Traffic chaos as lights at Gilden Park in Old Harlow go dark again

News / Thu 7th Mar 2024 at 09:01am

Update: Statement from Robert Halfon MP: ” I have contacted Essex County Council to ask them to address this as a matter of urgency”. 

Update: 1000 hrs

We have just been back after filming for a few minutes. It is extremely dangerous. We are sure we were all taught that when lights are black, treat them as red.

Most of the traffic (as you can see) coming from Mark Hall or Junction 7a are hurtling through that junction.

Old Harlow councillor, Joel Charles has told YH that he is very concerned as it is a “serious public safety concern”

He believes it is a “localised power failure” but he is continuing to try to get things sorted.

THERE has been travel chaos in Harlow as the traffic lights at Gilden Park have gone dark.

A number of readers have contacted us expressing their concerns at the lights on the edge of Old Harlow.

The lights have been out on a number of other days this week.

People are genuinely concerned that there may be a serious accident if this continues.

Essex Highways have been contacted.

More follows.

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28 Comments for Traffic chaos as lights at Gilden Park in Old Harlow go dark again:

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-07 10:02:09

I think this spot here is very badly planned for traffic any way. Needs a roundabout like at ford's garage with traffic light s.

Casual Observer
2024-03-07 10:43:05

Just been across this again just now, turning right into Churchgate Street from Harlow across a dual carriageway with cars flying along is THE most dangerous thing as your view of traffic coming from Mayfield Farm direction is partially obscured buy the many traffic light poles and you have to creep out of a yellow hatched area to see clearly, even a police car had trouble negotiating this yesterday. Let's hope it can be resolved before a nasty accident happens.

2024-03-07 12:22:31

Councillor Charles again failing to represent the residents of Old Harlow. Called Highways they don't care. Called Police they want nothing to do with it. Waiting for a serious accident and blood with be on Cllrs and Police hands for not treating this as a serious matter.

Barbara Laffoley
2024-03-07 13:09:40

Light been out for over 24 hours now, will be absolutely chaos this evening again, we live in Churchgate St, so we literally risk our lives coming home,

2024-03-07 13:24:14

Had a minor accident this morning. Luckily, nothing major as the lady behind my car and I were barely doing crawling speed. We were both shaken up more than anything else. But, just before it happened, I was just thinking that without traffic lights, that junction is an accident waiting to happen. I've been down that road lots of time, but what about people that are less familiar with the layout of that junction? At least they should send someone to control it, or close one of the roads going/coming from the M11. Anyone who has a major accident there should sue the council, honestly.

2024-03-07 13:37:08

I feel the need to respond to "Harlow". I have also been complaining about the situation and know that our local Councillors have been very active chasing Essex, the Police etc. They only have limited powers when it comes to highways as they are not in their juristriction. It is Essex CC who are at fault here, not the local Councillors.

2024-03-07 13:50:01

Seen 2 accidents, its awful and I prey for my life crossing this with my 2 children in the car, this roundabout is linked to 2 primary schools, shame on Essex Highways for not dealing with this yesterday and perhaps waiting for something more serious to happen before anything is done about it. When they finally look to sort it, can I suggest an increase the green light timeframe coming out of Churchgate Street to go left towards Old Harlow!!!! Thanks

Michael Dutch
2024-03-07 14:46:10

The traffic lights are still not working.....but now all the street lights along Gilden Way are "on" in broad daylight!!!! Someone needs to check the wiring.....

Chris McFerran
2024-03-07 16:00:06

Casual Observer I would drive through to next roundabout and come back on yourselves then turn left towards Churchgate St Much safer option

2024-03-07 16:02:05

Are they still not working then ? thats so bad and dangerous especially with the rush hour.

Casual Observer
2024-03-07 16:12:40

Chris McFerran - yes you are absolutely correct, no way am I turning right there again if the lights are out!!

2024-03-07 16:43:45

This is an absolute disgrace and Has happened several times - with each time taking days to repair. Are they waiting for people to die before they take it seriously? The incident you just filmed with the lorry is happening a lot. Get the lights fixed and get to the bottom of why they keep failing.

