Labour on Tory Budget: Despite the promises by successive Tory Chancellors, Britain is worse off

News / Thu 7th Mar 2024 at 08:04am

THE LABOUR parliamentary candidate at the next General Election has reacted to the Conservative chancellor’s budget.

The Labour Party has today revealed that every single Tory Budget and fiscal statement for the last decade has promised action to deliver higher wages, higher skills, or higher growth.

Despite the promises by successive Tory Chancellors, Britain is worse off – with higher taxes, lower wages and stagnant economic growth say Labour.

Rishi’s recession shows that his promise to grow the economy is in tatters and our economy is now smaller than when the prime minister entered 10 Downing Street in 2022

Labour is ready to fight a general election on the economy by offering long-term change to deliver more jobs, more investment and to cut people’s bills.

Chris Vince, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Harlow and the villages said ‘today’s Conservative budget is another example of short term sticking plaster politics with no real solution to the issues that they have caused.

However, the people of Harlow and the villages won’t be fooled by a budget full of short term gimmicks in the run up to the General Election.

Despite being elected on a promise of low tax, people in Harlow are facing the biggest tax burden since the second world war, spiralling living costs and reduced services.

“Only the Labour Party has a real plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, get investment back into our county and our town and to protect our services for the long term.’ 

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7 Comments for Labour on Tory Budget: Despite the promises by successive Tory Chancellors, Britain is worse off:

2024-03-07 08:40:40

So removing non dom tax status is a gimmick! But, isn't that what labour wants to happen, or is it not a gimmick under labour. I badly want a change of govt but I want a govt that unspires me. Articles like this do not.

Pot hole
2024-03-07 08:56:30

Fix the roads it’s embarrassing

Dan Swords
2024-03-07 09:27:53

No mention of the extra £20 million awarded to Harlow. Anyone would think it was a central office press release he was using. I'm sure he will welcome the extra £20 million to rebuild the town centre - means over £70 million has been secured from the Government for the town centre since the Harlow Conservatives took control of Harlow Council, compared to nothing in the 10 years when his party ran the council

2024-03-07 10:06:56

Cllr Vince's and Cllr Durcan's concept of regeneration is a couple of concrete outdoor table tennis blocks in Market Sq used as tables by the druggies and drunks. Harlow Labour completely clueless and without an ideas or plans.

David Forman
2024-03-07 11:24:26

The Morning Star co-operative newspaper summed up Labour's dilemma: "The Budget therefore leaves Labour more politically denuded than ever - it will either have to find other ways to raise the money it had planned for public services from scrapping the non-dom loophole, or more likely drop residual spending commitments altogether."

gary roberts
2024-03-07 13:30:40

Cllr. Swords I think you stated that the finance for the redevelopment of the Town Centre was already covered: didn't you? If that is the case why does the town centre need the "new" £20m? I mean that money would be better used for restoring the needed services in Potter Street, wouldn't it? I look forward to Cllr. Leppard's reply!

2024-03-07 14:47:24

Chris Vince. How have you got the front to complain about the budget , when your party could not even put one forward for Harlow.What a waste of space you are.

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