Please help poorly pug Minnie get a vital operation

Lifestyle / Thu 7th Mar 2024 at 01:51pm

ONE of our avid readers has started an appeal after one of her pugs has become very poorly.

We will let Lauren take up the story.

Lauren said: “Those who know me well know I am obsessed with animals. I am mostly known as the crazy Pug lady. 

This crazy pug lady is reaching out for your support.

“One of my puppies has become extremely unwell but doing ok on medication temporarily. The diagnosis is that MINNIE will need scans / x -rays and an operation on her liver. Minnie has what they call a Liver Shunt which requires urgent attention and surgery to correct.

A liver shunt occurs when an abnormal connection persists or forms between the portal vein or one of its branches, and another vein, allowing blood to bypass, or shunt, around the liver. In the majority of cases, a liver shunt is caused by a birth defect called a congenital portosystemic shunt.

ANY funds raised will go towards the treatment for MINNIE and give her best possible life she can have.

This is breaking my heart, but Minnie I will continue to support you every hour day and night until WE fix you baby girl.

“Thank you for reading and your support will be forever appreciated from the bottom of my heart”.


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6 Comments for Please help poorly pug Minnie get a vital operation:

Kezza p
2024-03-07 15:12:13

I understand a kid needing treatment but a dog!

2024-03-07 15:40:04

Kezza it is an life, of course it should be treated.

2024-03-07 15:46:32

Sorry for your animals problems but no doubt not helped by massive inbreeding.

Mandy Forsyth
2024-03-08 09:59:52

Absolutely this pug needs help, bless her heart, wishing Minnie all the best 🥹🤞☘️🐶 a go fund me is a great way to help 🥹🐶❤️❤️‍🩹

2024-03-08 15:54:07

Sadly pugs are inherently unhealthy due to inbreeding and the deformities bred into them. People need to stop breeding them

Concerned Resident
2024-03-09 09:30:18

Jarret and resident are absolutely right.I am praying for this dog and owner but if people keep buying these designer breeds the so called "breeders"will keep churning them out.Anyone wanting a pug PLEASE go to pug rescue and help one of the unfortunates rather than lining the pockets of these "breeders"

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