councillor, has done little to improve the current state of the roads, with potholes everywhere. 

“It doesn’t have to be like this. If residents back Labour, and back our plans for business, then we can restore stability after years of local and national Tory chaos and bring investment back into Harlow”.

Chris Vince

Labour Parliamentary candidate for Harlow & the Villages 

Alex Kyriacou 

Labour District Council candidate for Roydon & Lower Nazeing

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10 Comments for Harlow Labour respond to news of massive job losses following closure of Roydon business:

Tony Wiseman
2024-03-06 09:21:11

Once again Cllr Vince blames the current government for the sad failure of a local business without giving us any idea of how a Labour government or local council would have prevented this. His usual rhetoric without plans for an alternative. Do we really want him representing our town? Is there no-one else who would be better suited representing Labour?

2024-03-06 09:25:59

Is this another consequence of BREXIT?

2024-03-06 10:32:51

The biggest cost to any business outside of staffing is taxation and regulation. The way forward is the slash both, sadly this will not be the last company going bust as the economy of the last 30 years under labour and cons has been based on ultra low interest rates and printing money. The game has now ended and it is going to be very difficult and painful correction. Just remember both parties are responsible for the mess.

2024-03-06 14:50:50

No one is voting for Chris, mind no one is going to vote for Robert either. I am hoping we get an independent who actually cares about the town

Alderman Durcan
2024-03-06 17:45:16

The simple truth is that local neighbours and friends are losing their jobs and careers. Let have some humanity and care. This could be anyone of us next. Terrible news.

2024-03-06 17:58:36

Nobody locally works for that company anyway.. They dump their rubbish in the forest behind, their illegal workers and their children walk through a private road that’s not their right of way…which I’m fed up of.

2024-03-06 21:10:52

Chris Vince and Cllr Durcan have done no research as to why this business folded and just bleat the usual nonsense that in practical terms has no impact whatsoever. Whoever votes for them needs treatment.

David Forman
2024-03-07 11:41:13

Labour fail to do their homework. No mention from them that the taxpayer picks up the bill for statutory redundancy pay claimed via the Redundancy Payments Service. Those sadly losing their jobs can claim their redundancy and other money like holiday pay via the following link: https://www.gov.uk/claim-redundancy

2024-03-07 17:37:42

Adam. Nic Taylor HAP

Love and compassion
2024-03-08 09:20:56

I can see here and in other places some guys really don’t like the people who worked or living on site at Uk Salads, those guys really checked if that guys from there are doing that mistakes which they are writing about? There are not people with souls? There are not people who remain without a job,without salaries? Some of them have children which have many needs. Why we can not just help them with maybe some nice words,some support,even if in this local social newspaper we will write some nice words for them(we are with you, ,sorry for what’s happened there,stay strong, don’t give up) . I think all of us should have some love and compassion to show to them. Any of us could be in that situation. Please. Thank you

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