Harlow anon
2024-03-07 16:43:49

I found the traffic much better on the school run this morning and this afternoon. As long as you’re careful, it should be fine. Maybe when whoever went to put the signs up to show the lights were not working, they could have cordoned off the middle lane so everyone could treat it like a normal roundabout. The main issue is the middle two lanes as people go so fast l!

2024-03-07 18:01:59

More houses = more cars = more traffic! Harlow cannot cope with the amount of traffic now racing through every day/night.

2024-03-07 18:56:37

They need to try to shut the left hand lanes of the duel carriageway in both directions so traffic is only using the right lane, this will in effect make a "slip road" for drivers turning left out of churchgate Street and Guilden park on to Guilden way. Also, a couple of those lovely Mobile speed units either side of the lights would slow people down enough to make it slightly less dangerous if trying to go right at all....

2024-03-07 19:16:25

32 sets of traffic lights to control this 1 roundabout. Yet ever since they stopped working (over 36 hours ago with no support from Essex Highways) the traffic in the surrounding area has been flowing better than it has for years. It’s extremely dangerous crossing 2 dual carriageways with no space to stop in the middle…. I cannot believe they haven’t simply coned off the straight through section so it just becomes a roundabout until they decide to try and fix them.

Churchgate Resident
2024-03-07 20:18:27

School Run was so much easier minus those bloody lights. When will common sense prevail and turn it back into a Roundabout, those middle lanes are pointless!!

Andy Thornton
2024-03-07 21:12:41

Agreed, it was very dangerous. But at the same time the roundabout had no queues in any direction. The phasing could be hugely improved on those traffic lights and stop the tailback in the mornings.

2024-03-07 21:30:53

Have neumatic suspension on Citroen pot holes have cost me near on £800 in repairs have garage report and photos no compo just shit and time off work great town

Gordon MItchell
2024-03-08 06:38:52

100 percent agree if they had just made a normal roundabout it would have been fine. Just bad planning, over thinking of a simple solution

2024-03-08 08:17:03

Another collision this morning. Cars smashed.

Keith elliott
2024-03-08 09:42:38

All do 50 /60 on the 40 max road anyway called broken Britain. Car drivers do not give a fcuk on this road

Nicholas Taylor
2024-03-08 11:51:04

Of course what all of us know that live in Harlow is that what should have been built was a northern by-pass, but the Conservative County Councillors at ECC would not stump up the money.

2024-03-08 12:24:43

Just turn it in to you normal round about,,, these are the most efficient forms of traffic flow and speed. Most cars and huge lorry’s speed down this road when doing straight ahead in either direction, even when the lights are working as they are trying to beat them before changing to red! I’m sure none of the vehicles are tracing at the correct speed in you video! Those lorry’s appear to be travelling at a high speed. Especially seeing that this is a residential area and those pavements are used by children walking to school. Let’s hope and pray there are no fatalities due to this ridiculous road system and constant failure of lights 😡

2024-03-08 13:28:17

So the traffic lights are broken and Essex have just hung a few posters from the lights – They weren’t tied on properly, so they’ve all blown around, so you only know the lights are out once you’ve crossed the junction. Just seems so negligent to Essex County Council. And when you get past that there is the broken bridge on the way to Sheering – Another death trap! That I’m told they are are going to leave for 2 years to see if it gets better on its own. Essex County Council really are the worst – They gave half a million to a prankster to fund his Facebook page – They waste money trying to get bike rides to pass through the county, but they can’t even look after the basics – Roads, Social Care, Police and Fire and Libraries that's it!

2024-03-09 08:39:07

What's the problem? It's a roundabout! The problem IS is that a high percentage of so called drivers on our roads cant drive, or even see.

2024-03-09 20:37:32

I was involved in RTC on Wednesday afternoon on this roundabout . Luckily no one was hurt. Rang Essex Highways was told nothing to do with them . Another accident involving 4 vehicles at same spot yesterday morning. The road is a death trap especially the way the lorries speed through there especially late at night . But no one cares for the safety of local residents

Pissed off resident
2024-03-11 10:30:02

OMG there was no way they where doing 40 They should have there number plates taken and be done for speeding Bring back the round about

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